NFL Draft 2015

Fans, Who Should the Minnesota Vikings Draft?

Mock Draft season, a three-month frenzy of “what-ifs”, gives us the chance to step into Rick Spielman’s shoes from February to April. We can speculate free agency moves, predict possible roster cuts, and determine who the Vikings will take with the 11th-overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft. You’ve read the first edition of our mock drafts, and now, it’s your turn to don “Slick Rick’s” thinking cap.

On Wednesday, I took to Twitter, where I asked Vikings followers who they’d like to see the team draft in April. Some envisioned a DeVante Parker-Teddy Bridgewater reunion, while others imagined a safety tandem of Harrison Smith and Landon Collins. Here are a few of the final results:

Aldo Gandia, founder of the NFC North Bar Room, sees the Vikings adding an explosive wide receiver in the first round. Kevin White is widely considered the best pass-catcher in the draft, and could be gone as early as 4 to the Raiders. That would leave Alabama’s Cooper and Louisville’s Parker as realistic options at 11.

Looking ahead, Aldo predicts that Minnesota will focus on building defensive back depth in the second round. Michigan State’s Trae Waynes vaulted himself into Top-15 contention with a blazing 40-yard dash on Monday, but there are other options in a talented group of cornerback prospects. Washington’s Marcus Peters could fall out of the first round and into the lap of Mike Zimmer, who will certainly address any of Peters’ off-field issues.

Last month, Lindsey profiled Brian on Vikings Territory, giving fans an inside look at his passion for all things purple and gold. Like Aldo, Brian hopes the Vikings give Teddy Bridgewater more weapons on offense. Many believe that Parker and Bridgewater would click instantly, building on their college chemistry to ignite the Vikings’ 28th-ranked passing offense. Bridgewater played with Parker at Louisville, where the two connected for 28 touchdowns from 2011-2013.

Babek, a fellow West Coast Vikings fan, believes the Vikings will trade back and select Landon Collins, the draft’s best safety prospect. Harrison Smith finished the 2014 season as Pro Football Focus’s 2nd-ranked safety, but needs help on the back-end of the defense. Collins is an above-average run defender who has the size to play in the box and the speed to defend sideline-to-sideline. In a rather thin safety class, Collins is head-and-shoulders above his peers — is he capable of starting Week 1?

Join the Conversation!

The conversation is far from over — the first round of the 2015 NFL Draft doesn’t kick off until April 30th. Take the poll below and let us know who you’d like the Vikings to draft:


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Austin Belisle

Austin Belisle is the West Coast's biggest Vikings fan, a football diehard cheering on the purple and yellow from sunny California. After graduating from San Jose State University in 2014, he began working full-time in corporate marketing and blogging on various sports websites. Austin's passion for the Vikings led him to Vikings Territory, where he hopes to share his lifelong enthusiasm for the team with readers on a daily basis. You can follow him on Twitter @austincbelisle

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  1. I went with Kevin White.
    Scherff & Waynes will be gone before pick 11,don’t see the need for a first round DE,not sold on Thompson.
    I believe Teddy needs weapons and a big physical red zone target is a must have.

    1. I went with Cooper for the same reason I should have gone with Teddy last year… He was the best all year and just got over analyzed and passed because he didn’t post a phenomenal combine.

  2. I’m liking White a lot more after the combine but I put 98% into tape 2% combine. To me WR is Cooper, White(who did leapfrog Parker after a great combine) then a decent drop off to Parker.
    As for defense Waynes impressed me enough at the combine to make him my first realistic defensive choice.
    My realistic draft board today :
    1. Amari Cooper
    2. Brandon Schreff
    3. Trey Waynes
    4. Kevin White
    5. Landon Collins
    6. DeVante Parker
    7. Shaq Thompson

    1. And I still like Shaq but due to his tweener status along with limited athleticism (compared to Taylor Mays who is a similar player) I had to knock him down a few pegs but I’d still like to trade up and get him around 27.

    2. Right now i’m looking more and more towards Amari Cooper for WR , than White. I forgot that , Cooper has three years of productivity where White had one. Cooper is more consistent than White is…Cooper is the Safer bet.!..But man ! White is also a good WR with Physical ! And Parker with his amazing body control, go up and get the ball, and mostly his chemistry with our QB Teddy ! So my guess is ..I be happy with any of these players @11 COPPER , WHITE , PARKER , WAYNES , SCHREFF , AND SHAQ
      Can’t wait to see what happens in FA…. and Who is going to give up Their 1st Pick for AP.. could it be
      Miami Dolphins @14
      San Diego [email protected]
      Cleveland Browns (via Buffalo)@19
      Arizona [email protected]
      Dallas [email protected]
      Indianapolis [email protected]

      We will soon find out
      To be continued …….

      Here at VT………

      1. Jacksonville Jaguars is in the running back market, right now ! And by far the most cap room in the entire NFL ! Jags Interested In Moving Out Of No. 3 Pick ..Could that be a possibility to trade AP ? That spot would be sweet ! We could land Leonard Williams, DT, USC Best Player in the Draft. Can line up anywhere on DL…… Or should we get a QB if one fall’s to #3 Just kidding..! #3 and #11 and free some cap room and headaches..!!! That would be so sweet…!

    1. Saw both of those. Very cool! Although I don’t care for the Vikings design in either.

      1. I think the designers have some favorite teams, by looking at the designs. I like the white Vikings helmet better than the matte purple they have now.

    2. I really like the patriots, steelers, and lions. Ours is FUGLY. Cardinals is decent too.
      Maybe it’s cuz I’m younger (plz don’t hate me Fran/Coach/any old school vikings fans) but I think it’d be awesome to experiment with helmets and uniforms like Oregon does. Earlier this year I saw another set of helmets I liked a lot more.

  3. Scherff all the way. You put a stud LG next to Kalil and his career might be salvageable. If he still sucks, you just slide Scherff out to LT next year. He’s the safest pick in the draft, and would be an all pro LG from day 1. That helps fix the run game by opening holes for McKinnon, and also helps out Bridgewater by giving him a cleaner pocket to step up into. That OL needs fixed up big time.

      1. Good pt, Yankey was a value pick, but no matter now, where is he in,his development; team plans. Only thing Ive heard is that he needed to strengthen up, one year later And overdraft I’d like to know his progress

  4. I say trade back and use those pks to go D and take Collins. I like Shaq a lot, and he may be around at end of 1st rd if really wanted, but I’d go with a true position player first rather than a hybrid. Also remember that if we trade AP we may have lots of pks to take multiple shots in this yrs draft.


    I think it will be one of these 3 if we keep the 11 pk.

  5. I voted Beasley, but how about Dupree. Mike Zimmer would be the perfect coach to develop his potential. He’s pound for pound the most athletic player in the draft. 6’4 269 lbs with CB athleticism.

    1. What kind of contribution is Scott Crichton ready to make? If he can step up at end; split time W/ war horse Robison? Can he be a situational impact 3rd down rusher? Isn’t EVERYBODY tired of losing the 3rd and LONG battle?!!! It’s as if the odds have switched in favor of the offense. It does beg the age old question get to the passer or cover the receiver. Love Collins from Alabama but worry about him at 11 in pass happy division, reminds me hard hitter cowpokes had a few years back great in the box, exploited out of Dallas in coverage. TAKE the shut down corner, OR draft 301 —trade Peterson , take best recvr at 11, use Peterson pick to grab hot head Peters at corner and let Zim straighten his #!* out

  6. Take the shut down corner, so few out there , get end pass rusher later, gives bikes 3 out of 4 dba of pro bowl quality, isn’t that how Seattle built their championship defense

  7. AD miraculously stays: SS Landon Collins would be a beast if he makes it to #11. CB Trae Waynes would be a perfect Zimmer fit. LB Shaq Thompson could be special. We could even see Zim go DE at #11 for Dante Fowler. Pretty much anything defense would help a still talent thin defense.

    AD leaves: WR Cooper>White>Parker we have to get one for Teddy’s sake. Then with possible second first round pick due to trade for AD go for RB Melivin Gordon. We would really want to do that much to try to replace AD. If Gordon isn’t there then try to get best available defensive talent. Then try to get a second tier RB like Coleman, Abdullah, Langford in the second round. Most likely AD is gone to run lose on the NFL elsewhere but my rube take thinks someone is willing to trade a 1st round pick for him.

  8. We all know that WR is a sexy pik, but in Reality..! We all know those close game’s that vikings lost ..last year…was due to the other side of Xavier Rhodes = CB ) THE other CB got kill by big tall Physical WR. ( I don’t want to call out name’s ) And the vikings could not stop the run. So in reality, our biggest need is CB and a MLB. But MLB is no vulue at 11. Reality needs in order is = #1 CB #2 MLB #3 OG #4 OT Just in case ? #5 WR a true number one WR #6 RB #7 WLB #8 SS. #9 LDE There You Have It ! Even my so want to be WR at 11 is at 5th place of needs. But White is a value at 11 if he is there. ! also Trey Waynes and Brandon Scherff ! Let’s just say.., White, Waynes and Scherff. And you put them out there on an island by them self. who is going to be more productive ? Of Course WR White = evidence – Combine and tapes- flims…..That’s just my opinion, I could be wrong…So my draft list @ 11 would be 1st White 2nd Waynes 3rd Scherff. One reason’s why ? = Is they say this year FA .. is supposed to be one of the best FA…ever..! WHY NOT TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT..! Sign FA CB like the 6’1 Byron Maxwell, OG/OT Orlando Franklin who can play both Just in case ? and OG Clint Boling. That should take care of the Waynes and Scherff need’s…So 11 should be WHITE if he’s still on the board..! Trade AP for good draft piks and for more Salary cap to get FA …quality player’s like what i just mentioned..or maybe even Jason Pierre-Paul to team up with our…. already decent DL core….That’s just my opinion !! We won’t really know, what will happen , until after FA……? These are the players i like for the Vikings draft….

    1) LEONARD WILLIAMS DE USC if we can trade up right….! Can line up anywhere on DL
    2) KEVIN WHITE WR WEST VIRGINIA All Round Player at the position – Big tall Physical WR.
    3) TRAE WAYNES CB MICHIGAN ST. 6’1 tall, long and physical, can handle man and zone coverage…uses his hands well in press coverage.
    4) BRANDON SCHERFF OG IOWA strength is WOW..!!!! Can handle power rushers well. Plays with a good, wide base..Just not at OT cause speed rushers will give him issues. Had a prior knee injury this past season.. Pass Protection, not to good….???? Good OG for a Run first team but i think Norv Turner wants balance or why would they let Jerome Felton to hit FA.. OG is best fit for SCHERFF….it will take some time for SCHERFF to put pass protection together..But when he does…watch out ..!! NFL….
    5) DEVANTE PARKER WR LOUISVILLE Big tall WR , can go up and get the ball, amazing body control,has chemistry with Teddy, which is a +. Look at Charles Johnson and Teddy compare to Cordarrelle Patterson and Teddy. Did you ever notice how Matt Cassel clicked better with Patterson
    than Teddy..??? So chemistry and clicking gosssss a long way………………………………….
    6) AMARI COOPER WR ALABAMA Polish WR and ex team mate of teddy – Just wish he was 6’4 that will be BIG WOW ..!!!
    7) Shaq Thompson, LB, Washington Can cover and run support, reliable open-field tackler who wraps his arms securely around ball-carriers. chess piece to matchup against today’s athletic tight ends and massive slot receivers. sub pkg. versatile athlete ..!! one of Zimmer’s guy like Barr
    8) LA’EL COLLINS OT LSU Has balance in run and pass protection….
    10) Eric Kendricks, ILB, UCLA AND Denzel Perryman, LB, Miami BIG HITTER !!!

    This is just my opinion —– You guys do what you do….. That’s why we are fans !
    That’s why we are here at VT!!!!!!!!!!!!!