NFL Draft 2015

Complete 2015 NFL Draft Coverage, Day 2

Coverage of the 2015 NFL Draft continues here at Vikings Territory.

We want to thank everyone that made Vikings Territory their home yesterday during the first round. We also want to let you know that our coverage picks up today as the second round continues!

LIVE BLOG: Austin Belisle will continue to keep the Live Blog current with discussion and analysis about the latest picks. Austin’s fingers are bloodied from yesterday’s typing marathon but he has promised to work through the pain. Also on this page is a very active live chat, live tweets from Winter Park from Lindsey Young and Arif Hasan’s big board updated to-the-minute.

LIVE FROM WINTER PARK: Our own Lindsey Young is stationed at Winter Park with her ear pressed up against the War Room door. She is eager to bring you all of the latest updates regarding the Vikings and you can follow her on Twitter or keep track of her updates on the Live Blog page.

OPINION POSTS, POST-HASTE: Our stable of writers will be getting posts up about each selection soon after the pick has been made. We’ll also update with some opinion and analysis of the pick as well as polls soliciting draft grades from all of you.

In addition to all of our own folks busting their butts this weekend, we wanted to take a second to highlight some of our other favorite Vikings sites that you should be sure to visit for even more great insight and analysis:

KICK ASS BLOG: One of the best kept secrets in the realm of Vikings fans sites, Darren Campbell and “Pacifist Viking” bring a refreshing perspective to every angle of Vikings football. These guys are pretty much my favorite non-VT site and you should make them part of your daily routine.

DAILY NORSEMAN: Tried and true, the folks over at DN are among the very best at what they do and will surely be providing comprehensive coverage throughout the entire weekend, just as they do all year long.

VIKINGS JOURNALBlasting their way onto the scene over the course of this last year, Vikings Journal has quickly earned a place among the top destinations for online Vikings fans. A very talented group of writers keeps churning out top-notch content at break-neck pace.

VIKINGS CORNERDaniel House is one of the brightest young minds covering the Minnesota Vikings and you should really be checking out his work. If you like his Draft coverage then you will absolutely love his live training camp updates from Mankato.

VIKE FANSIf all of us keyboard tough guys are not your thing, or if you just want to hang out with some great Vikings fans, then this is the place to be. These are the most active Vikings-centric forums on the internet and boast a really great collection of opinions and analysis.

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