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Former Vikings Receiver Catches Friend Stealing From Him

Former Minnesota Vikings wide out Bernard Berrian recently found his home, on multiple occasions, missing some valuable possessions that belonged there.

Berrian estimated that he was previously burglarized to the tune of about $30,000 and that prompted him to install a home surveillance system that he could monitor from anywhere. While attending a social function with his good friend and former teammate at Fresno State, Therrian Fontenot.

Fontenot then left the barbecue and that is when Berrian got the surprising conclusion to his mystery.

“Boom, motion sensor went off,” Berrian told abc30. “I get an email, so I click on the live cam.”

Berrian’s long-time friend was, in the end, betraying their friendship and robbing him right under his nose. Apparently blinded by friendship, Berrian’s comments since solving his own case suggest the warning signs were there.

“He would always call me and try to ask me where I was, make sure I was out of town,” said Berrian. “If I was home all the time, he’d blow up other friends in the crew asking them the same question, where’s Bernard, how come he’s not answering his phone.”

Berrian was speechless while watching the robbery in real time.

“I actually watched him doing it while he was doing it,” said Berrian. “I could have actually spoke to him, I got a microphone on there. I could have told him, I got you, while he was doing it.”

Fontenot pleaded no contest to the robbery in which he was caught on tape and Berrian felt like justice had been served when a judge ordered Fontenot to serve the rest of his six month sentence.

“I mean I hate seeing people go to jail and I hate seeing people get locked up but he got what he had coming to him.”

Berrian played four of his eight NFL seasons with the Vikings.


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