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Vikings Add Another RB To The Mix

The interstate trade between Wisconsin and Minnesota seems to only be flowing one way these days, as the Vikings have signed yet another former Packer to their roster.

Running Back DuJuan Harris agreed to a one year deal with the Vikings, according to his agent, and that means the Vikings have added another name to their turbulent running back situation. Harris, previously an Exclusive Rights Free Agent that was not tendered by the Packers, had his best season in 2012 when he was called up from the practice squad to join the Packers active roster due to injuries. He ran the ball 17 times for 47 and a score in a playoff victory over the Vikings that year.

Due to his status as an untendered exclusive rights free agent, rather than a “true” unrestricted free agent, this signing will not impact the 2016 compensatory picks formula for the Vikings or the Packers.

Harris, 26, has an uphill battle ahead of him in terms of making this Vikings regular season roster.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. I actually really like this signing. I would have preferred Cadet from the Saints, but the Patriots already grabbed him. Harris is a tough runner when healthy.

  2. Are you serious? This is a total waste of time and money. When is Rick the Dick going to do something meaningful?

    1. I’m pretty sure he’s serious, twitter and ESPN reported the signing as well.

      In regards to your baseless insult twords the Vikings head coach I’ll point out two things. First Seattle and Green Bay who are generally considered the best teams in the NFC are the two teams I can think of that have made fewer moves than us. Build through the draft and use your money to resign talent.

      Second I’d like to note that the Vikings have tried to sign multiple players but they have all chosen other destinations (Kevin Warren might want to support his players instead of backstabbing them).

      So yeah Rick is no dick and he’s actually making great moves (or lack there of) in my opinion.

    2. Yes, I think signing a young running back that you once got a real good look at running around your defense to what I expect to be a one year minimum wage contract that has no actual salary cap ramifications is a good idea. He might not make the team, but its still a good signing.

  3. Good camp body. Doesn’t count re: compensatory pick formula. Seems like a totally good signing? I mean, they didn’t sign him to be starter. Why are people so angry about this? He’s earning chump-change.