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UPDATE: Andrew Gachkar Will Not Be Visiting, Unless He Does

Many Vikings fans are nearing a tipping point it seems, with even the most reasonable of the lot getting frustrated. Conflicting reports are certainly not helping matters.

Last night, I noted that Darren Wolfson reported the Vikings would play host to free agent special teams ace Andrew Gachkar. Apparently that is not the case, according to Mark Craig.


So, there you have it, apparently even the least intriguing free agent possibilities for the Vikings are ending up as dead end roads.

It is possible that both Wolfson and Craig were accurately reporting on the matter, of course, and that something with Gachkar’s status changed between last night and now. At this point, who knows.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. Thanks for the update Adam. Fairly boring free agent period so far, isn’t it? I am glad that they resigned Asiata, Loeffler, and Berger. But bringing in Shaun Hill? Might be they would be better off with Ponder as a back up. No pursuit of a linebacker, safety, or o-line as I had hoped.

  2. What’s up with the live blog? Did a combination of sensory overload and sleep deprivation put him a coma? Because if it did, I’m going to be very upset. I mean, I like the rest of the VT writers too, but how am I supposed to keep up with everything going on in free agency? The NFL’s free agency tracker sucks, and it lacks Arif’s witty commentary!

  3. CalVkg , Don’t be chillin too long or the chill will get to us.. And we will end up Shaking & cold….Than we will have a headache….Get what i mean..!..?..!