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Report: Vikings’ Chad Greenway Working to Restructure Deal, Stay in Minnesota

For the Chad Greenway fans out there (myself included), you’ll be happy to see this tweet by USA Today’s Tom Pelissero:

Greenway has been one of those question marks as the Vikings have entered free agency, mostly because his contract takes up a good-sized chunk of Minnesota’s cap space.

In his tenth NFL year, he would count $8.8 million against Minnesota’s salary cap; if released, he would count a much smaller number ($1.7 million) against the cap. Last season Greenway willingly took a pay cut, restructuring his contract to stay in Minny, and it seems he is willing to do the same again.

Greenway missed four games due to injuries during the 2014 season. In the 12 games he started, he tallied 93 tackles. According to league stats, Greenway has led the NFL since 2007, with 984 tackles.

He’s not getting any younger, however, and there are several young guys on the current roster who have shown real potential for the starting line backer positions in 2015.

Minnesota selected LB Anthony Barr No. 9 overall in the 2014 NFL Draft, and the rookie made an immediate impact. Barr started 12 games, and in his debut season he totaled 70 tackles and two forced fumbles. There is no doubt the 22-year-old will play a major role in the Vikings’ defense for seasons to come.

In addition to Barr proving his abilities, second- and third-year guys Gerald Hodges and Audie Cole took advantage of opportunities to step up and fight for starting positions as well.

Greenway has proven to be an important part of the Vikings roster, and it’s clear that the team wants to keep him aboard… at the right price. General manager Rick Spielman said the following on March 2:

“Chad Greenway, I think everybody knows what type of player and person he’s been and we’d love to have [him] finish as a Minnesota Viking. He’s under contract. There’s no deadline. We’re under the cap. There’s no deadline [on making that decision].”

Greenway has expressed on multiple occasions that he would like to stay with the Vikings:

“I’d like to be able to be a decade in a Vikings uniform. That’s always been a goal to finish here as a Viking.”

Hopefully, he and the front office can reach an agreement that will make sense for both sides.


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Lindsey Young

Lindsey Young (Featured Columnist) is a graduate of University of Northwestern – St. Paul and is an avid Minnesota sports fan[atic]. It’s been argued females don’t know much about sports, but she begs to differ. Her work has been featured on Bleacher Report,, and Fox Sports North. In addition to her work with VT, Lindsey is a contributing writer for Canis Hoopus, runs a bi-monthly fan feature for and is a freelance writer for You can read her blog at Making the Call and follow her on Twitter.

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  1. Since the Viks have signed no one of note, why the push to cut his salary? There are no free agents of note left on the market. Is this to carry over cap space for next year?

    1. Because we have around 14 million in cap space and we want to sign another guy or two by the end of free agency to fill holes or build depth

  2. With all due respect for a class act and ,formerly, damn fine player, I find it interesting that management is not treating Greenway like other prominent veterans of the recent past – Longwell, Kluwe, Winfield, Williams and Jennings – even though his play has fallen off a lot more than any of theirs AND and has been pretty rotten (deep in PFF’s Red Zone) for several years straight. Does anyone have a reasonable explanation for this special treatment?

    1. Jennings was not an established veteran of the MN Vikings. His salary dictated that that’s what he needed to be, however, two weak seasons does not give him that status. Greenway is FAR more valuable than the list you provided. Greenway also doesn’t take shots or cryptically point fingers while talking to the media. He leads by example, genuinely, and the team would suffer without him. Regardless of what a few bloggers say and the comments made on their posts. The fact he has remained here and presumably will continue to stay here answers all the questions anyone has ever asked about him. Even with a shotty attempt by someone to incorrectly analyze game film.

      1. Man you talk a lot of shit about people’s analysis without having the guts to actually identify whom you are talking about. Who are the bloggers you are taking a shot at here specifically? What “shotty” film analysis are you referring to?

        1. I belive he did if you read a few posts down. I actually agree with him, Greenway is much more valuable than he’s given credit for and PFF is as accurate as Mel Kiper.

        2. Hello Mr. Sauce-
          First, I am in no way ‘taking a shot’ at any of the widely talented writers on this forum.

          I was refering to an article written by Arif a while back that included GIFs of game tape explaining Arif’s reasoning for cutting Greenway. I felt the video evidence he used to support his claims did not correalate, but, basically agreed with what he wrote. For some reason it struck a nerve in me because, albeit in HS, I’ve gone through enough tape sessions to know how to analyze a play and felt some of the videos actually showed some postives. That lead me insist if someone is going to use game tape to support their assertions, you had better well know how to evaluate game tape.

          That is all, love Arif and everyone else. Although sarcastic, not all criticisms have to be hateful or negative.

          Peace to you Mr. Sauce

          1. So you ARE satying in fact that Arif’s analysis of game film was snottty. Just to be clear about that. I actually think he’s pretty astute, and you have to show me some chops to get me to think that you can analyze anything quantitative well enough to be in a position to pass judgement on the ‘snottines’ or otherwise of his posts.

      2. As I recall Arif has repeastedly written and stated on his podcasts, that statistically Greenway has been pretty bad for several years. Also too, PFF. And NFL insiders and so on.

    2. Regardless of people’s perceptions of the list you’ve provided, check out the facts. EVERY aspect of the team in regards to the area they worked in has drastically improved. With exception of the recent decline in the kicking game. You left Allen off of the list as well. Tells me Greenway has been more valuable and a lot of the ‘he’s sucked’ criticism is hog wash.

    3. All of the ones that you listed were great with the exception of Kluwe, he was subpar at best throughout his career. I still wonder why we never tried to reason with Winfield. Jennings and the Vikings tried to come up with a deal, but were unable to come up with an agreement. I don’t like this decision, but from a business standpoint, it made sense. Longwell was getting up there in age, and maybe had only another year or two left in him anyways, and we had a great replacement lined up for him. Williams, I also wish we kept. Not that Floyd, Joseph, and Johnson haven’t filled their roles, but it was decided because he was unwilling to take the cut that the vikings felt that he should have determining performance and age.

  3. …and the silence you hear is Arif’s keyboard typing ‘he’s cut’. #cuthim

  4. Good teams always sprinkle in seasoned vets to help the young guys and to calm the storm on the field when the game temp rises. Can’t have everyone on the field be rookie or 1-2 years in……signing him is smart, he will help Hodges, Cole, Barr to develop one more year. It can’t always come from the coaches, sometimes it has to come from other players. He’s got another solid year left in the tank. Team needs good role models to boot. SKOL VIKES!

  5. Stats hvnt been kind to Greenway last couple years, however winners like Chad can help you if signed at the right price and given the right role on the field ergo- If he’s playing too much next year it won’t speak well to Hodges’ and Cole’s development. I remember his draft- the year of the first round linebacker in the NFC North -AJHawk to the Packers, Ernie Sims to Detroit, and Greenway to Mankato. A decade later our guy turned out to be the best. I hope he eventually makes his way to our coaching staff

  6. He provides good depth but no longer a starter IMO. At the right price he’s worth keeping around for the leadership and professionalism he brings. He’s a class act and some good old fashioned team loyalty is refreshing.

  7. Jennings was worth far more in proportional value of cap # than Greenway, at anything over $2m. a year. He has declined every year. Let the young guys like Hodges and Cole, who have some experience and have earned their shot, have the bulk of the playing time. Nice guy, cut him and move on.

  8. TC65DN-
    Jennings was not worth more proportionally at 11M. And, the difference is Greenway is staying. Ask yourself why, how could this be? Because he wants to be here and will restructure. Regardless of what Jennings said in the media, he obviously didn’t want to play here and adjust his pay to what he is worth.
    Am I saying Greenway is a #1 LB and should be paid as such? NO. But, adjusting his role and salary in order to keep him around is more valuable. Teams that can do this and keep veterans who don’t get butthurt when the time comes to lessen their role and salary usually are the ones who win championships.

  9. This is a business, chad has been everything we wanted him to be when we drafted him. But time to move on. He keeps are d in the 4-3. After him and brian r.(a weak link an a oneway player) are gone we will move to a 3-4. Barr(3 down olb) shrieff (should be a 3-4 end) and linval(a nose tackle)are better suited for that style of d. That’s why I’m all in on trading down in the draft an taking Benardrick McKinny. And please replace josh! I mean dam line up 3 wideouts an u got a easy completion. Then we will b a top 5 d.

  10. Rick is best gm in the league besides ponder. He’s got a great batting average in the first round