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QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Top Free Agent Target

There are numerous outlets that rank pending free agents.  Some do it by position, others by team, but they are just so much fun to browse around and dream up different scenarios for your favorite team.

I’ve seen a number of names consistently tacked onto the wishlists of Vikings fans and decided to compile them into one poll (below) and see who comes out as our top target as voted on by you, the highly intelligent and incredibly good looking readers of VT.

The names on this list by no means are meant to suggest another couldn’t be your favorite target.  If another player that I haven’t listed is atop your personal list of favorites, then please do click “other” and tell us who it is in the comments section.

I did omit a few big names, because it sounds like they will never make it anywhere close to actually hitting the open market.

Here it is:


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Adam Warwas

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  1. I had to go Maxwell because I don’t have any interest in any other FA. Maybe one of the guards but they’ll all be overpriced. JPP would be sweet too but also overpriced and I still like Robison.

    1. I would love Maxwell or Boling, but #1 should be MLB Rolando McClain – young beast and now apparently motivated. He would be the anchor we could have hd if we had drafted C J Mosely instead of Barr last year. If we cut/trade Peterson and cut Greenway, and restructure Robison and Jennings, we could get all 3. Then draft WR Parker, OLB Kendricks, RB Cobb and S Drummond or Tartt and we are on our way!

      1. McClain could be good but just remember how bad he was before last year (then again Tom Brady could look bad in Oakland). I’ll admit Boling is probably my favorite guard because of his age.
        I’m one of the few who believes we should keep Greenway. Reduce good salary as much as possible but still keep him. I’d also like to see Ad stay as I believe he got screwed last year because of Ray Rice.
        I’m just glad I don’t have to make the personnel decisions this year, is a LOT harder than the past few years.

    2. No interest in Randall Cobb? Because there’s no way the Packers can afford to tag him. Ball’s in his court then. Greg Jennings was like a brother to him in Green Bay. Play in opulent indoor playhouse for the rest of his career or a frozen compost surrounded by fans wearing florescent hunting gear and homemade dear-skin gloves. Hmm? Decisions, decisions.

  2. G Mike Iupati could solidify the O-Line and free up the one top draft pick that could be the difference maker … yes he will be very expensive but worth every dime, he is a mauler.

    1. Not a fan of paying premium price for a F.A. LG. Vikings have been known for consistently developing mid-round O-Lineman on the cheap. For that price, he shouldn’t have any weaknesses. Most reports I’ve read have him as liability in the pass game. Eight million dollars a year would likely pay for the “difference” maker you mentioned or all of this years draft class. If AP returns in 2015, I doubt the Vikings make a big splash in F.A. Even if he doesn’t, I see the Vikings following their previous habit of making several small economical splashes. Premium F.A’s should be reserved for teams on the cusp who present a perfect fit. The Vikings aren’t there yet.

  3. Release AP for financial reasons, sorry all he WILL NOT resign here for less (mark it down). Felton opted out last night, that is my first sign that AP will not be in Purple next year. Also, Zimmer can do a lot more with the players they get for that money.

    Maxwell #1 priority
    Iupati, or another of the two Guards #2 priority.

    With Smith, Rhodes and Maxwell, Blanton will be fine.

    Target Receiver in the first round: Parker or White would be a great pick @11, or see if you’re willing to rehab Green-Beckham in the second round. Although, with his talent, he could go just about anywhere in the first couple rounds.

    Stevan Ridley? Still my top hope @RB this offseason.

    LB depth should come for a reasonable price in free agency as well.

    I love the position the Vikings are in this offseason, should be fun to watch and see who they get.

  4. Orlando Franklin he can play guard and tackle, might even be better at tackle than guard, we don’t have a LT or LG. Plus he is cheaper the Iupati

  5. Franklin should be the first target. He would be a huge upgrade over Johnson and is better than Iupati in pass protection. If Kalil does wet the bed again, he could move to tackle(although he wasn’t very good).

  6. The more I think the more I realize signing Iapati is a terrible idea. He’s a above average G who’s going to become the highest paid G in the NFL. In 2 years he’ll be 30 and costing us 8 million. I’d rather overpay Boling if I had to because he’s entering his prime, not at the peak of it.

  7. Bulaga. Bring in someone to fight Kalil for his spot and weaken the Packers at the same time. Since he’s been playing right tackle instead of left you sell him on a short contract where he makes the move and then gets a monster contract as a left tackle in a few years.

  8. Starting lineup 2015?

    QB Teddy Bridgewater
    RB Adrian Peterson
    RB Jerrick McKinnon
    WR Larry Fitzgerald (FA)
    WR DeVante Parker (R)
    TE Kyle Rudolph
    LT Matt Kalil
    LG Clint Boling (FA)
    C John Sullivan
    RG Brandon Fusco
    RT Phil Loadholt

    CB Xavier Rhodes
    CB P.J. Williams (R)
    FS Harrison Smith
    SS James Sample (R)
    OLB Anthony Barr
    OLB Paul Dawson (R)
    MLB Audie Cole
    RE Everson Griffin
    DT Shariff Floyd
    DT Linval Joseph
    LE Scott Crighton

    This is what I’m predicting.

    1. Pretty good, I’d make 3/4 changes…
      1. I’d prefer to draft Peters over Williams at CB.
      2. Who’s James sample??? Start Andrew Sendejo
      3. Keep Greenway over Dawson for another year or 2
      4. Robison over Chricton… Robison is still good.

  9. Dream FA signings:

    C. Boling OG
    B. Maxwell CB
    C. Culliver CB
    D. McCourty SS
    B. Graham OLB
    A. Ayers OLB
    R. McClain ILB

    If C. Johnson, Greenway, AP are gone, and Jennings/Munnerlyn restructured, Vikes could have money to go after a few of these guys. Vikes need talent, and a sense of urgency. These guys don’t have long to play, and wasting a year paying AP big bucks is a huge waste, IMO, when you could get perhaps Boling AND McCourty for that $13mil combined.

    Dream Draft:

    Cooper, Parker or White WR
    M. Peters CB
    Shaw Thompson OLB and/or Paul Dawson OLB
    D. Cobb, B. Ajayi or J. Robinson RB
    Carl Davis, DT
    A. Harris or J. Tartt, SS
    L. Tomlinson or S. Mason, OG

  10. Vikings biggest need:

    Defense : # 1 CB and # 2 ILB / CB Byron Maxwell / ILB maybe Rey Maualuga, but not really good ones in FA Only OLB . Rather look to the draft like Denzel Perryman or Benardrick McKinney

    Offense : # 1 OG and # 2 WR / OG Orlando Franklin salary cap more reasonable than Mike Iupati and Clint Boling. / WR FA salary cap would be little bit expensive. So to the draft : WR DeVante Parker or Kevin White.

    FA signings = CB Byron Maxwell / OG Orlando Franklin

    DRAFT= #11 WR DeVante Parker for Teddy (they share a special connection) Chemistry ! ( can’t go wrong with Kevin White either, for he seems more physical than Parker and gets separation at the top of his routes and catch the ball without breaking .) But than the bonds and clicked is more important…
    = #43 ILB Denzel Perryman if available

    Draft= WR DeVante Parker / ILB Denzel Perryman

  11. I believe in FA we take Boling and Maxwell. Draft I believe we trade back and take shaq Thompson later to play safety and Todd gurley in second round. Then later picks for OLB and ILB. Players zimmer can and will groom. Which is why they will restructure greenway to help develop all there young talent at LB.

  12. LG & MLB are the 2 positions that should be top priority in free agency.We need guys who can come in and make a difference right away,and I don’t see anyone in the draft at either of those positions who could be instant impact players.Both positions are thin on high level talent draft in my opinion.
    Boling & either Spikes/Maualuga/McClain.