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NFC NORTH ROUNDUP: The Packers Head Home

One of the things Mike Zimmer has to do next season is improve on his 1-5 record within the NFC North Division (I know, I’m a broken record about this) and so I am happy to bring back the weekly “NFC North Roundup” segment.  It’ll allow us to keep track, throughout the offseason, of what our three worst enemies are up to.

Chicago Bears

The Bears blew apart their organization after another disappointing season that will possibly be Jay Cutler’s last in Chicago.  The newest head coach to join the NFC North is non-other than John Fox who was no longer welcome in Denver after their playoff performance left plenty to be desired.  Fox is obviously a well respected coach that is now inheriting a roster with turbulent times ahead.  The Bears players are already buying into their new coach, however.

“From everything I’ve heard from people that I trust in the league who are football guys, John Fox is the guy for the job,” Kyle Long recently said of the hire. “He’s a leader of men. He’s a players’ coach. And he’s somebody who really values having a strong locker room. [General manager] Ryan Pace couldn’t have done a better job getting the right guy.”

Detroit Lions

Ndamukong Suh has been a thorn in the side of all three other NFC North teams for five seasons now.  With his rookie contract set to expire, however, he is now poised to become one of the highest paid NFL defenders of all time.  He and his camp are certainly aware of the potential of his pay day, as evidenced by the fact that he is pulling out of the Pro Bowl.

The Lions have said that bringing Suh back will be a top priority this offseason, but that could prove easier said than done, as Suh has pretty much stated he will go to the highest bidder.  The franchise tag would cost the Lions a ludicrous $26.8 million of 2015 cap space if they opted to use it on Suh.

Losing Suh would certainly be a step back for the Lions and huge expectations will definitely follow him to wherever it is he ends up.  His situation is one to follow this offseason.

Green Bay Packers


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Adam Warwas

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  1. Isn’t the franchise tag based off the top 5 salaries at his position? How it is so astronomically high? Which DT’s are getting paid similar amounts to that across the league? I can’t think of one, except maybe Albert Haynesworth a few years ago. Mario Williams is a DE…Vince Wilfork doesn’t get THAT much. Goodness gracious that’s way too much, even for the #1 DT in the league.

    1. New Orleans already proved cheating is A okay with the NFL of they’re the team the NFL wants to win.
      Plus I have a feeling there was no cheating. As much as he’s hated Belichek is a genius and too smart to be deflating balls in a game this big.

  2. Good thing Wisconsin is the land of cheese. They’ll need it with all the whine over there today.