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NFC North Roundup: Cut, Cut, Sign

The Vikings aren’t the only team making big decisions this offseason.

While our favorite team might be the most dramatic when it comes to their offseason circumstances, our enemies are busy making moves of their own. Here is a look at what they are up to this week:


Our biggest foe of all is looking to overhaul their linebacker group in 2015 and that process begins by cutting loose some veteran players. The Packers first cut Brad Jones and then came Wednesday’s announcement that they were parting ways with A.J. Hawk, as well.

Jones and Hawk opened 2014 as Green Bay’s starting inside linebackers and now it appears they will both be elsewhere this coming season. Hawk has been with the Packers for all nine years on his NFL career, but at age 31 he has no intentions of retiring.

“I’m ready for some new opportunities,” he said, according to ESPN. “I feel good. Hopefully I get a chance somewhere else.”


Another NFC North team parted ways with a big-name veteran on Wednesday, in what amounts to a cost-saving move.

Reggie Bush, almost 30, now joins a free agent running back group that is fairly deep and fairly talented. By releasing him, the Lions create about $1.7 million in cap space, which could prove to be important as they continue their efforts to retain defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh.

Bush is only one year removed from a 1,000 yard season in Detroit, but injuries led to a disappointing season within a disappointing offense in 2014. Coincidence or not, Bush’s release comes only a matter of days that a report connected him to the Darren Sharper rape charges in a roundabout way.

The emergence of Theo Riddick in Detroit certainly didn’t help Bush’s chances of playing out his contract with the Lions.


The Bears are an NFC North team that spent time Wednesday retaining one of their own. They gave a two year contract extension to cornerback Demontre Hurst.

Hurst, a 2013 undrafted signing out of Oklahoma, played on the practice squad his entire rookie season. In 2014, however, the Bears increased his responsibilities and he appeared in 15 games, starting two. He’ll enter his third season under the watchful eye of an entirely new coaching staff.

Hurst was an exclusive right free agent. The Bears are scheduled to have 18 players become unrestricted free agents on March 10th.

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