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Clint Boling To Return To Bengals

The Vikings signed offensive lineman Joe Berger to a two year deal on Tuesday and, at the moment, it appears possible he could be penciled in as the starting left guard.

Berger did not exactly get paid like a starter, with David Yankey as his primary in-house competition, but we can scratch one potential free agency solution off the list. The Cincinatti Bengals, according to reports, have retained free agent guard Clint Boling.  

Boling, 25, was third on Arif Hasan’s Vikings-specific free agency rankings and would have filled a perceived need prior to May’s NFL Draft. The Vikings had been linked to Boling, with reports stating they would make a strong push to sign him, but that ended up not being the case.

The money commanded by Boling will an interesting after-the-fact tidbit, but now we will turn our attention to other free agent options. 31 year old Justin Blalock, formerly of the Atlanta Falcons, probably ranks among the best available guards at the moment.

Linebacker Akeem Ayers is the next best option on Hasan’s overall list, but he is expected to return to New England.

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  1. This is troubling to me. Although I like Berger on the team, he couldn’t beat out Johnson last year, and if the word is correct, he couldn’t beat out Yankey, who also couldn’t beat out Johnson………where does that really leave us at left guard?

    1. When the Vikings vetted Clint Boling’s background, they discovered he had the same barber as Brett and immediately lost interest in him. Wise move IMHO

  2. LeCount True, true….true..! Rick Spielman being patience..! Might not pan out well.. FA had 3 good OG.. And we did not even get one ! But only back up ones… greatttt ! Or maybe Rick Spielman’s looking to trade AP to Arizona Cardinals for Iupati & Cardinals 1st round pik…ha..ha..ha…stupid..! Right..! So whats next..? maybe waste our pik @ 11 for a OG that high of no value…. To be continued…………I hope for the best….results….

  3. too bad. still a big hole to fill. maybe cincy overpaid him. maybe yankey got ahold of some good drugs. maybe we can draft a good OG. no maybe about it, i need to go to sleep