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2015 Minnesota Vikings: Indianapolis Colts, Duron Carter “Closing In On an Agreement”

According to Adam Schefter, son of former Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Cris Carter, Duron Carter, is closing in on a deal with the Indianapolis Colts.

Duron Carter had workouts with a number of teams, including the Kansas City Chiefs, Carolina Panthers, Cleveland Browns as well as the Colts and Vikings. Though the Vikings didn’t offer the most money (that was reportedly the Cleveland Browns), they were considered the favorite at one point, and were presumed to be in the top two as the process narrowed down.

Carter played this last season in the CFL for the Montreal Alouettes, and finished the season with All-Star honors, and ranked third in receiving yards with 1039 and second in receiving touchdowns with seven. Carter’s 75 receptions were also third in the CFL.

For half the season, he played with first-time starter at quarterback Jonathan Crompton. Under Crompton the Alouettes were 7-2, while under the previous quarterback compinations (Alex Brink and Ohio State’s legendary Troy Smith), they were 1-7.

Scouting report coming soon.

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  1. Like the snazzy new look of the site..

    I’m .. Not upset about Duron Carter heading elsewhere. I’d like to be able to rate receivers in the draft but I don’t have the appropriate film. What I’ve seen of Carter in Montreal looks interesting. It actually is quite similar to what his dad looked like early on. I just worry about his ablility to create separation. He has nice ball skills, good hands, good hops, good body control, and good speed. What’s missing is the route running. The ability to get a defensive back to bite and lose position. I want Teddy developing precision, and reading defenders. Not throwing jump balls. If we are bringing in a receiver, I want a route runner. It compliments Teddys skills better.

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Cm1!

      Some great points about a route runner complimenting Teddy’s skill set better than a “go up and get it” guy.

  2. I personally like Carter and hope we can land him. Why not throw a 200k bonus in there? It’ll land him and is a fraction what we’re paying worthless Jennings or Johnson. Even if there’s a 10% chance he pans out, 200k is worth it.