Vikings Territory Fantasy Football Contest Week 4

**Update: Unfortunately, our league did not fill in time and therefore we will not be having a Week 4 Contest. DraftKings does not allow the contest to start if the league doesn’t completely fill. We’ll be back at it next week and get started a little earlier to make sure we have better participation. All entry fees will be fully returned for this contest.**

I swear I’m not horrible at fantasy football.

Actually, I consider myself pretty dang good at it. When I’m not listening to Vikings Radio or the PurpleFTW! Podcast, I’m usually tuning in to a number of Fantasy Football podcasts (including some shows that focus specifically on daily formats). I do my homework every week – consulting a bevy of sites. I create about 10 different lineups weekly and then narrow it down to the ones I feel the best about.

I mean it! I am not horrible at fantasy football!

Nevertheless, the first three weeks of the Vikings Territory fantasy football contest I’ve placed 19/20, 15/25 and 18/20. Absolutely embarrassing…

But I refuse to give up ladies and gentleman. Week 4 will be the week I get back on top and finally win some money in our weekly contest. Who’s with me?


Our first place winner this week was user DirtyD4. “Dirty” knocked it out of the park scoring a total of 211.18 fantasy points. For perspective, the Week 2 Millionaire Maker on DraftKings was the user “TheDuganBrothers” whose team scored 246.18. Our very own “Dirty” was only about 30 points behind that huge score. (Primarily due to the fact that their quarterback, Nick Foles, laid an egg.)

Here’s a full look at “Dirty’s” winning roster: Nick Foles, Jamaal Charles, Adrian Peterson, Kenny Britt, Randall Cobb, Kendall Wright, Greg Olsen, Allen Robinson and the Seahawks DST.

Last week as a whole was pretty good for the VT staff. Austin Belisle almost walked away with first place but ended up falling short thanks to garbage time Jamaal Charles on Monday night. Here’s the top-3 standings and where the rest of the VT Staff ranked Week 3:

1st Place ($45.00) | DirtyD4 | 211.18 fpts
2nd Place ($27.00) | austincbelisle (Austin Belisle) | 199 fpts
3rd Place ($18.00) | kdjohnson188 | 195.06 fpts
4th Place | bhall09 (Brian Hall) | 188.8 fpts
8th Place | adammdub (Adam Warwas) | 165.38
11th Place | engstrom (Matt Engstrom) | 157.72
18th Place | vtBrett (Brett Anderson) | 134.56

Even though I’ve found myself firmly at the bottom of these weekly contests since we’ve started, I still have a blast participating. I’d donate $5 every week (which is what I’ve essentially been doing…) for the thrill of checking my lineups and having just a little more motivation to root for those few you guys you need to do well for your team to win.

Join us for some of the fun this weekend. You really don’t have much to lose. I mean, sure… most of the people that participate will lose $5.00. Really though, that’s less than a coffee at Starbucks. And when you do win, the taste of victory is certainly better than that of your overpriced latte! Plus, as a wise Vikings wide receiver once said, that five bucks doesn’t really matter because… “Straight cash, homie!”

Alright, let’s take a look at the fantasy outlook for the Vikings this week:


Minnesota Vikings Fantasy Outlook

I’m going to be really upfront with you – I do not think the Vikings offense has a great outlook this week on the road in Denver. The Broncos have the best defense in the NFL right now. Their front seven is ridiculous and have been destroying other teams’ quarterbacks the first three weeks of the season. I think this is going to be a defensive, low-scoring game through and through. I think it will be a good game, and I do believe the Vikings have a chance to win if they can beat up on Peyton Manning, but I’m avoiding most of the plays in this matchup (on both sides).

So, with that being said, instead of breaking down every player’s outlook, let’s just list their prices and move on. I don’t think these guys will be owned much in most leagues so I guess if you’re looking for a unique play that could put you over the edge in a tournament (assuming they blow up), they may fit the bill.

Adrian Peterson, RB – $7,800

Teddy Bridgewater, QB – $5,700

Kyle Rudolph, TE – $3,200

Vikings, DST – $2,600

Cordarrelle Patterson, WR – $3,000 (minimum)

“What is Cordarrelle Patterson doing on this list? He hasn’t been relevant in over a year!” Yeah, yeah… I know, but just hear met out: Charles Johnson has been ruled out against the Broncos and Jarius Wright is questionable. Those two facts already tell us that Patterson is at least likely to see the field more often than usual. But my reasoning goes a little further than just more time on the field… I think it is going to be incredibly difficult for the Vikings to move the ball against the Broncos. I don’t believe Adrian Peterson is going to have much room to run and I think Teddy’s focus this game should probably just be staying alive. I have this gut feeling that the Vikings are going to be looking for other creative ways to make things happen on offense. Call it a gut feeling (because it 100% is), but for some reason I think Patterson could end up having a big game on the ground. Of course, he could also end up doing absolutely nothing which also wouldn’t be surprising. But, in tournaments, you can bet there are going to be very, very few people that have Patterson on their roster. What does that mean for you? It means that when/if he does have a good game, you’ll be moving past a lot of people who don’t own him. It’s certainly risky but also intriguing. (Side note: Don’t forget that players are also rewarded for kickoff return touchdowns.)


Don’t miss out on the action this week. It’s going to be a lot of fun, as usual. And, who knows, maybe you’ll see your username broadcast on VT next week as a winner. Join now!


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