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LINKS OF THE WEEK: Your Vikings News Cycle

Unless your team is one of the two Super Bowl contenders, it is indeed a good thing that there is a lack of headlines being made, and that is (knock on wood) the case for the Vikings right now.  There are still some items to check out around the web, however, and here they are:

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Adam Warwas

Adam Warwas (Founder) has been writing about the Vikings for a total of eight years. Five of those years have been here at Vikings Territory where he continues to surround himself with enough talented individuals that people keep coming back. As proud as he is of what Vikings Territory has become, his real treasures are in his home... a beautiful wife and three amazing children (and a dog named Percy).

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  1. Erin not shaking hands with anyone? Great sportsmanship from the “best” quarterback in the league. Hope he trips over his pet and then steps on legos with his bare feet on the way down. lol

  2. I think deflate-gate is part of a pattern we see with the Genius that is Bill B.

    1. If it’s true, then I think Belichick should be suspended for at least a year. Effective immediately.
      Bet he gets nothing, they’ll find a way explain it.

      1. It is clear, isn’t it?, that he saw the first game, 4 INTs for Russell, 2 for A. Rod,; INTs can upset the whole schema. He didn’t want to deal with the added uncertainty, in nasty wet weather where Seattle nearly lost it — and he knows he doesn’t have the defense the Seahawks do.

        1. C’mon now guys. What Billy did was wrong and against the rules yes(just for the record the other superbowl coach did it at USC). BUT it’s quite obvious this is a common practice in the NFL and to be honest I would guess the vikings do it too.
          Deflating balls helps quarterbacks with smaller (or weaker) hands like Mr. Bridgewater where as over inflated balls help quarterbacks with huge mits like Mr Rodgers.

          IMO each team should have their own balls they use while on offense and inflate them how they want with a much larger variety (currently 12.5-13.5) such as 10-16.

          1. that would be one solution yes: each gets their own ‘favorite’ style, within limits. But I wonder if the regulation inflation would also be Mr Luck’s? He at least played by the rules here.

            1. The middle inflation might be lucks style but then that’s an advantage he has over Theodore or Erin Rodgers. That’s why I’m for offenses choice. As for this game, the Colts could have played with a ball covered in pinetar and gotten crushed. To punish the Patriots would be unfair to them because this is so common.

          2. USC? Those guys? Hmm…hard to believe they’d do something against the rules.
            If it is common practice…why are the Colt’s saying anything? Cause they lost…just sore losers. If so, my bad.

            1. 45-7 in a championship game is enough reason. Takes the light away from a dominant Patriots team whipping a hapless Colts team. Not to mention being out coached.

              I understand the Patriots are the best dynasty of the 21st century and everyone wants to bring them down but it’s a little much now.
              Another possibility that hasn’t been mentioned yet is the temperature. If the balls were inflated inside at 70-80 degrees and went outside to the teens they’ll lose air pressure.

                1. But about half: PV = nRT: so 295 K, or thereabouts to 273 K (was it freezing?)
                  gives Vi/Vf = 295/273 about 8 %

    2. Like I say, it fits a pattern: Belichek wants to squeeze the maximum amount of advantage, be it ever so slight, that he can out of any opportunity. Now for some people, that is admirable: but the way he elides boundaries, or blatantly transgresses them, in his hot pursuit of the meanest advantage, especially considering that he could just concentrate on natural advantages he may have and maximize those instead; but being the consummate control-freak he is, that bespeaks to me a very unappealing character.

    1. Just ignore multiple quarterbacks and even head coaches saint everybody does this. Rules are rules but heck who hasn’t Jay-walked

      1. Then why bother with an investigation? Hey, if everyone does it then wtf…I have no problem with it. I wasn’t aware of that. Just seems like the Colts wouldn’t say anything if it’s commonplace. I’ve been on teams where we’ve had our butts handed to us…aand the last thing I wanted to do was say “they cheated! ” If everyone does it then the Colts look like the worst kind of losers.