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2015 Minnesota Vikings: Multiple Reports That Duron Carter has Vikings As Top Choice

With Ben Goessling of ESPN reporting that Duron Carter has expressed a preference for the Minnesota Vikings above other teams, moving the Colts down the proverbial order of preference. Nothing’s done yet, as it seems like money may be what sways him.

Goessling is right that that is big money for a CFL player. Top CFL receiver Emmanuel Arceneaux received league minimum and no signing bonus to join with the Vikings (and later Washington and the New York Jets). The previous report of Vikings being a favorite comes from Viking Update.

This is beginning to feel a lot like college recruiting. Don’t be surprised if he flips his decision at the last moment. As Miller reported, there could be a sleeper steal in the Carolina Panthers—the opportunity to work with Cam Newton and a depleted receiver corps, along with some money, could be big.

He happens to have a scouting report on Duron Carter up:

Wide Receiver Duron Carter, Free Agent (6’5″, 209 lbs)


  • Powerful, explosive move off the line of scrimmage.
  • Has a long, lean frame with excellent wingspan and hand size.
  • Adjusts well to the ball in the air and shows good body control on the move.
  • Has produced well against professional athletes in CFL last two seasons.
  • Can play both in the slot or on the boundary with success.
  • Dominant over the middle and isn’t afraid to make catches in traffic.
  • Solid route-runner with an ankle-breaking inside move on slants and posts.
  • Very tough, plays with a chip on his shoulder.


  • Very limited college football experience.
  • Played at Ohio State and Coffeyville Community College. Enrolled at Alabama and FAU, but never played there.
  • Went undrafted in 2013 NFL draft due to concerns about maturity and work ethic.
  • Has a reputation for being high-maintenance.
  • Struggled in CFL to beat a jam and work through physical cornerbacks.
  • Tried to make the Sportscenter catch too often and passed up sure-handed grabs.

Pro Player Comparison: Martavis Bryant, Pittsburgh Steelers

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  1. North Dakota State plays ISUr tomorrow, at 12 central, for the FCS championship. NDSU is going for its 4th straight FCS Championship. Game is on ESPN2.


      1. Not going to lie WTF, it wasn’t me. 4 in a row? That’s crazy, would that be a record?

        1. Yes that would be a record. NDSU also has a running back that Vikings fans should watch. John Crockett. The TAZ.

  2. There are about 30 draft-able wr that are worthy being drafted.Why waste time and effort on this guy?The wr we have are already better than he is imo.

  3. Gonna be a tough row to hoe for the kid, the old man set the bar mighty high. Will be especially hard as a Viking. He has the talent, how bad does he want it?
    Hope the best for him!

  4. People grow up. He obviously had to put some work in to excel so well in the CFL. Give the kid a chance to prove he’s grown up. Most kids are immature at 19. I know I was.

      1. I do. It’s not that he didn’t need to mature but if does then I won’t hold his former immaturity against him. I think Johnny Football might still be a decent QB if he puts in the work. I don’t think he’ll ever be Teddy but maybe Flutie in his Buffalo years.

  5. Back when we signed Arceneaux we got screwed because his bonus counted against the cap your allowed to use for undrafted rookie free agents. If that is still the case, Carter isn’t getting $100K from anyone. Last year the cap for that was just over $80K. I don’t know if CFL signings are still included in that total though. I haven’t seen anything that indicates it’s not.

  6. Arif,
    How about Bud Dupree? About the same size as Griffen–at least how they’re listed–and a freak athlete like him too. Plus he can play the role of a blitzing LB when Robison is on the field. What do you think?

  7. WAY to go BISON!!! North Dakota State won its 4th straight FCS Championship today.

    1. that was really close, though, no lie.
      The coach/OC seems to me to have the Childress/Frasier heebie jeebies about play calling 4th quarter, then when they absolutely needed a passing attack the Qb gave them one. Better to dagger the opponents first and not have to need the 1 minute drill.