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Okay, VT, Let’s Go Around The Room…

This is an exciting season for the Vikings and also for us here at Vikings Territory. This site has grown a lot since last season and we are excited about a few other things to come.

Still, I don’t want to lose our “little guy” atmosphere and thought I’d re-introduce myself to the masses.

I am Adam Warwas.  I’m 29.  I live near Bowling Green, Ohio and have for the last two years.  Prior to that, I lived and played in Valdez, Alaska for nine years.  I grew up in Monticello, Minnesota and have always been a Vikings fan.  I design power lines for a living and do my best to manage VT, and provide the occasional post, in my free time.  Previously, I spent a few years as the editor of Vikings Gab where I penned over 2,000 articles.

I have a beautiful wife, Emili, who keeps me sane on those frustrating football Sundays.  My boy Gates turns four next month, and my daughter Harbor just turned two.  More than anything, those three people are the center of my world, and if I’m neglecting my duties at VT it is usually because duty calls on the home front.

So, we have lots of old faces around here, but also lots of new ones.  I’ve “known” many of you for about a decade now, but I’d like to get the chance to know all of the new people, too.

Roll Call!

If you would, introduce yourself in the comments section of this thread, as I’d like to get to “know” each of you as we prepare for one hell of a fun season ahead.  Also, all you old faithfuls out there, please do re-introduce yourselves, too.

As for the rest of VT‘s writers, they have bios posted here, and we’ll soon be a part of a cool project over at VikeFans.com that will let you get to know each of us a little better.


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Adam Warwas

Adam Warwas (Founder) has been writing about the Vikings for a total of eight years. Five of those years have been here at Vikings Territory where he continues to surround himself with enough talented individuals that people keep coming back. As proud as he is of what Vikings Territory has become, his real treasures are in his home... a beautiful wife and three amazing children (and a dog named Percy).

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  1. My name is Randy. 27 years old and one of the few Viking fans who lives in Syracuse, NY. Been following Adams work since Vikings Gab(he graciously let me work with him) and really enjoy what hes done here at VT. Keep up the great work and look forward to continue to watch the site grow!!

    1. For those of you that don’t know Randy, he has a great football mind and you should encourage him to share that with us here by getting back into writing 🙂 At the very least, be sure to follow him on Twitter for some solid thoughts on the Vikings!

  2. I’m Christopher. I grew up next to Adam, we’re cousins, in Monticello, MN. I spent four years in the USAF before living in MPLS for 10yrs. Now, I live in Valdez, AK, working at the hospital for Radiology. Been a consistent reader and sometimes trouble making poster since the VG days. Bleed purple and am a member of the northern most Viking’s fan club known thus far, The Arctic Vikings Club in Anchorage. It’s an amazing club that also does charity work. A LOT of Minnesotans and Vikes fans from all over!! Can’t wait for the season and with that I predict a 9 win season with wild card birth. SKOL!!!!!

    1. I was reminiscing the other day about a very, very early memory I have in CSLINDE’s backyard. We were playing a family game of football, he was QB and calling the plays, and he came back to the huddle after a successful play and said “ditto.” I was like 8 years old and had no idea what “ditto” meant. The beginning stages of my vocabularic deficiency syndrome.

  3. I am Don. I live in Rome GA. I am 55 and been a Viking fan since 1969. I have been married to my beautiful wife for 36 years. We have 2 children one son,daughter and 2 grandchildren. I enjoy TV thanks for all your efforts.

    1. (NOTE: I didn’t mean everyone HAD to use their real names or anything, so I apologize if I gave that impression by chance… feel free to stick to your monikers, of course, if you like.)

      Welcome, Don! Thanks for the kind words. So we have Ohio, Alaska, New York, and now Georgia covered… I’m curious to see if we can get all the states in this thread. Wishful thinking, probably.

      Oh, and I also really love TV 😉

  4. Well, let me add to the national flavor – I hail from Iowa (for 20 years and MN before that) – recent retirement has allowed me to get more involved in following my favorite team. I got my first view of training camp this year after watching games for 50 years, and will be coming up on Oct. 12 for the game with Detroit. Damn, I’m excited for this team this year!!
    A big thanks goes out to all the writers and contributors who I’ve been following religiously throughout camp!

  5. Howdy Dougouts1! That’s five states. A long time reader “Big Johnny” is also from Iowa… hopefully he’ll be showing up here again soon. That’s great that you got to go to camp this year, it has become quite the event! Thanks for reading and I look forward to chatting with you throughout the season.

  6. Hello, My name is Nate. I am 39 years old. I currently live near the MN Iowa border. Was born and raised in the extreme northern regions of the state. I Have also spent many years on the west coast in Humboldt county California, Washington state as well as Oregon. I am of Norwegian and Swedish descent so yeah….Vikings fan. I absolutely do not possess a great football mind and often make a fool of myself in comms and twitter. I mainly frequent The Daily Norseman but will follow any link that leads to good writing concerning the team. I will usually make it to training camp in Mankato a few times every year. (In case you hadn’t realized already, Arif may or may not be a dwarf.) Anyway. Love the articles so far from this site. I thank everyone involved for their efforts. SKOL!!!!

    1. Howdy Nate, welcome! I’m sad to announce that we are actually losing Arif, as Peter Dinklage is suddenly needing to be replaced on Game of Thrones 🙂

  7. I am ErikTheRed. I grew up as a military brat, but my family is all from Minnesota. My mom is from Da Range, specifically Hibbing (and Chisholm), and my dad is from a tiny town you’ve never heard of. I’ve been a Vikings fan since conception, and so have my daughters, of which I have 2. Ages 7 and 3. We now live in Madison, AL, and with my father, watch the Vikes religiously. I am also a draftnik, and literally take time off work to watch. I haven’t been this excited for Skål Nation in a long time and can’t wait for the upcoming season. Skål Vikings!

    1. Glad to see another raising their children the right way! Welcome, Erik, keep our “Guest Post” possibilities in mind as the draft draws nearer… we always love some good Draft speculation around these parts.

  8. The year 2013 was my 50th consecutive of watching the Vikings and bleeding purple…the first 20 of which were enjoyed outdoors at Met Stadium (hence the moniker.) The present residence is Tennessee where I put on my old “Randy” jersey and faithfully follow all that’s good at Viking Territory. Thanks for the wonderful work.

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Frozen Foot, glad to know we have some representation in Tennessee!

  9. Bowling Green? Whodathunkit; I’m from just up the road in Toledo as you might have guessed from my moniker. Been a Vikings fan since the days of Sir Francis, Chuck Foreman and the Purple People Eaters; and will always hate the Cowboys because PEARSON PUSHED OFF!!!! Yep, I’m old (school). 🙂

    1. Howdy Mudhen. I’m actually just a tad south of BG on I-75. North Baltimore to be specific. Maybe someday we could meet halfway (Perrysburg?) and watch a game together. I’m always down for buying a Colt .45 or two for our fine readers!

  10. Zorn (or ZygiZag on DailyNorseman.) I too came over following Arif (Visit both). Been rooting for the Vikes ever since the year before their first Superbowl. In a interview with Bud Grant made me a Viking for life. A dumb interviewer asked before a playoff game, “What he would do if he lost?” and as some geese flew over Bud said, “Well they will be safe until Tuesday.” That’s my team. This guy has his priorities straight. Football is important but it is not everything. Grew up in VA. Been in MINN for the last 8 years. My mom always said that one day I would end up in MINN and it happened (although for awhile there it looked like great I finally get to MINNESOTA and it looks like the VIKES are going to move.) Married 26 years we have lived in MD, VA, MI, WI and now MN. Because of the type of job I have and a tight budget I have only been to 1 game and 1 preseason game, but follow the Vikings faithfully. I tell my wife I have a longer tie with them than I do her. Been to training camp a few times. Some of my favorite Vikings, Bud Grant, Mike Tice (honest as the day is long and cares about fans) , Fran T., Page, Scott Studwell, Chris Carter, Anthony Carter, AD, Joe WEBB, Two minute Tommy, Chuck Foreman, and maybe in the near future Teddy after he plays some and maybe Zimmer in a few years.

    I feel like we have a shot at play-offs this year if everything goes right. The left side of the line needs to get its act together so Teddy can come in. I don’t think the coaches want he to become a young R. Cunningham.

  11. Howdy all! Born and raised in the great state of Oklahoma, have lived in Arkansas and Texas…but always seem to land back here as an Okie. 47 years old…just a number right? Married to the beautiful Mrs. Carter for 26 years, 3 children. 2 girls, ages 26 and 24, the boy is 22. They are all growing into hardworking good people, I am very proud. My wife gets most of the credit there. And 2 grandsons they are 7 and 3 years old. They are something else!
    Became a Viking fan in 1975…because they were 10-0. 1st Viking game I saw was the Hail Mary Cowboy playoff game. The rest is…well you know…continued heartbreak. But I still love ’em…not sure why. Met Adam about 07′ or 08′ at the old AV. Quite a few of us followed him over to Viking Gab, still probably 10-15 of us left. Guess we just really like you Adam, and like the Vikings…I’m not sure why. 🙂

    1. Gave you a thumbs up CC. Yep, we’re kinda like the OG’s here on VT.
      Wonder if there are 10 – 15 of us still here?
      Where the hell is Freds, Big Johhny and the rest? Coach rarely checks in. Hell, what ever happened to Home Skillet?
      Can’t believe the first Viking game you saw was the Hail Mary game. Ouch.

      1. Hey Fran, well let’s see. You, me, Coach, Cal, BJohnny, Freds, Ole, Tomb, Krug is still around I think. Norse…same Norse? WTF? Were you at the strib? Purple Charlie?
        Home Skillet was a hoot…remember Gunslinger? I think Adam ran him off about the D. Sproles thing.
        Found this….http://blogs.startribune.com/vikingsblog/

        1. CC and Fran. Two of my oldest friends I have on here. I’ll just leave it at that, as I can’t put in to words how much these two guys have meant to me over the years. (although, they might not know it)

  12. Hi. I’m Fran the Man. I’m a VT fan via Vikings Gab, via Strib via etc. etc. ECT.
    I think I’ve been reading Adam’s stuff since he started. Got a chance to meet and more importantly, fish with him. You learn a lot about a guy when you’re hiking a creek, fishing and talking.
    Found out Adam Warwas is a pretty likeable dude.
    I’ve been a Viking fan since day one. I remember all four losses well. I remember loving Bud Grant and all that he stood for. Cursed and cheered my name sake, Fran Tarkenton, sometimes multiple times. . . In the same game. The purple People Eaters.
    Burnsies appropriately foul mouth, the excitement Denny Green brought us, the disaster that Childress was (Less Steckle was a better coach)
    Watched in horror as Brett Favre ran out onto a field in purple. Praised the hell out of him when he almost got us to the Super Bowl.
    GAWD! The incredible ups and downs of being a Vikings fan!
    With all that and much more behind me, I AM ABSOLUTLY STOKED ABOUT THIS TEAM AND THIS SEASON!! A playoff game or two wouldn’t surprise me a bit.

    1. First person to ever comment on one of my articles.

      “pretty likeable.” That’s how Mrs. Warwas describes me, too.

      On the good days.

  13. My names Cary, I’m home grown Minnesotan, very thankful for you out of state fans wearing jerseys in stadiums across the country, always great to see! I’m 27, a salesman, followed Arif here although I never really commented on DN, and have appreciated all of the other contributors. My favorite Vikings experience was the outdoor game back when the dome popped. Can’t wait for the cold weather this year. My worst Vikings experience was when Favre threw away 2009 when he could have run the ball. He could have just run the ball and won the NFC Championship. But he decided to add to the vikings lore of sunken ships. I’ve found the snobbishness of Packer fans has dulled my fervor, and that I prefer the rivalry of the Bears, with the added bonus that Hawks Wild is going to be a nice rivalry for the next couple years. Thanks all for sharing.

  14. Hey all,
    I’m Brad, I am 36 years old. I’m married with two children: Frankie, my three and a half year old daughter, and Henry my (almost) one year old son. I’m bioinformatician/genomics scientist with the BC Cancer Agency. I live in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and I’ve lived here for about two years. Prior to that, I lived in Nanaimo, BC, Canada for about 2 years, St. Paul, Minnesota for 3 years, Vancouver for 6 years (going to graduate school), the first 22 years of my live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I followed Arif here too, I just didn’t know this place existed before.

    I started watching football when my wife and I first moved to St. Paul, MN. I had never watched an NFL game before that, but I decided to buy tickets to a Viking’s game, so that we would have something to look forward to doing after we arrived in Minnesota. I fell in love with the game after my first exposure and it’s been a crazy addiction ever since.

    I miss living in the Twin Cities almost every day, and particularly during the State Fair and football season. Despite the fact that I was born and raised in Canada, I will always think of myself as being a Minnesotan. I still think about moving back to the Twin Cities. I should pull the trigger and start applying for jobs back there.


    1. This is actually one of the more unique fandom stories I’ve heard/read… what a cool way for us to have gained a Vikings fan!

  15. i’m cal, originally from mpls., now in so cal. been with this group since before judd abandoned us in the basement at the strib. vikes fan since before they invented lutefisk. i’m 108 years old and refuse to die because we haven’t won the super bowl yet

    1. Cal is another one you newcomers should get to know, I cherish him as a reader, and respect all of his takes. Stand-up fellow, here.

  16. My name is Johnette and I drive a tow truck in Traverse County Minnesota. I love to travel. My favorite place is Thailand. I’ve had several life altering experiences there. My favorite Viking is Fred Evans. I met Adam during a crazy Fat Tuesday celebration in Laverne Minn. Adam was at first very curious, then confused and finally frightened. *sigh*

  17. My name is Anton. I am originally from Indonesia but now working in Hong Kong. I studied in St. Olaf early 90s and really hooked up with all Minnesota’s sports team. I am really big fan of Vikings and willing to wake up at 2am in the morning to watch the game and when there is Sunday Night or Monday Night game, I sacrifice my leave day just to watch it.

    1. Welcome, Anton! Always good to have that international representation of the Vikings! Somewhere around here is (hopefully) a long time reader named “Malte” that also has to do the middle-of-the-night wakeup to watch the Vikes. We’re glad to have you!

  18. The names Brendan White, 28 years young from Sydney, Australia. Loved the purple for as long as I can remember and still to this day get up at 4am on a Monday morning to catch Sunday football (gotta love time zone differences). Father to a furry pug child named Chester, collector of tattoos and taxidermy. I have recently started a pop culture website called Ate Bit and drink my Coca Cola through a straw…

  19. Hey, my name is Christian Larssen. I’m a Norwegian Mechanical Engineer who got my degree at the University of Minnesota. Obviously started following the Vikings when I was there (from 2010-2012). Starting watching in 2009, so yeah – screw the Saints 🙂

    I have been married for two years now, with my wife Dani (we met in Minneapolis!). We have a little one year old son named Nicolas and we live in Oslo, Norway. Started my online NFL addiction by lurking at the Daily Norseman and followed Arif over here. I don’t comment much, but I love reading the insights of the writers and I scour the net pretty much every day for Vikings and NFL news. Thanks for a great site, always enjoy your articles and thank you for all the awesome and free work you put in to feed my addiction 😉

    1. A reader from the mother land! Awesome! Enjoy that little guy, they grow up WAY too fast. Thanks for the kind words and we’ll keep trying to get you your fix 🙂

  20. I’m Sam and I’m from Luton, England (just outside of London). I’ve been a Vikings fan since 2002 because they had a player with my surname and that’s how an 11 year old picks a team. First game I watched was a 9-7 loss to the Pack at Lambeau but the Fred Smoot pick-6 has had me hooked ever since (think it was Tarvaris’ first start, so probably ’06).
    Went to the London game last year and after that I can’t wait to watch a game in Minnesota, with a proper home crowd and probably in the new stadium by then. Also stayed up until 5:20am UK time watching the Freeman debacle last year but as a Vikings fan you learn to take the rough with the smooth.

    I have been visiting and reading the great work done by VT for the past couple of years but haven’t commented until now. Along with the people at 1500espn, I feel like I practically live in Minnesota with how much I am kept up to date with every detail. So here’s to a good season and I finally have hope that we might actually play some defense.

    1. I was at that game. It was horrible. It was raining and around 35 degrees. It was like December 22 or something like that. I was excited because I had my son with me and I thought it would be snowing, not a flake; all rain. I went with my dad, brother and my son. We had long underwear, jeans, snow pants, sweaters, coats and Vikings beanies. (except for dad, he’s a Packer guy, in fact part team owner, what a waste of money) we were still freezing. Once the stadium filled with people it wasn’t as cold. Lambeau is a dump. It’s all aluminum bleachers with numbers spray painted on them, so you know where your seat is. We had to sit with one person leaning forward, the next leaning back, and so on for the length of the bench, so everyone could fit (Wisconsinites aren’t know for being svelte). The reason I remember we were at that game is because it was Tarvaris’s first start. Uff da.

      1. I’m glad that I’m not the only person that remembers that game, but thankfully I was watching at home in the warm and only had to suffer school on 3 hours sleep the next day. But with a diet of cheese and Ted Thompson Kool-Aid it’s no wonder they’re not too slim.

    2. I was at that 9-7 loss at Lambeau with my wife. I tell ya… there was ZERO offense that night. Cold, rainy, and just generally miserable football weather… plus T-Jack was the QB. I remember Smooter getting dinged by a beer bottle when he attempted the Lambeau Leap right in front of us.

  21. NYC checking in. Been following the Vikes since they lost Siper Bowl IV. I felt sorry for them, and started following them (and having my heart broken by them) ever since. Married to my wife for 23 years, and she doesn’t understand my love of sports. I am 55, work in the financial services industry, and do lots of volunteer work. When not supporting the Vikings I follow the Giants. They break my heart just as much as the Norsemen do.

    1. Welcome, RPL! I think volunteerism is an amazing undertaking and commend you for that. What kind of things to you volunteer for? Welcome!

  22. Add Tennessee to the list. I am Mike from Chattanooga and a Vikes can since the mid 90’s I read and watch everything about them and am very optimistic about the new coaches and players. I will be in Nashville tomorrow nightwear I g the purple and gold with front row seats! SKOL

  23. I’m Ulfberht (Lance), I was born and raised in MN, and I’ve been a rabid Vikings fan since birth. I’m 29, so my earliest Vikings memories are of Cris Carter catching TD after TD from whichever aging quarterback was playing for the Vikings at the time. They say that whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and if that’s true, Vikings fans should be nearly impervious to harm by now. I’m fairly new to VT, but it’s quickly become my favorite fan site.

    1. Welcome Lance! Yes, you need that extra thick skin to be a Vikes fan… but once we finally win that big game it’ll be soooooo worth it! We are honored to be near the top of your Vikes reading list, we’re glad to have you here!

  24. You may have guessed from my username, I’m from SC. I’m 37 and was raised a Vikings fan by parents who came to love the team in the 70’s. Not a lot of Viking fans in SC (shocking, right?). So every summer, we would take the show on the road. For about 6-7 years while I was growing up, we would pile into a 1985 Toyota Camry–my dad, mom, sister, and me–and would drive to MN. It was about 24 hours of road time to get there. Then we would spend a couple of weeks in Mankato and head to the dome to catch a preaseason game or 2. Every day, every practice at Mankato. I grew up getting autographs from the players. My mom was a photographer, and would give the players pics that she took. So we would get christmas cards from some of them. My favorite player of all time is Greg Coleman, because he threw me into a Tampa, FL swimming pool when I was probably 9. Every time he saw me near a pool after that, I knew I was gonna get wet. And he let me carry his helmet for him after practice in Mankato. He was such a great guy.
    Back then, the players were so much more accessible and everything seemed so much cheaper. We could stay at the team hotel, and we would play with their kids in the game room or pools. Tons of great memories.
    Currently, I’m married to a wife who professes allegiance to the Vikings, and I’m raising 2 daughters (5 and 2) to have purple in their veins. Favorite bath-time song: “Skol, Vikings”!

    1. Alright, I’m stealing your idea… the “Skol, Vikings” song will now be a bathtime staple in the Warwas household, I love it! Welcome, SC!

  25. Good morning. I’m Drew from the Commonwealth of Virginia, though I spent most of life living in Texas. 41 years old with a wife and a 20-month old daughter (who already has a home and away AP jersey). Really appreciate the fine work that goes into the site. It’s easy to see that everyone on the staff has a real love for the Vikings. Please keep up the great work and we’re looking forward to an exciting season with a new coaching staff and the Teddy Era ready to begin. SKOL!

    1. Another one raising his child the right way, love it! We will keep working as long as you keep coming back 🙂

  26. I am Larry living in Houston TX, born and raised in MN. Loyal Viking fan back to early 70’s.

  27. Add Montana to the list. 34 years old so didn’t have to suffer through the SB losses but distinctly remember all the NFC championships. Went to training camp this year and scored AP’s autograph! Started reading this site when Arif came over from DN. Stoked about the future of the team and keep up the good work writers.

  28. Hey Everyone,
    No Wisconsin people yet, huh? I live in the heart of enemy territory in Milwaukee. Mostly Packer fans, but an awful lot of the Bear fans as well. Unfortunately, very few Vikings fans. I grew up in a small town called Tomahawk, but followed my heritage, which is Norwegian, at a young age and became a Vikings fan.

  29. I’m Chris, another Alaskan. My wife, Lori and I are from Mankato. 20 years in the Air Force left us in Eagle River, just outside of Anchorage. We are lifelong Vikes fans, and will be unless they move to CA. Our two sons are continuing the mindless, mostly baseless support for our team.

    1. Christopher, good to see another Alaskan on board, I miss that State desperately. Love the Eagle River area and can’t wait to visit again.

  30. Howdy folks. My real name is Singh, of Indian descent, born and raised in the Old Dominion (Virginia), and I’ve been a Vikings fan since ’67, when I first saw them thump Green Bay (my Uncle was a Packers fan, anything that made him upset, couldn’t be a bad thing), and it was cemented when they took down the Redskins the next year (most of the rest of my family were Redskins fans). I suppose I was a bit of an ornery kid, but 51 years of interesting road has mellowed me out some. Played some football in HS and for USAEUR league (Lajes AB), QB and MLB, but nothing serious. USAF-RET, I mustered out just as 9/11 happened, and as luck would have it, the job trail led me from California back to Northern Virginia where I started from.
    My favourite Vikings are Fran Tarkenton, Bud Grant, Jim Marshall, Alan Page, Chuck Foreman, both Carters, Paul Krause, Matt Blair, C-Pep, Randy Moss, Joe Webb, and yes, by God, Brett Favre. I love football, but I rarely watch any other team except the Vikings any more.
    Found this site when I followed Arif from the DN, some great writing here. Bridgewater was my top draft choice for the Vikes this year, could not believe they actually got him. Super excited for the future!

    1. WElcome, Singh, we’re thrilled that you are here with us! I’m also excited about what Bridgewater does for our future prospects and the Zimmer era as a whole. Exciting times to be a Vikes fan!

  31. Big Johnny and I, are both from Emmetsburg, Ia., have know each other for 40+ years….and have been Vikes fans all along. He shared this site w/ me 4 or so years ago.
    I currently live near Portland, Oregon….and have loved following this site for up to the minute Vikings updates, analysis, and insight.
    I grew up on the PPE, Tark, Rashad and White…along with Chuck Foreman, as my user name may indicate!
    I’ve got four boys….the youngest is a huge Vikes freak as I was at his age.

          1. Hi Fozz! Of course, glad you are still here with us. If you happen to talk to Johnny, have him drop me a line. Are you liking Portland? That’s a big change!

    1. Wow, Fozz, I thought I was the only Oregonian here…by “near Portland,” what do you mean? Wilsonville? Beaverton? Tualatin?

  32. Valdez is beautiful, must have been fun living there! I’m 27 myself, live in Denver but grew up in North Dakota where my VIkings fandom began!

    1. Valdez will always, ALWAYS be “home” to me even though we decided to move. I can’t put into words how great that town was to me, and yes “beautiful” is certainly a part of that. No other place like it.

      We are glad to have some Colorado representation on board, as well. Welcome!

  33. Had to check in to represent all the new fans from Louisville, obviously here because of Teddy, and lots of other Louisville/MN connections. Mostly post on SB Nation, but read the great stuff on here regularly. I was a Human Resources Manager for years, but enjoying my first grandchild, Emma Katherine, born on July 4.

    1. Welcome, Kathy! Seeing that drafting Teddy added to our fan base is just another great reason to love the selection!

  34. Scott Monson. I’m from West Fargo, North Dakota. I grew up with my father being a Packer’s fan. My mom’s brothers would sit me down in front of the TV and make me watch VIking’s games. I even received Vikings gifts from them. They made sure I was going to be a VIkings fan. I have been a Vikings fan for over 40 years. GO VIKINGS!!!

    1. WTFVIKESFAN has also been with us for a very, very long time. I’m glad your uncles set you on the right path and that you are sharing your thoughts with us here everyday!

  35. I can’t count, but it seems we may have more countries than states? Right Vikes Nation! I mean Vikes Globe!!! SKOL!!

  36. OBTW, I have to give a shout out to the NDSU BISON. NDSU plays Iowa State Saturday, on Foxsports1, at 111am.

    GO BISON!!!

  37. Tom is my real name. I’m not real computer savvy, so when it asked for my name to leave a comment, I didn’t realize it wanted a code name, so I typed in Tom. Grew up in Hokah, MN. Home of Minnesota’s first newspaper; I’m told. Moved to L.A., where played college ball on scholarship. Got kicked out of school for not going to school. Joined military. Was in during “Operations Just Cause (Noriega) and Desert Shield/Desert Storm” Once out, moved to Northern CA. Been with the misses since 1996. We have a son, he’s in high school. Runs track, could care less about football, but is able to recognize Purple Jesus. Everyone around me is either a Raiders or 9ers fan (although they only show up when the 9ers are doing well). I usually end up talking to with my brother over the phone for 3-4 hours during the games, while we watch Sunday Ticket. I also read the Daily Norseman, but don’t comment. I prefer to talk here because it has more of a “Cheers” feeling. I’m still not much of a commenter, unless it’s about Chuck Foreman, my all-time favorite Viking. Anyway been following Adam for 5 or 6 years now, I’ve always liked Adam’s style, so as long as he keeps writing I’ll keep reading. Thanks Adam and Brent and Arif (as well as everyone who posts their work here) for all your hard work, I appreciate the time and dedication it takes. SKOL!

    1. Tom, thank you so much for sticking with us over the years. We are lucky to have you and appreciate your kind words!

  38. Hey everyone, I’m Manuel and I comment with my real name both here and on the DN (Arif introduced me to this fine corner of the internet). I am an Austrian-Mexican that lived in Austria until 2008 and then moved to Mexico to study (I’m 25). It’s here that I started following the NFL and fell in love with the Vikings (I picked a fun and tough season to start on). I have become gradually more obsessed with the team and can be found around various blogs and fan sites all year long. Right now I’m saving up for my first visit to MN to see the Vikings and am really excited!

    1. Hi Manuel! I appreciate that you are here with us and hope that trip to MN to see the Vikes happens for you very soon!

  39. I’m Tim, born in MPLS the same year the Vikes were spawned and first watched them as a kid with my dad and older bro’s on black and white TV’s starting in the late 60’s. Did 20 yrs with the US Navy and now reside in San Diego (no mosquitoes nor snow). Married for 30 years, I’ve a son in Princeton MN with his wife and four grandsons, I’ve three daughters in SOCAL, one married with two granddaughters and all my children/grandkids have been properly brainwashed into viking fans and bleed purple. I’ve only recently discovered this site and have enjoyed thus far, thanks.

  40. Hi everyone,I’m Richard and as my user name suggests I’m from Perth Australia,on the west coast.Superbowl XXIII was the first game I saw live on TV,when Montana broke the hearts of Bengal fans.I have loved NFL since that day,and have dedicated a lot of time in the past 25 years to learning and improving my knowledge of the greatest football code on the planet!
    When it came to choosing a team,I went with the one that was born the same year as I was,and have been smashing my head against a brick wall ever since!
    Finally I have a sense that this franchise is getting all it’s ducks in a row,from ownership thru GM to coaches,all rowing the great Viking ship in the same direction.I am a huge fan of Mike Zimmer and look forward to giving my cheesehead fan of a brother some grief when our defense crushes his teams butt.The Purple Crush is what I have named our D.
    Enjoy the season fellow fans,and prepare for the era of Teddy!

    1. Glad to have you, Richard! I share your optimism about the way things are currently headed and hope we’ll soon be writing speculation pieces about a Vikings Super Bowl and hope you’ll still be hanging around here to read them 🙂

  41. Howdy, My name is Dean and I Live in Katy, Texas which is just west of Houston. Born and raised in MN and then spent 24 years in the Navy. Ended here after I retired from the Navy in 2008. Found out after I got married that my wife is a Cowboy fan (should be grounds for annulment in every state) Been posting for a while from the Strib to the Gab and then to here. Not afraid to state my opinion and occasionally have been in some very “spirited” debates with some members here. I really enjoy the “links of the Week” posts. Best bang for the buck anywhere! Still waiting for Adam to convince me how a 5th Avenue bar is better than a Pearson’s Salted Nut Roll. Boggles the mind 🙂