2014 Minnesota Vikings: Mike Priefer Breaks Down Thielen’s Punt Tackle

We were able to get a breakdown from Mike Priefer on Adam Thielen’s tackle at the end of the 2nd half on Friday. Below:

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  1. Arif, is there any reason that no one from VT has done a piece on Fridays game?
    Coach wants to know how the O-line performed.

    1. Tonight.

      I’ve been poring over the film and simply forgot to post a quick recap. Should be up by tomorrow morning. My bad, Fran.

      1. Cool! Looking forward to your take.
        The first offensive series sure looked good to me (Raiders, I know) and the defense looked fast and hard.

  2. I heard this breakdown on Vikings.com in the Priefer interview video as well.

    Thielen is definitely bringing a lot to the table for the coaches to consider him by, it would be disappointing if this kid doesn’t make the team this year.

  3. Excellent breakdown Arif. Video + words really tied it together nicely. Top notch work, as always.

    Btw: awesome camp notebook on DN as well.

    Appreciate everything you do.

    p.s. Stay out of Soundbar, we can’t afford to lose you! (or our NT)

  4. I’ve seen highlights of the tackle, but I didn’t know he came from the protector/3rd gunner position. That was impressive. He’s fast!

    The Raiders returner wasn’t very quick laterally, which helps, but still. Nice work by Thielen.