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WEEK SEVEN: Player of the Game

I’ve always had a rule of thumb: If your defense can hold the opponent to 17 points or less then you should win the football game.  Obviously, the outcomes of NFL games are more nuanced and complex than that, but the Vikings offense has now failed the defense two weeks in a row.  The defense isn’t without their faults, as evidenced by that last-minute collapse, but they performed well for most of the afternoon as individuals and as a unit.

That is why they again dominate the nominees list for our “Player of the Game” award.  Cast your vote below.

Past Winners:

WEEK ONE:  Cordarrelle Patterson

WEEK TWO: Harrison Smith

WEEK THREE:  Harrison Smith

WEEK FOUR: Teddy Bridgewater

WEEK FIVE:  Harrison Smith

WEEK SIX:  Linval Joseph

JERICK MCKINNON:  For the second time of his young career, Jerick McKinnon eclipsed 100 yards (103) and now holds the record for longest run of the season against the Buffalo defense (29 yards – Jerome Felton is second with 21 yards).  He had two catches on the day, as well, but netted negative two yards.

EVERSON GRIFFEN:  This was the huge day that we all wanted to see out of Griff.  He eight tackles (7 solo), two for a loss, three sacks (should be 3.5), and did it all against one of the NFL’s better left tackles.  It is hard to understate the impact he had on this game, even if the end result was a loss.

ANTHONY BARR:  It won’t be long before opposing offensive coordinators are game planning to keep the ball away from the rookie, especially if he improves his tackling fundamentals.  Barr recovered two fumbles today, deflected a pass, and was second on the team with 10 tackles (8 solo).  One of those tackles was behind the line of scrimmage.  This guy keeps looking improved on a weekly basis and it seems like the sky is the limit.

CHAD GREENWAY:  At this point, I’m not sure it is Chad Greenway’s fault that he gives up big plays to athletic tight ends, as the coaches are the ones that keep putting him in a position to do so.  Outside of that glaring play on that last drive, though, Greenway had a productive day.  He led the team with 15 tackles (seven solo), one pass deflection, and a forced fumble.

BLAIR WALSH:  Despite some inconsistency in the preseason seemingly spilling into the regular season, Walsh is quickly jumping back into the Pro Bowl kicker conversation.  Today, he continued to show his booming leg on kickoffs, and nailed all three of his field goals which included a 55 yarder.

OTHER:  I think the winner of this week’s award will go to one of the above guys for obvious reasons, but there are cases to be made for others to be nominated, and I fully understand that.  Guys like Jarius Wright and Greg Jennings came up big at the right moments, and Xavier Rhodes played really well for most of the game, so feel free to check the “other” box and cast your vote via the comments section if my nominations didn’t align with your personal take on today’s action.

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  1. Loser of the game: Norv. Shoulld’ve ran it in red zone.Could’ve put game away. Runner up : Bridgewater. Missed passes and INT’s. I thought he’d be better than this. Hopefully it’s just a bad streak.Player of the game, Mckinnon.

  2. I went with Barr. Griffin probably deserves it but it seemed liked every other significant defensive play had Barr involved in it. The guy just seems to be everywhere. Can’t wait to see that guy play next year, after he gets a bit more Zimmerized.

  3. I went with me, for ultimately not dropping the coin on the NFL Sunday Ticket to watch the Vikes this year.

    Seriously, 4th & 20?


  4. Griffen for sure today and he’s tied for the NFL lead with 7 sacks. McKinnon could end up being a rookie of the year candidate if they keep feeding him the ball. He’s 2nd in the league and just a few yards behind the undrafted guy in San Diego. I still can’t fathom how they lost today with a 100 yd rusher and plus 2 in turnovers. Patterson doesn’t seem healthy right now, the explosiveness just isn’t there.

  5. Griffen was up against the actually good side of the otherwise bad O-line. Still manhandled them.

  6. in comparison to the other vikes, if you can’t give it to griffen after the day he had today, when can ya?

    last second loss, welcome to your 2013 vikings. although the D played well enough to win, this game obviously could’ve gone either way. we just needed to make a play at the end, or run the clock all the way down and out before the punt. chalk this one up to experience, and something we can learn from

    floyd got a sack, barr is a stud, and i pity the O-lineman

    when we were kicking FGs, you could feel we were gonna lose by one point. we needed to kick one more FG, or get four points for the 55-yarder. crap

  7. I chose other. I’m selecting Brad Keslowski for driving a near perfect Nascar race that i switched to after giving up on this game. Congratulations on the win Brad.

    1. I hate Keslowski, looks too much like barney fife to me. Gordon will win his 6th this year

  8. For me Barr was the most impactful player. If we could team him with a stud MLB and another top level ILB-OLB we could have a dominate defense like the trio of backers the Niners have enjoyed for the last few years. Barr is for sure one solid piece of the puzzle, he was all over the field.

      1. I was thinking Kalil for sure every week. And Teddy for this past game. Johnson played better then Kalil this last game.

  9. Not blaming him for the loss, in seriousness. but, dang he’s seemingly often getting picked on.

    1. He’s a young cb, it seems to take them 3years to reach potential. I’m happy with the 9great plays he makes less concerned with the 1bad, he’ll eventually work them out.

  10. If Munnerlyn, Rhodes and Robinson can get more consistent, cornerback might actually turn into a strength for us, something I haven’t been able to say since Cedric Griifin’s knee was torn up in overtime against the Saints on January 24, 2010.

    Brinkley seemed to have a good game, Greenway made a couple of good, HARD stops, Blanton got his first interception, George Edwards got some credit from the announcers for his defensive playcalling and all four of the defensive linemen had their moments. All-in-all, a day the defense can build on.

  11. I think a lot of us thought we could be this year’s Chiefs. Unfortunately, that was WAY too lofty for a rookie HC. What’s funny is that Norv was supposed to be able to at least be more creative. That hasn’t happened. So, we know now, that the main issue is not enough talent or depth. A team needs a couple of ultimate studs, a solid core of veterans, youthful upcoming talent willing to follow, and at least a couple of late round picks to turn into studs (not just make the team). It’s gonna be a longer process than we first thought. SKOL! **in a whimperish voice**

    1. I thought Norv would be better than this, but there IS a reason that Charger fans hated him so much…

      1. Vikings have NO wide receivers. That is what really hurts Norv. Hard to run a offence with NO wise receivers. Patterson is a freak, but no wide receiver, yet. TE is hurt. No AD. Norv planned the whole offence around AD.

        1. Jennings? Wright? Sure Rudolph and Peterson’s absences aren’t helping the cause but even Musky and Chilly knew they needed to get creative to use Harvin(Patterson). Other than LG our offense should be decent, not GB or Denver but above average.

          1. Jennings wouldn’t even be the #4 wr for the Packers. Wright might be a #4 on some teams. Left tackle sucks. He is worse than the left guard.

            1. C’mon wtf your smarter than that. Kalil is a great player being handicapped because of Johnson. If Fusco were next to him he’d look like Ron Yary(also from USC btw).
              But our problems aren’t wr related it’s our line play deteriorating every other position. Get Fusco back and draft a stud replacement for Johnson and we’re a top 10 offense.

              1. I watched Kalil and Johnson last week on most of the plays. Johnson out played Kalil all day long. Kalil got blown back off the line, like he weighed a 100 pounds, on almost every pass play. There were times on run plays Kalil didn’t even budge his guy. Kalil was horrible.

            2. any wr in mr. rodgers’ neighborhood looks better than being in most any other neighborhood

    2. Thing is, Spielman hasn’t been good with late round picks.
      This year may be an exception. As I think Exum and Price and even Yankey are worth while

      1. Cole, Mauti, Stevens, Walsh, price, Wright, Ellison. All late round picks and all solid players. Wright is the only one listed selected before round 6

        1. The success rate of draft picks after the 3rd round league wide is terrible. Spielman is doing just fine in the later rounds. He isn’t consistently finding high end starters but neither is anyone else. This past years draft was pretty impressive having 3 7th round picks not only make the roster, but looking like they could be contributers going forward. His big black mark has been finding that franchise QB which hopefuly we solved this year.

          1. I’m with you I think he’s doing well above Average in late rounds. The QB and past HCs are what has dragged him down.

          2. Uhhh, see Seattles secondary, Patriots record late. Like my comment earlier, I don’t mean getting a ‘solid’ player. I mean having one turn into a stud once in a while, not just make the team. I think the bar for late rounders, as Vike’s fans, is seriously lower. We’re happy if they make the practices squad.

            1. It’s been a while since they were drafted but Sullivan and Fusco. But I agree there are several we shoulda grabbed.