LeGarrette Blount Slams Toby Gerhart

LeGarrette Blount was arguably the most talented rusher in the 2010 draft class at the time and he arguably still is at the NFL level.  Punching out an opponent on the field, however, was one of a few reasons he went undrafted and had to watch teams trade around in the first two rounds to get the rusher they wanted.

One of those trades was between the Vikings and the Texans when the Vikings moved up to get Toby Gerhart.  In the moments following the draft there were unconfirmed reports that Blount agreed to an undrafted free agent contract with both the Vikings and the Niners, but he ended up signing with the Titans.  He then became the second undrafted rookie to ever run for 1,000 yards when he was claimed off waivers by Tampa Bay.

There were other character concerns surrounding Blount in Tampa.  There was a report of him leading an attack on a Bucs fan.  In 2013, the New England Patriots sent a seventh rounder to Tampa and added Blount to their stable of running backs where he flashed his usual toughness, but often got lost in the mix.

He scored four touchdowns in a playoff appearance with the Patriots which is the second most ever scored by a running back in a post-season game.  Some of Blount’s accomplishments surely exceed what Gerhart has done to date, with Gerhart stuck behind Adrian Peterson for most of his four years, and Blount seems to take exception to how contracts were awarded this offseason.

“I was really surprised by it,” Blount told SiriusXM NFL Radio.  “I didn’t think that the running back market would be so low.  I didn’t think that, you know, the biggest contract would be Toby Gerhart’s $10.5 [million].  I didn’t think that would have been the biggest contract. . . .  I don’t think that his body of work should have made him the highest paid free agent running back this offseason.  We were just trying to get things done, man.  Like y’all said the market wasn’t that great but, you know, I feel like I deserve a lot more credibility in the part of getting contracts done.  But, I mean, that will all settle itself out, so I’m happy where I landed and I’m going to continue to do what I do best and just try to build on my body of work.”

Blount has a point when it comes to a side-by-side comparison of their production to date.  The way I see it is there are three problems with his logic.

First, Gerhart arguably has less wear and tear because of his time spent playing second fiddle to Peterson in Minnesota.  Blount has essentially been the featured back for three of his four seasons.  Blount has over twice as many career carries (579) as Gerhart does (276).

Second, Gerhart is simply a more complete player.  Heck, he must have been pretty good at pass blocking and catching if the Vikings were willing to take their hundred-million-dollar man off the field on so many key third downs.  He might not be the flashiest runner in the world, but Vikings fans learned to respect him as a versatile back that usually could be depended on to get the job done.

Third, Gerhart has never been anything but a model citizen.  Blount comes with baggage.  That’s just a fact.

The Steelers should have a lot of optimism about their new running back duo, they really should, but Blount’s picking on Gerhart makes him look just petty and unclassy.  The Jaguars, however, should be thrilled to have a talented workhorse at their disposal that is highly unlikely to be making offseason headlines because he can’t keep his mouth shut.

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Adam Warwas

Adam Warwas (Founder) has been writing about the Vikings for a total of eight years. Five of those years have been here at Vikings Territory where he continues to surround himself with enough talented individuals that people keep coming back. As proud as he is of what Vikings Territory has become, his real treasures are in his home... a beautiful wife and three amazing children (and a dog named Percy).

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  1. I wish we had kept Toby, and or traded Adrian. I know that’s an unpopular take, but ya.

    1. I agree if we could have gotten value for Peterson which I highly doubt. But yeah I’ll miss Toby.

  2. Glad Blount said that. These comments along with sucker punching a Boise State player show how classy he is. He’s on the very short list of players I’ll be happy to see injured(along with that dog killer).

    1. Your comment shows just how classy you are. Only an idiot roots for players to be injured. Also, Vick has paid his dues, get off his sack already.

    2. Knocking that fool out was warranted. Don’t talk s#!t to a man and then complain when they knock you the F out.
      That being said, Gerhart is awesome. If Minnesota management was smart they would have traded AP for a monster raping of some other team and continued on with Toby and about 3-4 good additions around the roster.

      1. So your saying Toby now has a right to “knock Blount the F out?” Pretty sure every single football player not named Tebow talks smack on the field especially to another player who likes to dish it out. Blount is low classed and has an anger problem.

  3. I don’t think he “slammed” Toby. I just think Blount believes that he should be payed for past performance and not future performance. So he’s confused on how Toby made the money that he wanted.

  4. Gerhart has better speed; better lateral quickness, has a better burst; a better ratio of yards after contact; is a better teammate; had a better college career; is a better pass blocker; and is a better receiver out of the backfield. Other than that, Blount is your man.

      1. Yea Timmy, but you will note, if you look at the film, he likes to through that “nasty” right hook, just as his opponent turns his head to look at his coach, who is calling his name, aka, via a sucker punch….. even though the other player never saw it coming it didn’t knock him down, nor did it knock him out. It would have been interesting to see what would have happened straight-up, face to face, mano a mano, but Blount didn’t want to do that. Oh by the way, in addition to being faster, more agile, quicker and having more leaping ability, Gearhart is also stronger with 22 bench presses, at the combine, as compared to a mere 18 for the “heavier” Blount. But hey Blount did outweigh Gerhart 241 vs 231, so he’s got that going for him.

  5. bla. Blount is just saying he wished he got paid more. (comparingt himself to the highest paid runningback this year) Toby wasn’t a starter and Blount was. The money the 2nd best running backs have been getting is not like it used to be. It has to be depressing when you see all runningbacks devalued. Actually the article says that is what bothers him and you all are glossing that fact over.

    Blount is a freaking tank and I love it when he gets loose. He has had some great games and I’ve never seen him fumble three times in a row. Blount is the dark horse, large, old school running back ala bettis, jacobs, alstott. With the right o-line a big RB can seal the game. Sure, I like toby, but I’ve never seen him win a playoff game and he just signed on where he probably won’t.