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2014 Minnesota Vikings: Adrian Peterson Allegedly Violates Terms of Bond, Could be Re-Arrested

Montgomery County prosecutors have motioned for Adrian Peterson to be issued a warrant for his re-arrest after allegedly admitting to a drug-testing employee that he “smoked a little weed,” which violates the terms of the bond he paid in order to be released from custody. The test was performed on October 8, the day of his arraignment, upon court order.

The motion is asking for a capias warrant to be issued for his arrest which in many cases can be issued based on an affidavit of personal knowledge of the offense in question.

I can’t imagine this affects court proceedings too much, but if anything makes the court less likely to move up his court date. Regardless… come on, man.

(h/t to Eric Thompson for that)

Note: I have speculated that this could land Peterson into the NFL’s substance-abuse program. Stage one does not involve additional testing (for marijuana), but basically asks the player not to do it again for 90 days. If in those 90 days, he tests positive for marijuana, he’s entered into stage two, which means an immediate three-week fine and then random, unannounced testing ten times a month. The steps are laid out here. I do not know if he is currently in Stage One, but if he was, he’d have to have been in it for 90 days for this to advance him to Stage Two.

I do not know if it is definite that this puts him in Stage One, it’s merely speculation. I do not know if passing a test is the only requirement to land one in the program, but admitted drug use is a violation of league policy, so it’s very likely that the test result doesn’t matter.

In terms of on-field/roster implications it doesn’t immediately change his availability (UPDATE: though indirectly might, see below), but entering the program could reduce his value in a trade or contract re-negotiation.

UPDATE: The hearing to determine if Judge Kelly Case would be fit to adjudicate the Peterson case was to be tomorrow, but has been pushed back to Tuesday because of all of this.

That COULD push back the date regardless of outcome, it seems.

UPDATE2: Or wait a minute


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  1. Oh Man! How can a guy be so stupid.
    Are you freaking kidding me? Say goodbye to 600K+ weekly paycheck and any chance at a return to the NFL. No one is going to touch this guy unless Jerry Jones comes to his rescue.

    1. What a way to close out an unbelievable career.
      With unbelievable stupidity.

  2. LOL Chappelle. God, what happened to this guy? I hope we get a first round pick for him. The answer is 40% Asiata 40% Mckinnon, 20% Patterson. If it takes three guys to equal one dumb ass, so be it. Very disappointed. The only good thing is Bridgewater could turn out to be the real deal and could lift the offense way more than Peterson. I guess it was time to move on from him anyway and he made it a whole lot easier.

  3. This can’t be right. I mean…it had to have been that he was just messin’ with the dude. What if his test comes back clean? He could then claim that he was just yankin’ somebody’s chain. He just couldn’t be that dumb…or stupid. I could maybe believe he did actually smoke some dope before court, as dumb as that is.

    1. Didn’t mean to hit enter.
      But to tell the them you did? No…no way. If his test comes back positive of THC then…wow.
      C’mon AD! Damn man.

  4. Unflippin’believable! These Superstar athletes are so removed from reality. Can he reaaly be that stupid or is it just his arrogance? Dallas can have him….or Seattle with the other drug addicts…or maybe he belongs with the Raiders. I am so through with AD/AP………don’t let the locker room door hit you in the rear on the way out! (keeping the lingo family friendly!)

  5. we all knew this guy couldn’t pour water out of a boot with instructions on the heel, but geezuz…

    It’s better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than open it and remove all doubt

  6. From what I hear there are a couple RBs in the 2015 Draft that are worthy of a Rd1 pick!

    1. Gurley might be but I would never take a RB in round 1. I don’t care if a 21year old Jim Brown were coming out. The NFL has become a passing league a RB is as valuable as a boat in the desert.

      1. Yeah I wouldn’t either,it was more a post out of frustration with what our running game has become.
        First round pick probably should be on defense,but will figure that out later.