Chad Greenway Highlights Injury News

I’ve written a number of Adrian Peterson articles this week that ended up getting deleted forever.  To be honest, I’m kind of shell-shocked and am just going to try and push forward, for now.  I’m hoping you find that somewhat refreshing.

During today’s media circus at Winter Park, coach Mike Zimmer revealed that linebacker Chad Greenway has suffered a broken hand, and his status is in question.  Zimmer said he is hopeful that Greenway will be able to play.  I’d source this report with a link, but the press conference was aired on pretty much every channel on my TV, so take your pick.

Right tackle Phil Loadholt (ankle), cornerback Xavier Rhodes (groin), and defensive tackle Sharrif Floyd (shoulder) were also mentioned by Zimmer.  He seemed particularly optimistic that Rhodes and Floyd will be good to go for the upcoming game in New Orleans.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. I certainly share your shell shocked attitude. Greenway’s hand is hurt again. I hope he’s able to overcome the injury better this year than he did last year. I thought Rhodes looked alright last week. I didn’t realize his groin was still bothering him; although those types of injuries seem to linger. Did it seem like at least two of those pass interference penalties against Rhodes were bogus? Maybe it was just me. I don’t like all the penalties being called in general, either for or against the Vikings. I don’t know how many were called, but there was a stat near the end of the game that said the Patriots had 15 themselves. I don’t know if it was 15 total, or 15 accepted against them. The flow of the game seems off, let ’em play. Anyway SKOL everybody!

  2. today’s move putting AD in the penalty box should achieve the desired effect and reduce his negative press, for now, so yeah, less AD is good with me

    this season feels like last year, in that it’s a lost season already; after two games i know it’s not, and i’m sure our players don’t feel that way, we’re even tied for first place right now! never expected to win the SB this year anyway, so let’s just see some improvement. maybe TB can be the ‘face of the franchise’ when we christen the new crib

  3. Man! I’m with you Adam. Completely shellshocked.
    For this to be happening with AD involved just blows my mind.
    I heard somewhere that the Vikings hold the NFL ‘record’ for arrests.
    I swear to God, somebody put some sort of Voodoo Curse on this team.

  4. I agree. Let’s be honest though, this week would feel so different if we’d beaten NE.

    Instead it’s mostly just Rocky yelling “Adrian!”

  5. At least there will be this stud in next years draft….Todd Gurley*, RB, Georgia

  6. Well this sucks. What next? Patterson gets caught with weed? Smith in trouble for fighting at a bar? Maybe Jennings or Rudy out for the year with a knee? Or… Zimmer himself pulled over for a DUI? Yep, Fran, voodoo curse.
    Man, good thing the stadium is already being built.
    Come Sunday things could look much better with a win over the taints. Likely? No. But still possible. Cassel is really stinking it up tho. Maybe he’ll play better in a dome…his passes didn’t seem to have much on them against that wind. Ugly. We’d be better off starting the rook, or even Big Johnny.
    By the way where is that dude? And Charlie? Coach?

    1. Well, that was a good, chuckling kind of post Cart.
      I know you say those things in jest. . .’Zimmer pulled over for dui’. . .but nothing would surprise me anymore.
      Look for Harrison Smith to come out tomorrow and inform the team that he’s quitting football, doesn’t like the hard hitting and macho nature of the NFL.

      And yeah, where the hell are those guys? Johnny? Coach? Charles, ,Freds??

  7. What is next, a RB from the Arizona is sat down because he abused his girlfriend and 18 months old child. I wonder how many more of these are going to show up now?

  8. Yeah! What’s next? Munnnerlyn charters a cruise and ships hookers in from ATL and a bunch of players proposition HS students? Oh wait…

  9. NE adjusted after our TD and shut us out. why didn’t we then adjust and at least get a FG? with the coaches we have, this bothers me. can’t lay it all on cassell

  10. All you AD haters have nothing to complain about! You all got what you wanted! Shouldn’t be too hard to get back on track or too much of a shock for any of you!

  11. Yeah, we thought too hard about the next transgression. it was the easiest choice all along. Adios muchacho