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2014 Minnesota Vikings: Matt Cassel Has Fractures in Foot

After Matt Cassel left the game limping, it was discovered that he had fractures in bones in his foot, forcing him to remain out of the game as Teddy Bridgewater took backup duties. The team did not release a timetable for his recovery, though it looks like Teddy will be the starter for the immediate future.

Matt Cassel wasn’t the only player who left the game. Brandon Fusco left the game because of a pectoral injury (these are usually muscle tears), Josh Robinson with a hamstring injury (which bothered him at camp) and a rib injury for Chad Greenway, who was limited in practice this week because of his ribs as well as a broken thumb. Kyle Rudolph suffered a groin injury and will have an MRI. “Something popped”, per Brian Murphy of the Pioneer Press.

Their replacements were, respectively, Vlad Ducasse, Jabari Price, Gerald Hodges and Marqueis Gray. While Ducasse was questionable at best, Hodges was very good. Price seemed to be up-and-down, though I can be convinced otherwise. Teddy Bridgewater looked very good, but did not get much help from the offensive line. Gray did not seem to have much of an impact.

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  1. Although I really want to see the Teddy Bridgewater era begin, I was really hoping it would begin next year.
    Now with Cassel broken, looks like it’ll probably be Teddy for the rest of the season. Unless he too gets hurt, which is highly likely working behind our O-line.
    Now that we’ve lost our best lineman, Fusco (Who’d have guessed that would be the case?) we might have the worst O-line in the league. What the hell happened to Kalil? Looking like a big fat bust to me. And Rudolph? hurt again and borderline bust.
    Oh and by the way, I hate Drew Brees more than any NFL player in the league. What a wuss.

    It’s always been hard to be a Vikings fan but this is getting ridiculous.

  2. Sadly, this is quickly turning into a lost season and we’re only 3 games in. HOPEfully Teddy B. can gain some experience without getting shell shocked and we make some progress with guys who will be here down the road.

  3. That was a bogus call against Munnerlyn imo.I’m pretty sure Cassels foot was broken by the defender as he stood up and twisted Cassels foot.Saints are at it again! I agree with you on Kalil and I have no idea why Charlie Johnson is still on the team.I thought Teddy looked good for a first game.Next we will beat the Falcons!

    1. Don’t know why people are thinking that was a bad call on Captain, this is the NFL now. You can’t slam a QB into the ground period. That will draw a flag every time. My only complaint is they should have blown the play dead before he did it, but that was a stupid play by Munerlyn and it was the turning point of the second half.

  4. What happened to the O-line? They looked horrible. No blocking for the run at all. Turner needs to do something. Kalil looks bad at both run blocking and pass blocking.

  5. Refs were horrible. I saw bumping down the Vikings wr’s down field all day long. No flags. Refs are horrible league wide. Watching some other games on Redzone. Missed calls all over the place. NFL is beginning to really go downhill fast.

  6. And how about that horrible play by play team. Wow Fox can’t don any better than that.

  7. Fusco’s injury is a big concern,pectoral injuries are normally long term things.Ducasse looked horrible,maybe Berger should get the call? Kalil seems to have no confidence in what he is doing.Running game sucks,still don’t understand why we signed that receiver from Cleveland instead of a FA back.Robinson has a hamstring (again) and looked like the guy from last year at times,not having a clue where he should be.Teddy looked good,but I worry about him having to play with our O line the way it is at the moment.Casell could be out for a while,I broke 3 bones in my foot some time ago,6 weeks on crutches and then another 6 in rehab!

  8. we need a fixer for kalil, someone who specializes in o-lineman

    kalil has been good before, so we know he can do the job

  9. Pretty convenient solution to the QB problem. Cassel wasn’t the answer, but was a savvy bet who had put in his work and deserved to start. Now Teddy is on the clock, Ponder is still around to back up, and we can start moving forward with the offense we’ll see on the field for years to come.

  10. Our offensive line is being destroyed by Johnson. They work so closely together he is making those around him worse. My biggest complaint with Speilman is that he still has Johnson on the roster, the guy doesn’t deserve to start for Eden Prairie High School.