2014 Minnesota Vikings: Jerick McKinnon Out for Sunday

Head coach Mike Zimmer, who usually doesn’t say a lot about injuries, indicated to the media earlier today that Jerick McKinnon wouldn’t be playing against the Carolina Panthers, according to Brian Hall.

Per Ben Goessling at ESPN, McKinnon said he had injured himself lifting weights.

What this means in terms of the Minnesota running back timeshare is unclear; now that Matt Asiata has been cleared for play after returning from his concussion and is the nominal number two. But with the addition of Ben Tate to the backfield, along with Joe Banyard’s excellent performance from last Sunday, nothing is guaranteed.

It may be best to assume a split between Banyard and Asiata, if only to have  a back known to get consistent yards (though that aspect of Asiata’s play is overstated) along with a running back that the Vikings may want to put on the field more if only to get a true evaluation of his ability as they figure out the running back position for next year.

Adjust your fantasy rosters accordingly.

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