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2014 Minnesota Vikings: Separate Reports—Vikings May Not Play Adrian Peterson on Sunday

Several different reports have indicated that the Vikings may not end up playing Adrian Peterson on Sunday once more. First reported by Pro Football Talk—

Then reported by Mike Freeman—

The hope is that if this is the case, the Vikings can put together a more specific gameplan that caters to the different strengths of the two other running backs on the roster.

Meanwhile, Adrian Peterson is losing sponsor after sponsor, while the NFL and the Vikings are being threatened with the same.

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  1. There are shit storms and then there is Viking shit storms….this is out of control. Actually looking forward to the season being over already….by game two, enjoyed off season more which is crazy, first time for everything I guess.

  2. PFT not the best source in the world.
    Good when it comes to lawyer stuff though since that is what the guy is a lawyer who likes football but knows nothing about it. He also does not have secret contacts just the sources that he quotes from (other papers) and stuff he makes up in his own head.

  3. “Hey Jerry Rick here, about that call AD gave you this summer we are cool with that, really …”

  4. This speculative report brought to you by the Brian Windhorst Click Drive.

    To be fair I’ve contemplated emailing Arif about writing in different stylings. I’d love some feigned ignorance during times like these. “Vikings Cut Adam Theilen to Set Example”

  5. Well they need to make a decision on this now. If the Vikings want to make an offensive game plan it’d be good to know what personnel they’re gonna have available.

  6. They change course now and there’s no morality involved.
    Just greed which is what got the league where it is right now but might not be the best look given the circumstances. It’s amusing that Nike and their sweatshops are pulling jerseys, the Catholic church and their pedophiles are outraged and the Anhueser Busch company and their domestic violence encouraging beverages are upset about a guy’s (admittedly misguided) attempt to raise and discipline his child.
    I love this country!