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2014 Minnesota Vikings: Ron Jaworski Ranks Cassel Last Among Starting QBs

The offseason is about to close up, so we’ll get fewer of these posts. Hooray.

Matt Cassel ranked 32nd in Ron Jaworski’s list of starting quarterbacks, which is at the moment incomplete (it’s a countdown, so ESPN hopes you’ll tune in and see). Ahead of Cassel on the list are Fitzpatrick, Smith (Geno), Locker, Manuel and Henne. Perhaps Smith and Manuel will make some significant strides next year, but it is actually difficult to see Cassel below any of those quarterbacks besides Jake Locker, who has looked acceptable when healthy.

This also means that players like Matt Schaub and Brian Hoyer are ranked ahead of Cassel.

It doesn’t matter much as a “true” ranking of Cassel would still likely be low and the fact is that he’s only a temporary starter unless he makes enormous strides. From a statistical perspective, Cassel ranked 20th in adjusted net yards per attempt and 13th in net yards per attempt, with a passer ranking that placed him 25th. Pro Football Focus ranked Cassel 29th (per-snap). The other quarterbacks mentioned above ranked as follows:

Jaworski ANYA NYA Passer Rating PFF per Snap DVOA
Chad Henne 27 31 32 31 39 33
E.J. Manuel 28 30 34 29 42 37
Jake Locker 29 21 24 19 24 22
Geno Smith 30 37 30 37 37 45
Ryan Fitzpatrick 31 22 15 23 21 20
Matt Cassel 32 20 13 25 29 23

Cassel wasn’t impressive by any means and Fitzpatrick put together a better statistical and outcomes-oriented resume, but there needs to be a very good case made for Henne, Manuel and Smith over Cassel (throw in Matt Schaub, as well).

This will all fall by the wayside when Teddy Bridgewater is installed as the starter.

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  1. The question is where does Texan’s coach Bill O’ Brien rank Cassel? Is he an upgrade over Ryan Fitzpatrick?

    Andre Johnson wants traded… and for some reason a couple writers think Minnesota should be one of the teams interested. Really?

    Could a Cassel for Andre Johnson trade be in the works?

    1. Lose Cassell? Only if the throw in a little Bill Polian trade “sweetener” like JJ Watt. Johnson and Watt for Cassell. I say yes do the deal.

  2. I really don’t see how bringing Johnson in would be a big benefit for the Vikings. He would end up taking the roster spot of one of our bright youngsters like Thielen or Rodney Smith. He could probably teach Patterson a couple things, but he would also take away game reps and drop him to third on the depth chart. I believe he would also put us over the salary cap, so it isn’t happening.

  3. NORV wanted Cassel last year and Spielman went out and resigned him. Now the team is sitting on two low end quarterbacks. The Texans aren’t going to trade for Cassel. The team will be lucky to get any value out of Ponder before he walks away as a free agent next March. Bridgewater is the hope for the future but he is just getting started. The question will be when does he get to start.