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Jared Allen “Agrees to Deal” With the National Affiliate, the Seattle Seahawks—UPDATE: No, he hasn’t

**UPDATE: Jared Allen has returned home without signing a deal with the Seahawks and will not sign today. His agent, Ken Harris, has told others that he will “consider Seahawks offer along with the others, and make a decision this weekend,” per Adam Schefter.

He has not yet signed a deal or, evidently, agreed to one.

Jared Allen has agreed to a deal with the Seattle Seahawks, per Ed Werder.

This is technically not final, and his agent (Ken Harris) has told other that Allen is just in “for a visit,” I doubt anything else happens besides him getting signed to a deal.

While I’m happy for Allen to get a deal he thinks he deserves (he would have been happy retiring if he didn’t get “what he was worth”) and get a real shot at a ring, it is a little upsetting to see Allen sign with the great thieves of the West, the Seattle Seahawks.

In the past several years, the Seahawks have signed or traded for Tarvaris Jackson, Sidney Rice, Percy Harvin, Heath Farwell and Derrick Coleman. They also have former Vikings offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell as their OC and former Vikings defensive backs coach Pete Carroll as their head coach. They can add a premier pass-rusher to the list of Vikings they’ve pilfered.

Allen has had 85.5 career sacks with the Vikings and put together a team record 22-sack season for the Vikings, nearly hitting or breaking the NFL record. He’s averaged 12.9 sacks a season in his career and 14.3 sacks a season with Minnesota.

In particular, Allen’s contributions as a “clutch” defender should not be forgotten. The Vikings played defense on first down 44.9% of the time, second down 33.7% of the time and third down 21.4% of the time over the course of Allen’s career, but 40% of his tackles and nearly a third of his sacks came on third down. Some of this has to do with sample bias (teams are more likely to run short instead of pass long on third down than first or second down), but some of it speaks to the shrewdness with which Allen would play.

Allen played for the Vikings with a nonstop motor, a savvy head for situational play, incredible technique and surprising power. As much as it was time for him to go, he will be missed.

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  1. However, he is on the wrong side of 30 and he has started to slow down. Will be great as a rotational DE. He was however not very solid against the run.

  2. Well it looks like his replacement has been found, and Adam has guessed correctly on another free agent.
    Corey Wootton just signed with the Vikes. Good signing.

  3. They should sign Kevin Williams as well. Get your ring Kevin.

    Now for some real thumbs down.. I never liked Jared Allen. I didn’t dislike him, off the field I’m a fan. Agents have as much to do with signing bs as players. The agent is the one whose worried about an extra 10k. Anyways, JA was/is an elite pass rusher, especially when the interior was strong. But he was average against the run, below average in pursuit. I can tell why he wasn’t lauded coming up, his athleticism isn’t elite. He developed great skills, but in my opinion isn’t a complete player. He certainly doesn’t belong in Zimmers system, and in the next few years he will become a situational pass rusher. I don’t know why he’s screaming more money when his role is extremely likely to be reduced over the course of this contract, especially in Seattle. Most importantly, I never felt he was a leader. Kwill yes. Winfield definitely. JA no.