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GUEST POST: Are You Angry With Jared?

[NOTE FROM ADAM:  I’m all about encouraging new, young writers to take that leap of faith and put their work out there for everyone to see.  It can be an intimidating step to talk, as the internet isn’t always the nicest of places, but there is no better way to gain experience and to improve as a writer than to just do it.  Please join me in welcoming the newest Vikings voice:  Chris Serri.  Chris recently started a Twitter account for Vikings fans to interact with (@MN_VikingsFans) and we got to talking about him potentially contributing to VT.  Enjoy his first post!]

By Chris Serri

Earlier this morning, the public was informed that Jared Allen,  the former fan-favorite defensive end for the Minnesota Vikings, was signed by the Chicaco Bears to a four-year deal, per the team’s official Twitter account. Prior to signing with the Bears, he had also visited with the Seahawks and the Cowboys. The overwhelming majority of Vikings fans, myself included, will dearly miss Jared Allen, as he was one of the faces of our franchise, and definitely was the personality of the team. Moreover, the fact that he is staying in the NFC North and playing for a rival of the Vikings will obviously sting. Two or three years ago, most fans could never have pictured Jared Allen going on to play for another team.

The question remains, however, whether or not we as fans should show anger or  resentment towards Allen. This situation is somewhat similar to the Greg Jennings’ departure from the Packers a year ago. Jennings wanted more money than the Packers were willing to offer, so he signed with the Vikings, the only other team to show significant interest in him. The situation is not completely similar though, as it was already widely assumed by most fans that he would be gone this season. The fact of the matter is that Jared Allen was not getting younger, and because of this, he wanted to move on and finish his carrer playing for a “contender.” Whether or not the Bears are truly contenders is debatable, however, it is important to realize that the Vikings have a young talented pass rusher in Everson Griffen with tremendous athletic ability, and resigning him made the decision to part ways with Allen much easier. Had we not been able to resign Griffen, we may have made a greater push to retain Allen.

At the end of the day, it was simply time for both sides to move on. The Vikings went into the offseason wanting to get younger, and there was simply no reason to pay a hefty ammount of change to Allen while his talented backup is here waiting to get his chance to  dominate. We had seen what Griffen is capable of throughout the past few years in limited action, and the Vikings knew that now, with Allen’s contract expiring, is as perfect a time as any for Griffen to step into a full-time role. There is no reason for fans to be angry with Allen. He gave our beloved Vikings several great years, especially in 2011, when he had 22 sacks. He did not end his Vikings career on bad terms with the team, as he simply wants to win a Super Bowl. Instead of being angry that he will be behind enemy lines, Vikings fans should rejoice and be glad that he gave us six tremendous years. He may not be with our team any longer, but Vikings fans will always have a place for Jared Allen in their hearts.

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Adam Warwas

Adam Warwas (Founder) has been writing about the Vikings for a total of eight years. Five of those years have been here at Vikings Territory where he continues to surround himself with enough talented individuals that people keep coming back. As proud as he is of what Vikings Territory has become, his real treasures are in his home... a beautiful wife and three amazing children (and a dog named Percy).

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  1. There’s no reason to be angry with Allen because the Vikings didn’t want him. Spielman didn’t make an offer. Now, let’s proceed to kick Allen and his Bears where it counts.

  2. Chris,
    Will no problem cheering for him, enjoyed having him these past years.
    Just not when he’s playing us 🙂

  3. he is a bear … I will only cheer for him two times a year and that is when the bears are playing the cheeseheads. Just like “Walter” he will always be my hero, I just don’t cheer for the bears

  4. Personally I hope he breaks Strahans record, but that his team only wins two games all year.

  5. I understand you guys, but this article is more so about whether or not we should be angry with him as opposed to us cheering for him. Of course none of us will cheer for him and the Bears! Haha.. Although its hard to not enjoy watching Aaron Rodgers get laid out by him 🙂

  6. It’s the Bears. I hope he ends up like Chester Taylor. F the Bears. Why did he go there. I don’t think you have to be all nice about it in the division..

  7. “Change, shiz
    I guess change is good for any of us
    Shiz, I’m wit cha, I ain’t mad at cha
    Got nuttin but love for ya, do your thing boy”

  8. A big NO! You can still cordially wish the best for the guy, but to cheer for him? No. He made his choice, now he has to live with it. His status with the Vikings doesn’t resonate with me as much as other vets to leave. He seems like a ‘me’ guy.

  9. No anger for Jared here. Thanks for the memories JA…had some great ones. All good things must end, see ya soon. Will wish you luck, but not at my teams expense.

  10. Congrats on your first article, Chris.

    Adam, here’s an idea for VT. Maybe sometime in June, the slowest time in the off season, you could write some retrospective articles about legendary Viking players and what they are doing now. It would be great to re-visit with former Vikings like Page, Eller, Dugan, Foreman, Karl Kausalke, Teddy Brown, etc.

  11. Welcome Chris, nice article. Keep up the good work!

    In terms of anger for Allen, Freds has no anger for the goat roper. While he was a Viking he fulfilled his obligations to the fans and the team from a performance, entertainment and community standpoint. Dude had a contract he didn’t bitch about after being signed and simply found better employment post contract. The flip side of these actions would be “part time Percy Harvin”…. there is plenty to be mad about there.

    Freds would feel the same way about AP if he ever chose to complete his contract and take his talents elsewhere. It’s part of the business. AD is a player who works his ass off, doesn’t complain about his contract is great in the community and has singlehandedly increased the population of the upper midwest by 15%.

    The Vikes have shown a pretty good track record of letting a guy go, or choosing to not resign aging vets who are asking for too much money and have little left in the tank, for example Tony Windfield and Chester Taylor. I know how pissy many of you kooks were about letting Tony and Chester go, but old Ricky was right on these. Perhaps he could have executed the release a bit better with Tony but, the fact that Windfield was done was sure the right move.

  12. No anger from me. I don’t blame him for not wanting to go to Oakland or Dallas. It would have been better if he left the North but that was his best option.

  13. No anger here either. Hate to see him go but hopefully Griffin is able to pick up the load and more.
    Kind of disappointed he chose the NFC North and I had heard he was looking to sign with a team that had a chance to win a Super Bowl. Signing with the Bears sort of makes him look like a big fat liar. . .er, I mean it looks like he changed his mind about joining a Super Bowl-bound team.

    Welcome to VT Chris and I look forward to more of your stuff.

  14. I like the signing. The competition just got better and will make the rivalry better between the Vikings and Bears. Jared represented the Vikings in a great way and he will do the same for the Bears. He is true professional!!!!!

        1. Topix is an old site I used to visit and there was a “Magnum” on there.
          At any rate, welcome to Vikings Territory.

          1. Was not on that site. This is my first year on here and the Norseman. Its been very educational .

  15. I’m with Fran…no anger and a clearer understanding of Jered’s decision: $$$$$ who would put your SB hopes with cutler? over all, I can’t really relate…let’s see now…175 million, hmmmmmm, nope……181 million…yeah, that’s the one, there ya go, NOW I’m satified……..sorry, can’t relate!

    welcome, chris

  16. Not mad or angry that JA signed with the bears. It is a business. I will not root for him though.

  17. Hey Adam, is there a age limitation for being considered a “young writer”? Just because my first car was a Model T does that disqualify those of us that are “more experienced”? 🙂

  18. I really don’t know why anyone would be mad at him. It’s not like he forced his way out of here, the Vikes wanted to go a different direction and after watching some of the giant running lanes that opened up in his gap because he was trying to get sacks on running plays I can understand why. Jared was a great player here and he’ll put up some #’s for Chicago next year. I don’t think he’ll get that ring over there but he’ll make a solid salary over the next couple of seasons. Chicago was the one team in our division I thought he might end up with honestly, so this didn’t surprise me much. It will be fun to see how Allen, Wooten, and Peppers compare at the end of the year on the stat sheet.

  19. now I do want johnny football…..I’d pay extra right now to watch Jared chasing him all over the field, wear out those goat ropin legs, then throw three 4th quarter TDs when Allen’s got nothin’ left! yeah, I’d pay extra for that!

    1. On a related note KRUG, I just read that the Vikes (Spielman, Zimmer and Turner) are having dinner with Manziel tonight and are meeting with him again tomorrow. Anybody else smell a smokescreen here or do you think it is genuine?

      1. With Ricky involved it’s more than likely a smokescreen. Ricky is the master of deception.

        1. Of course its real interest, we don’t have a long term QB right now so I would say we have genuine interest in every QB in this draft class. Manziel in particular is a guy they are going to want to spend extra time with to try and sift through all the extra crap that seems to surround him. Having that down time with him to find out who he really is will be a critical evaluation piece.

          1. I agree DAN that they want to know as much as they can about him and find out who he really is. I just question the timing. They can have him for a personal workout and cover all that. But interviewing taking him out to dinner and staying around the following day after his pro day seems too public. I am sure the Vikes have everything calculated since they know how much attention Manziel gets.

            1. He’s probably going to be a tougher guy to set up private workouts with just because he’ll be in demand, so taking advantage of the situation when you have all the key members of your staff in one place at one time is important. I wouldn’t look into it too much, they will be meeting with all of these guys.

  20. I’m not angry with the man. I’m more annoyed with Spielman for not working out a deal with him, or a trade (yeah, $17M is huge, but if Spielman is all that and a bag of chips, he could have done it). What I want to see is ROI (Return On Investment) out of the GM office. Get something for guys you know are leaving, or you intend to let go. Don’t ride them to the end of the contract if at all possible, even an extra 7th round pick, 2 years in the future, is better than nothing at all.
    As for Jared… he gave us a lot of great memories, and he was a great player. But I was never under any illusions about him putting the team first. I wish him well, as long as he’s not playing the Vikings. Those games, I hope Kalil kicks his tail 🙂

  21. I think it is genuine…..rick thinks that other GMs will think it’s a smokecreen, because it will look like one, but while pretending to be a smokescreen we will have “real” interest, even though some GMs will figure out what Rick is actually doing, but in the meantime we will have gathered all the info we need to know johnny is our guy but we’ll have to pretend that we don’t like him so the teams that really want johnny will go ahead and take him early even though they didn’t want him but didn’t want to let Rick have who he didn’t want……………………………………………………….can’t wait for the movie, “Draft Day”

  22. No Johnny Football article?

    Well, he looked good. Too good. The likelihood he’s there for us dropped pretty substantially as his foolish signature mis-judgement fades into the shadow of his clear cut business mentality. He goes to work, on and off the field. Sounds just like Zimmer to me. Unfortunately, he just won’t be there.

    For the nay-Sayers .. You dislike his charisma, his unorthodox style of play (including size), and his character. Guys have succeeded with far less.

    1. I am by no means a Manziel fan. In fact, I have been advocating that the Vikes stay away as far from him as possible. However, I did catch his pro day and he was impressive throwing the rock. His size is still a big concern especially since he likes to run a lot.

      1. How often is he going to run? It doesn’t matter, I seriously doubt he’ll be there and I would rather trade back than up. Worst case scenario in my book.. We trade up in the first and down and out of the second. We end up with one quality player and a bunch of risky guys trying to make up for the cost of trading up. Chris Cook risky.

        1. CM1, I totally agree with you about trading up. No way should we trade up. Trading bacj back is what we need to do in the 1st round if Kahlil Mack is not there at 8. If he is, then we better sprint up to the podium.

  23. Yeah yeah, Allen will be missed. boo hoo, life goes on. I would really like to see an article about Jonny Manziel after today’s Pro Day. I am not a big JFF fan, but I would be lieing if I said I don’t think his skills will be at least moderately successful in the NFL…. he can’t be hurt any more than that d-bag QB for St. Louis, right?