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2014 NFL Free Agency: The Minnesota Vikings Want to Resign Jerome Simpson

The Minnesota Vikings want to re-sign Jerome Simpson, per Chris Tomasson at the Pioneer Press:

The Vikings want to re-sign free agent wide receiver Jerome Simpson, who has aired his desire to return. Whether that happens will come down to money.

A source said Wednesday the Vikings want to bring back Simpson for a third season. There had been doubts about that happening after Simpson was arrested last November on suspicion of DWI.

Unsurprisingly, the money will define desirability, but there is definitely an amount that the Vikings would say “yes” to. Jerome Simpson is being pursued by other teams, but should have his price reduced due to consistently average numbers and a worrisome off-field record with two different teams.

Jerome Simpson was the Minnesota Vikings’ leading receiver until the 14th game of the season, where Greg Jennings overtook him. Simpson, previous of the Cincinnati Bengals, has been on the same team as head coach Mike Zimmer, but they worked on opposite sides of the ball.

If the Vikings re-sign Simpson to the same price as before ($2.1 million in cap space, or $1.35 base salary, $250k in LBTE incentives and $500 in guaranteed signing bonus) it should be a good deal for both parties. Simpson isn’t a stellar receiver, but he’s a legitimate starting talent that can be phased into extremely good depth should Cordarrelle Patterson or Jarius Wright take over.

Just like with Jamarca Sanford or Phil Loadholt, Minnesota Vikings fans shouldn’t let previous poor performances blind them to good performances last year (or in Sanford and Loadholt’s case, the last two years), especially as Simpson suffered a back injury throughout most of the year. He’s not a super star, but he was never sold (or paid) as one. Not everyone on a team needs to be special for a team to have an excellent offense, and Simpson can be great value, especially as a rotational player.

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  1. I agree with his resigning 100%. He’s got pretty dependable hands, and is able to catch the middle to deep ball well. He’s a solid receiver with the potential for a spectacular play occasionally (maybe annually), but it’s there. I hope he’s resigned. Is he looking at a possible suspension next season for the DUI?

  2. Well, you’re right. Every team has some guys who are “not .. special”. It’s not a position we want to spend a bunch of money on. He seems like a good locker room guy. He’s a known commodity and great for depth, just wish he was a 3-4 option. Off the bench stretch. Did he lead us in receiving yards if you count pass interference yardage?

  3. He provides decent depth and would come cheep. I would still like to see what they have in Greg Childs though. Plus this draft is very deep at WR.

    1. Never mind, Vikes just released Childs. Too bad, I was really pulling for this kid for as much as he went through. But business is business.