Washington Redskins at Minnesota Vikings: So, There Are a Lot of Storylines

For the most part, the Minnesota Vikings are playing a bit part in the opera the Redskins are putting on at TCF Bank Stadium, with the actual play on the field a potential afterthought to everything surrounding what is seemingly a dysfunctional organization.

Aside from the fact that things were fated to go awry with the Washington team as soon as a team bus carrying the players and coaches got involved in a bus wreck with a police escort, but even before that we heard news of protestors organizing against the Washington team name—and they expected 5000 people to show up, evidently the largest such showing against Washington’s team name ever.


That wasn’t the entirety of the dog-and-pony show, however, as ESPN reported that the quarterback starting for Washington today hasn’t just lost the locker room, but the faith of the coaching staff (at least this week). Further, reports are floating around that the players may have been happier with their other quarterback options even if it meant an RGIII injury, but no credible sources I’ve seen have said the same.

UPDATE: The Washington beat reporters have compellingly argued that Schefter misinterpreted the reports on locker room drama

I do a lot to dismiss psychological factors (confidence, momentum, etc) either implicitly or explicitly when I break down games or players, but that’s mostly because these things are both impossible to determine and verify. Psychological factors often have unpredictable effects, and it’s disingenuous to speak about a player’s mindset from speculation alone.

In this case, I think it makes sense to question the ability of Washington to get up and play the game with all of the “distractions” swirling around them. Regardless, if they do well, the narrative will be flipped to the superiority of the Gruden coaching staff and mental resilience of Robert Griffin. If not, then we know what stories they’ll write. Either way, it looks like the story will be about Washington, not Minnesota.

Although, if the Vikings lose 14-10 on a last-minute interception, then it was previewed on the giant Madden game played on the TCF big video board. Perfect blogging material.

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  1. WooHoo! That’s 2 in a row baby….been awhile since we could say that. And there is nooo way we lose next week!

  2. Nice to grind this one out. Good to see no turn overs, but need to sure up the penalties. Now, to root for CHI to beat GB and for us to stay out of the squad cars and use the two weeks to prepare for CHI wisely. SKOL!!

  3. First off nice win. I’ve got to say I’m getting very tired of it taking an entire half before the team gets going, particularly Teddy with his accuracy. Wind may have been a factor today so I’ll give him a break. Is there a particular reason the Fox network decided Matt Asiata was a story today? It’s the third frick’n time the guy has had a 3 TD game, the third year he has been on our active roster, and they spent the entire post game show talking about him like he was a first year player who had never saw the field before today. I just thought it was really weird they were singling him out today.

  4. I was surprised Cordarrell quit on that first deep pass.IMO it looked like he could have caught it.Great win!! Could still hit double digit wins!! GO VIKES!!

  5. I would like to think, tho’ it is probably wrong, that the coach though after they beat the Cowboys, that this game was one they could get Robert to ‘warm up with’, as we’d be easy pickings.
    So they game-planned for about one quarter.