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Vikings Territory in the News: Panel on KARE 11

Shortly after the game against Tampa Bay, I was invited onto a panel to discuss the Vikings’ game and what it means for the season. We aired six minutes of it live, with much more hosted online, below the jump.

For a much more thorough review of the game, including an analysis of all the starters, check out my analysis at Vikings Journal, that attempts to break it down position by position.


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    1. way to go, arif, onwards and upwards, but ole’s right, except keep the sideburns, i like ’em, for jeff’s sake. just don’t narrow your eyes, you’ve got big ones, use ’em. relax, smile, and have fun, it’s local tv

      ha, Bud Kraeling! i remember him, wasn’t he a weatherman? guess they didn’t think good teeth mattered on tv back then

      and, is that host missing his socks? didn’t care

  1. Even put the pillow behind your back. That plant combined with your stature was blocking stuff out a bit though.

    I’m one of many people who is very excited to see you climbing the ranks. Mostly, because we love what you have to say! I was downright giddy to see you on the big screen.

  2. Why isn’t the host of this talk show wearing any socks? Is this rebel going Full Commando too, Arif?

    Never mind. That scarecrow prop you were sitting next to was wearing the scariest Halloween costume of all time. I bet she drives a tow truck with a bunch of broken hockey sticks hidden behind the seat.

  3. I am going to officially change my name to Pathomporn Pin-On, cuz he’s from Rochester, and you can’t make up a name like that.

  4. Redskins can solve all of their problems by changing their logo to a potato. Conversation over.

  5. Strong work Arif! ‘The Docta’ is fitting moniker. Since you’re big time now, what’s your analysis of the defense this year, with and without Greenway? SKOL!