Vikings host Redskins: Injury Report, Inactives

The inactives report has been released for the Vikings, listed below:

Rudolph, Kyle TE Abdomen/Groin DNP DNP DNP Out Inactive
Price, Jabari CB Hamstring DNP LP LP Questionable Inactive
Exum, Antone S Ankle/Shoulder LP FP FP Probable Inactive
Watts, Brandon LB None N/A Inactive
Line, Zach FB None N/A Inactive
Yankey, David G None N/A Inactive
Wentworth, Austin G None N/A Inactive
Hodges, Gerald LB Hamstring LP FP FP Probable Active
Ford, Chase TE Foot LP LP LP Probable Active
Floyd, Sharrif DT Ankle/Knee LP LP LP Probable Active
Robison, Brian DE Glute DNP LP FP Probable Active
Robinson, Josh CB Ankle LP LP FP Probable Active

Every linebacker who has played significant snaps for the Vikings is active for the first time since late September, and this may shift Anthony Barr’s role on nickel downs to a defensive end at times. At the very least, it will give the Vikings the linebacker depth they seemingly haven’t had for some time.

Price was the only player who was questionable, and both he and Exum (also inactive) committed multiple special teams penalties. It seems as if Mike Priefer made good on his word to take players off the special teams units if they aren’t performing. Hopefully this doesn’t lead to a long term impact with the team.

There doesn’t seem to be anything that implies a significant strategic change in value and the Washington injury report didn’t seem to indicate that they would have the same issues (the Robert Griffin III drama aside). We’ll know soon enough, but Washington did get some extra time because of their bus incident.

UPDATE: Washington has released their inactives report

Cousins, Kirk QB None None Inactive
Robinson, Aldrick WR None None Inactive
Redd, Silas RB None None Inactive
Ducre, Greg CB None None Inactive
Jeffcoat, Jackson LB None None Inactive
Polumbus, Tyler OT None None Inactive
Long, Spencer G None None Inactive
Breeland, Bashaud CB Knee FP Questionable Active
Clark, Ryan S Ankle/Shoulder LP LP LP Probable Active
Griffin III, Robert QB Ankle FP FP FP Probable Active
Kerrigan, Ryan LB Wrist FP FP FP Probable Active
Murphy, Trent LB Knee FP FP FP Probable Active
Porter, Tracy CB Hamstring FP FP FP Probable Active
Riley Jr., Perry LB Knee FP FP FP Probable Active
Robinson, Keenan LB Shoulder FP FP FP Probable Active
Williams, Trent T Knee LP LP LP Probable Active

As you can tell, the injury report had absolutely no bearing on their inactives list. Washington is playing who they want to play, barring coach and quarterback drama.

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One Comment

  1. Sorry to say I am still not impressed with Asiata. We were bascked up and needed 1.5 yards and he couldn’t get it. He does OK in a screen. But so does Zach Line, who is a better runner.
    3 TDs? Okay but what 1 yard per carry?

    Otherwise, good victory, good D. Hope Teddy learns to connect on deep balls.