Vikings at Lions: Injury Reports, Inactives List

The inactives lists are out for both teams

Blanton, Robert S Ankle/Knee DNP DNP DNP Out Inactive
Johnson, Charlie G Ankle DNP DNP DNP Out Inactive
Floyd, Sharrif DT Knee DNP DNP DNP Out Inactive
Barr, Anthony LB Knee DNP DNP DNP Out Inactive
Line, Zach FB None N/A Inactive
Bykowski, Carter T None N/A Inactive
Yankey, David G None N/A Inactive
Felton, Jerome FB Neck DNP LP FP Probable Active
Smith, Harrison S Shoulder LP FP FP Probable Active
Griffen, Everson DE Low Back LP LP FP Probable Active
Price, Jabari CB Hamstring FP FP FP Probable Active
Patterson, Cordarrelle WR Hamstring LP Questionable Active

There are no big surprises here, but it should be mentioned once more that the Vikings are suffering injuries for a number of their starting players, with guard Charlie Johnson missing in a game he would be lined up against Ndamukong Suh, while on the defensive side of the ball, the Vikings are missing three starters in Robert Blanton, Anthony Barr and Sharrif Floyd. Floyd’s absence will be a worry against the Lions’ running game, but it might be the passing game that could cause more problems.

With the Vikings reportedly leaning on a right/left designation for their safeties, they won’t be able to rely on Xavier Rhodes to follow Calvin Johnson all game, instead getting two potential mismatches with Rhodes on Golden Tate and Josh Robinson on Calvin Johnson, if that’s how the Lions offense wants to dictate the game. The safeties will be particularly important given the fact that the primary issue in the last height/weight mismatch for Josh Robinson wasn’t just Robinson’s limitations but a lack of a good safety rolling over on top of Marshall or Jeffrey in order to provide insurance for Robinson.

Gerald Hodges performed well last week in Barr’s place, and the Vikings are looking forward to more of that. If Hodges can continue to fill in at a high level, the Vikings may have an internal solution to their linebacker problems in the next offseason.

Fairley, Nick DT Knee DNP DNP DNP Out Inactive
Moore, Kellen QB None N/A Inactive
Reynolds, Garret T None N/A Inactive
Austin, Rodney G None N/A Inactive
Webster, Larry DE None N/A Inactive
Broyles, Ryan WR None N/A Inactive
Reid, Caraun DT None N/A Inactive
Bush, Reggie RB Ankle DNP LP LP Questionable Active
Bynes, Josh LB Illness DNP DNP LP Probable Active
Johnson, Calvin WR Ankle LP FP FP Probable Active
Waddle, LaAdrian T Head LP LP FP Probable Active
Suh, Ndamukong DT Illin DNP LP Probable Active
Slay, Darius CB Shoulder LP FP Probable Active
Whitehead, Tahir LB Shoulder LP LP Questionable Active
Ihedigbo, James S Illness DNP Probable Active

There’s no surprise that Nick Fairley is out (he was declared out earlier this week), but it’s still a relief given the current state of the offensive line. Other than that, the Lions are running at near full health despite the extensive injury report, with Reggie Bush having been made active for the Lions. This year, the story has been the Detroit defense and so far there’s no reason to think they’ve slowed down.

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  1. Vikings field goal team — completely unacceptable. Maybe we don’t set it back far eough, Walsh has too low trajectory, I don’t know. If Priefer can’t get this fixed, ‘raus mit ihm.

  2. Dammit…this was a game that should’ve been won! I think Teddy will be a good QB, but he gave the Lions 10 points. And Walsh cost us 3.
    Sucks. Had 45 seconds to get 30 yards…Teddy has got to hit that 1st pass. Asiata HAS TO get out of bounds!

  3. That was a clown show at the end. Teddy showed us his best and worst in one game. He started off on fire and then the inaccuracy crept up and every damn ball he threw was high. He’ll be great if he can get control of the accuracy issue but it’s alarming how it creeps up and then sticks with him for long stretches. Very disappointing, they had this won and just failed to take advantage of several opportunities, the most glaring of course right at the end of the game. I thought they would have it right when Patterson returns the kickoff damn near to mid-field and then they immediately get a holding penalty. To get another chance after that and miss a wide open receiver that would have put you at midfield with an out of bounds clock stop just killed me…then Asiata decides he’s superman and kills 20 some seconds of clock so he can pick up an extra four yards. Lot of bad football there. Zimmer also needs to work on his end of half clock management. We went into half time with three time outs again and could have stopped the clock with 40 or so seconds after they stopped Detroit down in the Red Zone. I don’t understand why you let them run the clock down and don’t give Patterson a chance to pop one and put you in position for a field goal. It’s happened a few times this year. That’s my only real complaint with the guy and I’m sure he’ll get that figured out sooner or later. They deserve some credit for competing so well with all the missing bodies they had today, but that was a tough way to lose. Hopefully a lesson learned for these young guys.

  4. I’m still hopeful we can finish 8-8!All of our back up players played fairly well imo.Still not high on on Johnson.On the first int. he just stood there and watched the defender run away with the ball.

    1. here on VT before the season started i think i had us going 7-9, and of course that was before AD blew up, so i think we’re making pretty good progress so far. the big things are that it looks like we have the head coach and QB that we need to take us further

      GB is QB-centric and goes as he goes, but the lions have a better all around team with a much better defense, so this game was a good showing even though we lost

  5. I like the way this young team is fighting and playing. Only 2 starters on the o-line, no AD, several defensive starters out. So what id Teddy made a couple mistakes, it isn’t the end of the world. I am looking forward to next year. Watching this team to continue to grow is fun and will be fun. Tired of all the Debby downers out there.