Talking with Tom Moore Part Three: Arif Hasan and Roster Cuts

If you missed Part One (rookies) or Part Two (fantasy), be sure to check those out. I had a chance to talk for twenty minutes with Tom Moore about the state of the Vikings roster as a whole and what the Vikings may plan on doing from here on out with the roster as it stands, as well as what the specific cuts may or may not mean.

It’s a huge honor to be able to talk to VikeFans and Tom Moore in general, and I couldn’t put it any better than Adam did:

We here at VT had the good fortune of getting to know Tom Moore and the other fine folks over at  They are one of the most hopping, and most well-informed, Vikings forums on the internet.  Meanwhile, Tom and the gang keep putting together some of the best Vikings content you can find anywhere, and it comes most often in the form of some great radio-style interviews.

Considering the regular bits with Pete Bercich, the interviews of legends like Tommy Kramer, and the on-field updates from first round picks, it was a great honor when VT was asked to participate in a series of preseason conversations with Tom Moore.

Each of us will spend some time talking to Tom this week, and we will be sure to post each video as they become available, but we encourage you to make a part of your regular Vikings-news diet and considering registering yourself as a member of their forums if you aren’t already.

It’s a fantastic site that you should check out. I’ll be commenting over there on the interview I did, so be sure to visit the website.


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