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Pre-Camp “Links Of The Week”

Training camp is oh-so-close now and we are all excited about the new heights our coverage will reach this year, but first let’s do some house cleaning and see what others are saying around the web:



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Adam Warwas

Adam Warwas (Founder) has been writing about the Vikings for a total of eight years. Five of those years have been here at Vikings Territory where he continues to surround himself with enough talented individuals that people keep coming back. As proud as he is of what Vikings Territory has become, his real treasures are in his home... a beautiful wife and three amazing children (and a dog named Percy).

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  1. Great round up! I read several of these – this kind of content is keeping me fed until training camp (SO CLOSE!) gets here.


  2. I’m a big believer in Jarius Wright. I think that if he can just get mediocre quarterback play he’ll be able to develop some chemistry and really make his mark. Ponder can’t seem to develop chemistry with any of his receivers, but I think his inconsistency as a passer makes that an impossible dream. I can’t speak to Wright’s route running or ability to consistently find open space, but it seems like he regularly makes plays when given the opportunity.

    1. I thought the Percy trade made so much sense because of wright. It seemed like he was capable of being a solid player to fill that role and we had depth issues elsewhere. It just hasn’t manifested yet.

  3. Thanks for the roundup Adam. Really hope and pray things go great for Dakota and her family.
    Man do we need a good MLB…geez, Brinkley might be the starter? Sure hope not, c’mon Mauti. Saw somewhere that Greenway could go there, I could see that maybe. I’m sure Arif would disagree, but what would he know. (:
    The black uni’s look cool but too close to the Ravens. Those purple stealing bastards.
    I think I’m starting to like this Bridgewater kid. Man he’s got to be the one….just has to be!

  4. Interesting stat here, I compiled the last 11 years of preseason and final week power rankings for all of the teams to reach the Super Bowl (ESPN) *Note! I didn’t double check but it should be good.

    TAM:11/3 Oak: 6/2
    Car: 22/2 NE: 6/1
    Phi: 2/3 NE: 1/2
    Sea:15/2 PIT: 5/6
    Chi: 13/5 IND: 4/4
    NYG:17/9 Ne: 1/1
    Arz: 17/3 PIT: 7/3
    NO: 19/5 Ind: 5/1
    GB: 6/9 Pit: 19/3
    NY: 11/9 Ne: 2/4
    Sf: 5/3 BAL: 4/10
    SEA: 1/1 Den:4/2

    Only twice was the NFC representative rated higher than the AFC rep preseason, and only 3 times were they rated higher at the end of the season. Only 3 preseason #1s have made the championship, only two #1s from the final poll won it, while just 4 have made it. Both the 17th and 19th preseason positions have made the Super Bowl twice while preseason #3 has yet to make it. 8/12 Or 66% of NFC reps have begun the season rated in the double digits vs just 1 from the AFC. All of this over a 12 year period where championships were split 6:6.

  5. I think Jarious Wright is going to be a player this year. Mike Martz ran a variant of the Air Coryell system, and those Rams teams always had three receivers worth keeping tabs on. Wright, Theilen, and Kolter or Lora are primed to show up this year because the opportunity is there. Musgrave called a bizarre passing offense, one that managed to minimize WRs who were always open. I expect Wright to better Patterson’s receiving numbers from last year for sure.

    Am super pumped for this team. Just found out yesterday that I’m going to the first preseason game with my uncle. Just gotta find a Bridgewater shirt now!

  6. Hey Adam, when are you going to be at training camp?
    Hopefully, Arif is already there!

    1. I bet Arif already has a 47 page dissertation on pre-training camp written up. He’s quite thorough, Fran.

  7. The article under the “has some big questions” link misspelled at least 3 Vikings players names. Hard to finish a read like that. Brian Robinson? Everson Griffith?

  8. if you can’t get excited about what we’ve got going on here, you’re probably dead on the inside

    zimmer interview:

    Q What excites you most about this year’s team?

    A I think that maybe everyone is underestimating us. I love to prove people wrong, and hopefully our team will want to be the same way. It’s easy to sell the guys on proving people wrong. Saying that, we can’t talk about it. We’ve got to go out there and do it.

    Q What makes you think this team can get back to the playoffs this season or that you can at least get these guys heading in that direction?

    A They work hard. I think they’re hungry. I think they’re paying attention. They’ve been intent on trying to do things right, in meeting rooms and at [Organized Team Activities]. They’ve been trying to please with everything we’ve asked them to do. That’s exciting for a new coach. It’s also easy for players when things change to want to try this or try that. I’m sure there will be some rocky times, but we’re going to work through it.

    …….Q How much are you looking forward to getting your first season as an NFL head coach officially underway?

    A It seems like every night I dream about football, even when I’m off. It will be fun to get going again and try to figure out how to win with the team that we have and what strengths we have and how we can accentuate them. I’m excited about our coaching staff. I think they did a great job in the spring. And we’ll continue to coach our rear ends off to try to get better every day. And I think the players are excited, too.

    1. Zim is right; EVERYBODY is over looking this team.
      I’m STILL trying to find somewhere online, that I can place a bet they go to the playoffs this year. . .

  9. I hope Priefer has to spend much of his 3 weeks off at the gay nineties as part of his sensitivity training.