Patriots at Vikings: Game Recap

Full game recap posted over at Vikings Journal. There’s a lot to recap, but some quick hits:

  • On the outside, Matt Kalil was abysmal. Giving up several sacks and pressure, Kalil had perhaps the worst game of his career. Typically not a sustained worry if a tackle happens to have a bad game, this continues the trend of subpar play since his rookie year, which is increasingly long ago. He perhaps put in the worst performance of the day.
  • Despite abysmal play by the interior offensive line last week from the Patriots, the Vikings couldn’t find ways to create pressure with their front four. Sharrif Floyd and Linval Joseph were both quiet in the game, and it wasn’t until Tom Johnson arrived that interior pressure manifested itself, not just with a sack but with pressure. Linval Joseph couldn’t get off his blocks as quickly as he did last week and Floyd was quiet.
  • While it normally is a rather perfunctory note, special teams played a big role in the Vikings loss, with a few of Jeff Locke’s punts, a 57-yard boomer aside, causing issues in the field position battle. With that, Ellison—despite his good blocking in plays from scrimmage—was the one who gave up Jones’ unreal block, scoop and score on the field goal try. In one punt return attempt, the Vikings only had nine men on the field.

Check out the full recap over there.

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  1. what a crappy 48 hours in vikingland. i’ve had a headache most of the day, but not all day

  2. I thought with Wendell out Floyd and Joseph would have good days against rookie Bryan Stork making his career debut. What happened?

  3. I think Smith coveted Edelman as good as any SS in the league could have. Kalil had a poor game but I see no need to panic he’s still above average at LT. Rhodes poor performance surprised me especially versus less than quality receivers. I think the team was down after the Cassel pick that was returned to the 1, and completely defeated after the blocked punt.

  4. It is interesting to me the kind of criticism being leveled at Matt Kalil.

    The young man had a “bad game” according to most reports.
    Did he not have a pretty good game the week before vs Robert Quinn?
    Is that now forgotten? Interesting how fans are.

    He has started every game in his career. He played so well as a rookie that he made the Pro Bowl (as an alternate but still).

    Last year, those that really follow the Vikings know that he not only lifted way too much in the off season but then got sick with the pneumonia during the season. He still played every game but really was not right physically. That may or may not be an excuse but it should be considered. he came on towards the end of last year playing much better.

    I ain’t worried about Matt Kalil. I believe Matt Cassel threw most of those picks when there was no pressure. Matt Kalil did get beat. He is going to get beat in the future too. He could have a bad game or two as well.

    He is still much much better than his predecessor.

    If Brandon Fusco was considered to be almost a bust prior to and at the start of his 3rd season, then why shouldn’t Matt Kalil be given some patience too? Fusco came on last year and played very well.

    I am willing to bet money that Matt Kalil is going to be just fine this year.

    I am more worried about the QB & RB position to be honest.

    1. He did not have a good game against Robert Quinn. He did not have a good preseason. He did not have a good 2013. He’s a legitimate concern.

      Matt Kalil gave up a lot of pressures and a few sacks. Matt Cassel held on to the ball too long for two of those sacks, but not two of the other sacks, specifically sacks that Kalil gave up. Overall four rushers got to Cassel for a sack through Kalil, and Kalil is responsible for two of them. He is also responsible for a hit and several pressures.

      He is not having a “bad game or two” – he’s having a lot of bad games and has had them for some time now.

      1. Actually he played great against Quinn. If you watch the tape, even kfan said initially they thought it was poor but every pressure Quinn had was through Johnson when Kalil was picking up an outside rusher. As for the patriots, yes it was below average but a lot of that is on 1. Cassel holding onto the ball and 2. Us trailing so much they went into full attack mode. Kalil is a top tier LT even Joe Thomas had had a handful of bad games.

        1. That’s KFAN. Those pressures Johnson gave up are on Johnson, true and Quinn did twist inside to attack Johnson. But aside from the fact that he allowed one hit and quite a few pressures, he was on his heels the entire game and forced the pocket to move. He even got away with two holding calls he should not have.