Minnesota Vikings at Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Injury Report, Inactives List

The injury reports and inactive lists have been released for the Vikings game at Buccaneers

Injury and Inactives Report
Rudolph, Kyle TE Abdomen/Groin DNP DNP DNP Out Inactive
Hodges, Gerald LB Hamstring DNP LP LP Doubtful Inactive
Ducasse, Vladimir G Knee LP FP FP Questionable Inactive
Ford, Chase TE Foot FP FP FP Probable Inactive
Line, Zach FB None N/A Inactive
Yankey, David G None N/A Inactive
Crichton, Scott DE None N/A Inactive
Wootton, Corey DE Low Back DNP LP LP Probable Active
Sullivan, John C Concussion DNP LP FP Probable Active
Floyd, Sharrif DT Ankle LP LP FP Probable Active
Price, Jabari CB Hamstring LP LP FP Probable Active
Exum, Antone S Ankle LP DNP FP Questionable Active
Smith, Harrison S Ankle FP FP FP Probable Active
Robinson, Josh CB Ankle LP DNP Questionable Active

A lot of injuries that ended up being active and a number of non-injury inactives populate the list. The ostensible starter at right guard, Vlad Ducasse, will not play, meaning that Joe Berger, who was at center last week and practice this week at right guard, will likely be the starter at right guard. The backups are Austin Wentworth and Mike Harris, both of whom played tackle in college. Wentworth is likely the better option at OG as those are the snaps he took for much of training camp and that was his draft projection. Harris played at RG last week when Ducasse went down, but it’s likely the Vikings want him to stay at OT.

The good news is that it looks like John Sullivan is OK after sustaining a concussion during the Bills game. Also, the Vikings can have Josh Robinson as the nickel CB—something that was a worry after his injury. He’s been the best performing CB for the Vikings thus far and needs to be on the field in nickel packages on the outside.

It may still be troubling that David Yankey (and Scott Crichton) aren’t active yet again despite the depth at offensive line. He was a fifth-round pick for a reason and missed a significant portion of the offseason because of his school’s schedule, so that may play a part. The NFL was not as high on him as the general draft community was. As for the Buccaneers:

Injury and Inactives Report
Casillas, Jonathan LB Hamstring LP LP LP Questionable Inactive
Tandy, Keith S Hamstring LP LP LP Questionable Inactive
Magee, Brandon LB Knee DNP DNP Out Inactive
Kafka, Mike QB None N/A Inactive
Dixon, Brandon CB None N/A Inactive
Pamphile, Kevin G None N/A Inactive
Edwards, Kadeem G None N/A Inactive
Banks, Johnthan CB Knee FP FP FP Probable Active
Collins, Anthony T Knee LP LP LP Questionable Active
Goldson, Dashon S Ankle LP LP LP Questionable Active
Jackson, Vincent WR Ribs LP LP LP Questionable Active
McCown, Josh QB Thumb LP LP FP Questionable Active

Despite the heavy list of questionables, starters Collins, Goldson and Jackson are available for the Bucs, with Goldson and Banks rejoining the team. Goldson hasn’t played since the week four outing against the Steelers and Banks since Week 5 against the Saints. This is very good news for the Bucs and therefore a little disappointing for the Vikings, though this is still the team that allowed the Falcons to run up the score early. Still, given the fact that confusion was the biggest reason for their blowouts and that nothing is a given in the NFL, more time and better players only increase the Bucs’ odds—a pregame favorite, per Vegas.

Anthony Collins will be one to watch in particular, given that he was limited all week.

Regardless, the Bucs look better after their inactives were released than before.

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    1. Asiata in the next to last series is a joke. Very conservative play calling is a joke.

  1. Oops, gonna’ have to eat those words Norse!
    Geez, we just won a OT thriller with an incredible defensive play by our first round draft pick and nobody here to celebrate!!! What’s happening with this site??

    1. Anthony Barr I think is player of the game, huh?
      Then again, Everson Griffen was great all game.

      1. Up until that game-ending play by Barr, Griffin was the player-of the game, no question. Got to give it to Barr tho. What a tremendous draft pick.

    2. agreed, good fan fran. sorry i couldn’t watch this game, but i was able to stop in briefly to the live chat, and there was no one there. if we had a winning record right now, the bandwagon would be full. i’m gonna miss next week and probably a couple others, too, but keep at it, i’ll be here when i can

  2. Yp Fran, and the expected (by me) team collapse by Detroit has failed to materialize, but honestly, I do NOT understand how they pulled that one out (Lions I mean). 2 minute warning, one TO left first and ten at the 20 something. How do you fuck that up?

    1. Oh yeah and how do you not decline the penalty and win the game? Undeclinable?? wTF?

      1. Delay of game means there was no play. Why don’t people understand that? You can’t decline the penalty when it is pre-snap.

  3. I’m with ya, Fran. Great end to the game. Teddy came out looking strong and Barr is the money man. Young guys steppin’ up. I like it. Nice to win a close one. Just wish last week……oh, never mind.

    1. Hey Blondie.
      Even with the last second loss last week, you can see that we’ve got a young team with great start on a perennial playoff team with a huge future. 2 SOLID first round picks this year and last, a terrific head coach (GOD I love his interviews, he’s the polar opposite of Childo) and the start to a shut-down defense!
      I didn’t know much about Barr other than I knew his name and when we picked him with our first pick, I was a little concerned. . .Not anymore! That guy is a freaking beast!

  4. I was one of the seemingly few that was pumped to pick up Barr. It’s nice to see that once in a GREAT while, I look like I’m right…usually you can use the Costanza method with my draft picks. If I like ’em, don’t pick ’em.

    1. If Barr keeps this up, he’ll go down as one of our best picks ever. Never seen a rookie, especially one with only 2 years college experience at the LB position, play so well in his first year. For the first time in years, we look to have a pretty good LB corp.
      This defense is going to be spectacular in the next few years, if all stay healthy.

  5. Top three rookies really looking good. Griffin looking great. Barr player of the game. This is the new Vikings.

  6. This sight looks at every tiny detail before the game and has nothing to say after.

    1. You’re right Purple, I don’t know what’s going on but there has certainly been a lack of follow up after games lately.
      Adam? Brett? Arif?

      1. We’re all too depressed after watching this “football team” play. Everybody is excited after this win but we should have won 42-13; Tampa is terrible.

  7. Agreed, Fran. I’m excited about this young team. First and second year players stepping up. Barr is a Beast–and we have an awesome head coach. Love Zimmer! I also agree, SKOL, that we should have had a boatload of points….hopefully, the offense will step up as well. As lowly as the Bucs are, I’ll take the W.

  8. The Vikings D has played well overall all year. The remaining 8 games are all winnable…..and the NFC is mediocre overall this year. I’m not buying playoff tickets just yet……but finishing 9-7 is certainly not out of the question. Doing it without Peterson, Rudolph, Cassell, Fusco and Simpson….that’s pretty impressive.

    1. No question that the coaching staff had prepared the team to play off of Adrian Peterson. Then you lose him, your starting QB and your go-to receiver, Rudolph, plus all the other injuries.
      I’m already impressed with this team.
      We’re on schedule to win our first Super Bowl in our new stadium in 2016.