Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears: Inactives List, Injury Report

The injury report and inactives list has been released for the Vikings game at the Chicago Bears. First, the Vikings report:

Crichton, Scott DE Hip DNP FP Questionable Inactive
Harris, Mike T Ankle DNP Questionable Inactive
Prater, Shaun CB None N/A Inactive
Line, Zach FB None N/A Inactive
Watts, Brandon LB None N/A Inactive
Yankey, David G None N/A Inactive
Gray, MarQueis TE None N/A Inactive
Rudolph, Kyle TE Abdomen/Groin LP FP FP Probable Active
Ford, Chase TE Foot FP FP FP Probable Active
McKinnon, Jerick RB Low back LP FP Probable Active

Kyle Rudolph is officially back, like everyone expected, and Jerick McKinnon is active (also as expected). The only players who were questionable were Harris and Crichton and neither of them are playing because they don’t offer much over the players they play underneath anyway. MarQueis Gray is the casualty as the Vikings primary corps of 3 TEs is healthy once again.

It seems like the Vikings are still interested in passing game options, however, as all the receivers are active, including the recently emergent Charles Johnson (which is a relative term, of course). Starting in place of Vlad Ducasse is once again Joe Berger. Ducasse is healthy, but Berger is better. There’s not much from an injury perspective that’s interesting for the Vikings.

Britton, Eben G/T Illness DNP DNP DNP Out Inactive
Mills, Jordan T Ribs DNP DNP DNP Doubtful Inactive
Morgan, Josh WR Shoulder DNP DNP DNP Questionable Inactive
Sharpton, Darryl LB Hamstring LP LP DNP Out Inactive
Mitchell, Terrance CB Illness DNP FP Probable Inactive
Scott, Trevor DE Knee DNP DNP Out Inactive
Annen, Blake TE None N/A Inactive
Bennett, Martellus TE Ribs DNP LP FP Probable Active
Jennings, Tim CB Knee DNP FP FP Probable Active
Marshall, Brandon WR Ankle DNP LP LP Probable Active
Washington, Cornelius DE Illness DNP FP FP Probable Active

We expected both Bennett and Marshall to be active, and that means newly promoted Blake Annen isn’t going to see the field. Unfortunately for the Vikings, the Bears will have their third receiver active for the first time in Marquess Wilson. I was a fan of his coming out of the draft and wouldn’t be surprised if he got some gains against the Vikings.

Michael Ola will start at right tackle for the Bears in absence of starter Jordan Mills (who is terrible anyway), with Brian de la Puente (a center) playing at left guard. Ola has played both guard and tackle positions this year and only has been marginally acceptable at the left guard position, the position he was originally slated to play without the Mills injury. De la Puente has been an excellent center this year for the Bears without Roberto Garza, but I’m not sure how he’ll do in the mentally less demanding but physically more stressful position at left guard. Ola has put together a +8.0 rating in two games at left guard and -7.3 rating in six other games everywhere else. At tackle specifically, he’s pulled together a -4.2 rating in three games.

The Bears are still vulnerable to rushing from the right side of their offense (where Brian Robison resides) and so the Vikings should find ways to seek advantages there, whether that means switching to under fronts on occasion to stress the right guard-right tackle connection or overloading rushers to that side. Either way, the disruption there and potential communication issues give the Vikings their best chance to create uncertainty and overcome any potential matchup problems in the secondary.

Other than that (fairly significant) offensive line report, the injuries don’t mean much except insofar as Wilson may see the field, and that wouldn’t be a great thing (though again, he’s neither Brandon Marshall nor Alshon Jeffrey).

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  1. This is one of the most embarrasing efforts I have seen from this team through three quarters this season. There is zero resemblence of team defense despite Chicago doing their best to give us the game, and the offense is just pathetic again. Absolutely disgusting coming off a bye week. Hopefully they will flip a switch here in the 4th quarter.

  2. The NFL has decided that we cannot have good things, like AP. Maybe an attempt to force the Wilfs to sell to London. Minnesota Taxpayers? Ha ha, to quote Nelson Muntz.
    We have no offense.
    Oh yeah, and tired of hearing how much better Locke is than Kluwe.

  3. Teddy “two yards” is pathetic throwing the ball. What a joke. Worst QB in the league. Makes Tebow look like a HOF candidate.

    1. So you would rather have Ponder starting? Teddy is young…has shown some promise. Wouldn’t be surprised if we beat GB next week.

      1. Teddy/Ponder are the same person. Both have noodle arms and can not throw a ball past 5 yards.

        1. Okay…5 yards?
          Teddy/Ponder are the same person…
          Except for the pocket presence, touch, and ability to work through progressions…

          1. That’s funny when considering that you also raved about Ponder’s “pocket presence, touch, and ability to work through progressions” in his rookie year. Some rubes never learn.

                1. Payton M. 1st season Yards/Attempt 6.5
                  Tom B. 1st season as starter Yards/Attempt 6.88…2nd season 6.26
                  Drew B. 1st season as starter Yards/Attempt 6.24
                  Your point is?

            1. I don’t know dude, me thinks you speak from the side of your neck.
              I seem to remember wanting Webb over Ponder.
              No…don’t think that I ever “raved” about Ponder. You say I did…where did you come up with that info? Doubt you’ll want to respond…

  4. I don’t think anyone has ever claimed Locke was much better than Kluwe, only that Kluwe was never the great punter he claimed to be. Locke hasn’t taken any kind of step forward this season and I have to believe that if he wasn’t holding for FG’s he would have been shown the door. Anyway, I am thoroughly disgusted with what they put on the field today, 2nd time this year they have come out flat against a division opponent after an extended period off. That just can’t happen.

    1. Some people on DN did so claim. Or at least they eternally claimed how ‘bad’ the average Kluwe was.
      AFAIK Kluwe never so consistently punted so short in situations where we needed a long punt.

  5. both teams weren’t good, but after our first drive, we were just flat and looked totally uninspired, with our only TD coming thanks to a fake. how does this happen after a bye?

    kalil was terrible and even barr looked bad at times, and CP84 couldn’t juke a LB into missing him on his second catch in wide open space, is he still hurting?

  6. Apparently Chicago can put together an offensive line with spit and glue. They still have Mike Tice?
    Can we lure him away?

  7. Everyone is saying we should’ve housed the Bears b/c how many points the Pats and Packers put on them. How many did we give-up to those teams? about the same! lol

      1. ^^Is the Carolinas where you stalk dudes on rafting trips? Just checking so I know where to avoid my next trip.

      2. 

  8. Vikings have NO, I repeat, NO wide receivers. That is killing Teddy. Hard to play qb when you have no WR’s and your O-line is horrible. Patterson is no wr. He can’t run routes. Jennings is tired and washed up. This is going to be a long 2 to 3 years of rebuilding. Unless Speilman uses free agency.

  9. I’ve been saying for years. doesn’t matter what skill positions we go after until we have legit lines, on both sides. We haven’t had a contending OL since early 00’s. DL had a bad game today, don’t know why. I don’t understand how they made Cutler look RG3 today, but dang.

  10. I think the Vikings could find some off the street to play left better than Kalil is playing. He needs to be benched.


      Where are Warwas and Anderson these days and all that love they were throwing at Kalil a few years back insisting that he was a “franchise left tackle prospect” and anyone who suggested that he was not — opining that the Vikings should draft, say, Luke Kuechly instead — “don’t know a damn thing about football” and couldn’t hold a candle to their unfathomable football intellect? Where are those fellas these days with all their Kalil comparisons to Walter Jones and Ron Yary and barking about how moronic it would for the Vikings to pass on him? Hmm?

      Now wonder they dumped their website unto someone else.

  11. He was a ‘franchise left tackle prospect’ according to everyone. Go back to Georgia.