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Minnesota Vikings-Arizona Cardinals In Review: Teddy Touchdown

Published over at a new site where I am a Senior Writer, Vikings Journal, is a game review of the preseason showdown between the Minnesota Vikings and the Arizona Cardinals. I’ve recently been asked to be part of this project, where I will post three days a week. I’m not going to draw down here at Vikings Territory, it’s just a new place to get Vikings content, with a different format in mind. I’ll post here whenever new content there goes up so I can keep you all up to date.

All that said, my game review there is up:

Cassel started off the game with some errant throws, throwing behind Cordarrelle Patterson and Jerome Simpson on two occasions, and overthrowing Cordarrelle on another. But he also carried qualities that the Vikings faithful have been missing from their quarterbacks. Cassel consistently moved through his progressions, and did it quickly. He avoided pressure well. His pre-snap reads of the defense were spot on.

With him were an offensive line whose best players from last year—John Sullivan and Brandon Fusco—continued their absolutely stellar play on the interior, creating space on running plays and keeping the passing lanes clear. Matt Kalil had a slightly rougher outing, but it was by no means bad and Phil Loadholt was a little more questionable. Once again, unfortunately, questions at left guard allowed several hurries and hits to come through the interior, and Charlie Johnson’s topped-out play can limit the offense.

I encourage you to read more.

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  1. WTH?
    Think I’d prefer to read it right here, on Vikings Territory.
    Aren’t you the editor HERE, Arif?

    1. Well, I can’t repost a piece from there over here!

      I’ve got a few obligations, but I’d figure you’d be happy to find the game review you were worried about finding last week.

      1. No worries Arif.
        It’s just hard keeping up with you;
        Daily Norseman, Bleacher Report, Cover32, VT and now Vikings Journal??
        Thanks for the excellent report, I’d just prefer to have read it here. . .

  2. Could have used an extra read through or two, but only because you’ve set the bar so high for yourself Arif.

  3. The thing I have to keep reminding myself with your write ups is that other teams mess up too. I see stuff like the line being below their average play, or the defensive backfield have up way more than it should, or whatever. It looks like my beloved team is average if not mediocre, then I remember: Just because we weren’t perfect doesn’t mean the other team played flawlessly.