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Matt Asiata Retained By Vikings

The free agency free-for-all is less than a week away and the Vikings have finally started to show signs of life here recently.

On Wednesday, they informed running back Matt Asiata that he would be tendered as an exclusive rights free agent.  As a result, Asiata will play under a one year deal worth $570,000.  According to the Pioneer Press, Asiata’s agent first learned of the team’s intentions during the NFL Scouting Combine, but the move hardly comes as a surprise to anyone involved.

Asiata is 26 years old and finally got to see some real NFL action towards the end of last season when both Adrian Peterson and Toby Gerhart were injured.  He ended the season with 44 carries for 166 yards (3.8 yard average) and three touchdowns.  All three touchdowns came in one game against Philadelphia, less than two months after he tragically lost his father.

Asiata’s new contract is a good sign for him, as is the fact that he’s already met with offensive coordinator Norv Turner, but his spot on the roster is far from secure.  Adrian Peterson sits atop the depth chart with Bradley Randle, Joe Banyard, and Asiata currently slated to duke it out for playing time.  It is also highly unlikely that the Vikings don’t add competition at some point this offseason.

There are about a dozen mid-tier running backs preparing to become free agents next week.  Another 25 to 35 draftable talents at the running back position will be available throughout the 2014 NFL Draft.  The opportunity to gather more talent with minimal investment will certainly be there.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. I hope Toby is next, then trade Adrian for draft picks. Love AP but this is a business. AP might love to get back to Texas. We need draft picks for the defense!!!!!

      1. …well the rest of us don’t take to kindly to ya’ll talkin about trading AD…

    1. Not gonna happen. Yes, we need a lot of help on D. But I just don’t see it….we have a ton of cap space and 8 draft picks.
      AD is capable of another big year of 1700-1800…and a couple more 1400 or so years.

          1. Hey I love me some Manziel but Andrew Luck is a 100% perennial pro bowler, Manziel has potential to be but potential to bust. Andrew Luck is the next hof qb for sure 100%.

  2. Rumor going around, last month Jeff Dugan walked out on SpielMullen’s offer

    The very next week, Mexican drug lord, el Chapo was captured. Coincidence?

  3. I know the talk of Adrian being traded is not a popular one but I feel we could get some draft picks that could lead to getting Marriota or Jamison next year plus get some draft picks this year to build up our defense. Plus Adrian might want to get back to Texas for the end of his career. Adrian might want to play his home games in December and January in Texas on a warm day rather than up here.

    1. I know it sounds like it would work out for the Vikes, but The Cowboys are still over the salary cap and the Texans are right against it. No way they would fit his salary under the cap. Especially the Cowboys.

  4. Trading Peterson would not yield as much as people think. Even if it did the picks would NOT be a lock to pan out the way AD has. It’s a pipe dream people want to believe b/c they’ll feel time is slipping with him as a focus of the team and they don’t trust the vikes to make it work (why would anyone?). But, the better/safer/responsible biz decision is to keep trying and have him retire a viking.

  5. I’m glad we are retaining Asiata, as I like the kid and the way he goes about his business. Is this a clue to the future of Toby?