Chicago Bears at Minnesota Vikings: Inactives List, Injury Report

Long injury report (along with inactives list) for the Vikings.

Barr, Anthony LB Knee DNP DNP DNP Injured Reserve N/A
Watts, Brandon LB Hamstring DNP DNP DNP Out Inactive
Yankey, David G None N/A Inactive
Dixon, Ahmad S None N/A Inactive
Josey, Henry RB None N/A Inactive
Prater, Shaun CB None N/A Inactive
Bykowski, Carter T None N/A Inactive
Greenway, Chad LB Knee DNP DNP DNP Questionable Inactive
Wright, Jarius WR Low Back DNP DNP LP Questionable Active
Rudolph, Kyle TE Ankle DNP DNP LP Questionable Active
Johnson, Charlie G Ankle LP LP FP Probable Active
Jennings, Greg WR Hamstring LP LP FP Probable Active
Exum, Antone S Knee LP LP FP Probable Active
Harris, Mike T Foot LP DNP LP Probable Active
Ford, Chase TE Foot LP LP FP Probable Active
Blanton, Robert S Ankle LP LP FP Probable Active
Sendejo, Andrew S T FP FP FP Probable Active
Floyd, Sharrif DT Knee FP FP FP Probable Active
Asiata, Matt RB Foot FP FP FP Probable Active

The Vikings are their starting linebacker corps and this will be quite the test against Matt Forte and Martellus Bennett, who have a combined 2629 yards and 12 touchdowns—over 30 percent of the combined touchdowns and 53 percent of the combined offensive yards the Bears have put together. The rest of the inactives are either marginal players (Shaun Prater), newly added (Carter Bykowski, Henry Josey, Ahmad Dixon) or David Yankey.

With a starting linebacker corps of Gerald Hodges, Audie Cole and Jasper Brinkley (perhaps) expect the Vikings to be in nickel as often as make sense. Also, don’t be surprised if the Bears attempt to roll with two or one receiver on the field for as often as they can in order to force the Vikings to play all their linebackers instead of bringing Josh Robinson on and a linebacker off. Also notable, new promotion Josh Kaddu is active.

The linebacker problem is an enormous one, and if the Vikings lose, I wouldn’t be surprised if they swung the match in Chicago’s favor.

On the other hand, the Vikings seemingly do not have to rely on Vlad Ducasse with Charlie Johnson active and presumably starting.

Aside from that, we have Zach Line‘s first game as an active player, and a return of Yankey to the inactive list. Line will likely not see any snaps, and Yankey hasn’t done enough in workouts, evidently, to impress the Zimmer staff enough to see the field. It doesn’t help Yankey’s case that Charlie Johnson is active. Scott Crichton is active once more, but he doesn’t figure to see many snaps.

Expect Matt Asiata to carry the running game with occasional spells by Joe Banyard. Sharrif Floyd being active will help in a big way (and he was fully healthy this week) in the run game, but may not be enough to overcome the loss of linebackers.

The safeties will be Harrison Smith and Andrew Sendejo while the starting linebackers will be Gerald Hodges (SLB), Jasper Brinkley (MLB) and Audie Cole (WLB). Hodges will keep his spot replacing Anthony Barr while Cole is replacing Greenway.

Clausen, Jimmy QB Concussion Out Out Out Out Inactive
Conte, Chris S Back DNP DNP DNP Out Inactive
Gould, Robbie K Right Quadricep DNP DNP DNP Out Inactive
Louis-Jean, Al CB Hamstring DNP Questionable Inactive
Lane, Austen DE None N/A Inactive
Leno, Charles T None N/A Inactive
Dunn. Brandon DT None N/A Inactive
Allen, Jared DE Ribs DNP DNP LP Questionable Active
Ratliff, Jeremiah DT Knee DNP DNP DNP Questionable Active
Bass, David DE Knee LP LP FP Probable Active
Long, Kyle G Hip LP LP FP Probable Active
Wilson, Marquess WR Knee LP LP FP Probable Active
Ferguson, Ego DT Ankle FP FP FP Probable Active

With Brandon Marshall on injured reserve, expect to see more runs, even with Marquess Wilson on the field (as detailed above). Checkdowns and routes designed for interior players (slot receivers, tight ends and running backs) will be a priority, with Chicago working to take advantage of the linebacker problems.

It will be a tougher game than it initially looked. It may finally be up to the offense, not the defense, to deliver.

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  1. a nice belated christmas gift would be a good showing by kaddu, or any LB for that matter

    wanna see us win, but to end up with about the same draft position as last season wouldn’t be too bad with the way this team feels compared to last year

  2. It’s been a fun year. Thanks to all you guys for sharing your talents, dedication, and enthusiasm. Everything you guys do enhances the experience for us fans. Here’s to Teddy ending the year on a high note. Now for the all too familiar phrase: Wait ’til next year!
    SKOL and thanks again guys 🙂

  3. Howdy guys. Last game for the year and for the first time in years, I have high hopes for next season.
    Got us a QB, got us a Coach, got us pretty good looking defense and now the O-line is starting to show life. Haven’t seen something like this in years!
    Now, lets see Audie Cole with a pick 6. . . .

    1. Not to mention last place in diivision, or 0-6, or fulfilling all those pundit prognostications having us at 0-6 in division and last place.

  4. Audie Cole is my player of the week! Did a great job coming in and making plays,also wore the green dot so had responsibility for lining guys up.Great job Audie,and in fact with only 4 LBs dressed you can’t really fault the effort of any one of those guys.
    Teddy is my Vikings player of the year.

  5. If Peterson got suspended for the year for switching a child Goodell has never met, can we all agree Goodell will likely be going for the death penalty for Suh stepping on Rogers? The way he’s handing out penalties this year that’s gotta be the next step.