53-Man Roster Prediction: Where Did I Go Wrong?

Over at Vikings Journal, I’ve posted a 53-man roster and an explanation for some of the picks, as well as a practice squad. In order to prevent this from being pure insufferable clickbait, the roster is below:

53-Man Roster Prediction

Be sure to check out the explanations and struggles at Vikings Journal.

UPDATE: of course, hours after I publish, my boldest pick to make the 53 gets cut. Mike Higgins is no more.

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  1. This is probably pretty close.

    Ponder’s roster spot is a waste especially if it forces them to cut a young player who might get claimed on waivers or even a veteran who’d provide useful depth. It looks like they’ll keep him but I wonder if that isn’t Spielman trying to maximize potential trade value. Bridgewater would be a better backup at this point — more talented and way more experienced in the new system, where CP has hardly been getting any reps.

    Think it would be a mistake to have only one vet backup OL, they should keep Ducasse and have 9 on the roster. Also wonder if Wentworth is ahead of Richardson on the depth chart at this point, but they should keep Richardson as the only potential injury replacement at LT.

    6 WRs is too many (Turner almost never uses more than 3), they can keep both Thielen and Smith but only until Simpson comes back. Those changes cancel each other out.

    Think Ford and Reisner have a better chance than Higgins.

    On defense, I’d be OK cutting Evans or Johnson but I think they keep 9 DL. Evans was dominant in KC, hard to get rid of him after that.

    BTW, has anyone mentioned how Crichton has been struggling in preseason? Pretty sure he gets a spot but Trattou has outplayed him in the games.

    Mauti is very cuttable if it becomes a numbers game. They don’t need 7 LBs, but his special teams role probably keeps him on the team if possible.

    You’ve got 6 safeties to play 2 spots (maybe 3 in a “big nickel” package). No need to be 3 deep there, 4-5 would be enough. The cluster of veterans is going to get thinned out, or they’ll try to sneak Exum onto the PS (but after losing Bond last year — who’s having a great preseason as the 2nd team RG for the Rams — they might keep 4 vets plus Exum, to protect him as a developmental prospect).

    You’ve got 5 CBs to play 2-3 spots, occasionally 4 (dime). They’d be one injury away from having to worry about letting Sherels return punts. If they keep 11 DBs they’d better have more CBs than S. Still wish they’d kept Cox as a potential backup to Rhodes but that’s why Zimmer is the defensive guru. Prater probably sticks, he seems really solid.

    So for me: Ducasse (or maybe Wentworth) and Prater in, a safety and one of the WRs out (after Simpson returns). I’d also try to jettison Ponder if it came down to having to push Exum, Watts etc to the practice squad.

  2. It’s a futile effort, but thanks.

    Based on camp we now have depth at the DL, with a reasonable WR core, and possibly can withstand an OL issue, and the odd QB depth. We a appear weak (or young?) at LB, TE, and DB.

    Personally I was never appreciative of Gerhart. His numbers were ok, I didn’t like his gate and expected the injury issues. Asiata is a low center runner, McKinnon definitely showed more guts in the last game. His size will get targeted by the front 7. He needs to study the backs he wants to emulate and work on both upper and lower body control. I just think he’s a year away. I’d take Dom Williams over Rod Smith, even though a team like Carolina might take Smith. Williams can create, he is a low center runner with good cuts. But he might get more work this week and not stand out, so we’ll see. Some players develop later, I just haven’t seen explosiveness from smith to suggest he can make up for his lack of separation.

    I still hold that there may be a TE cut that gets a look here. It’s a 2 tight league, and right now we have 2 but just barely. Maybe Higgins flashes in practice.

    1. I agree, Reisner for Higgins is an easy replacement. Hard to find the spot for Prater but he should make the team and it will likely be at the expense of a safety. I have a feeling Chris Crocker will be cut and brought back later if they need him. They would probably rather have him on a week to week contract anyway and he’s already stated he isn’t playing for anyone except Zimmer, so unless they see him as the starter I think he gets cut with his phone # on speed dial. Maybe that’s where Prater could be snuck in. The other move I’m watching is Coleman/Sanford. I see those two as being the same guy, but I think Coleman is a little better and with this being a new staff, I could see Jamarca being released despite his standing as one of the best locker room guys with his teamates.

      1. Good point about Crocker. He’ll only come out of retirement for Zimmer, and he’s gotten work with the team in the offseason. He’s giving us a 54th roster spot. I don’t get how Arif cuts him after the way he played Saturday.

  3. Arif, I count 51 players. Add the punter, kicker and long snapper and you have one too many.