2014 Minnesota Vikings: Vikings Sign OT J’Marcus Webb

J’Marcus Webb announced through his Twitter today that he’d been signed by the Vikings.

This isn’t a huge surprise. Though there were rumors the Vikings were considering Eric Winston, he was in New York this morning attempting to hammer out an agreement with Roger Goodell as the NFLPA president regarding the process for player discipline. Workouts typically happen on Tuesdays, so that would have been tough.

Webb was on the team last year as a backup tackle and did well in spot duty. Though his career in Chicago was bad, he was an above-average backup. He allowed one sack, one hit and two hurries in 55 pass-blocking snaps, which is not great, but good in the universe of backup offensive linemen and was a punishing run blocker. The Vikings let him go before free agency last year, but still see enough in him to bring him back over other options.

He should be familiar with the blocking scheme, as that hasn’t changed even with a new offensive coordinator.

With Phil Loadholt injured and out for the rest of the season, the Vikings sorely needed help on the offensive line, especially as they suffered an injury to Brandon Fusco earlier in the year and are unhappy with Vlad Ducasse (who can also play tackle). For now, the presumed starter at right tackle is Mike Harris, who worked with Norv Turner in San Diego.

Presumably, Loadholt will be put on IR to make room. The Vikings have yet to make an announcement.

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  1. I feel like it might be injury but what ever happened to that massive rookie from Tennessee?

      1. Dang, would be nice to have him right now; everything I heard about him was about his overachievement

  2. Sucks, this might not really help things out.
    Wonder who the best player on offense is…right now. My guess is Bridgewater. Who else? I believe he just might turn out to be good, protecting him is very important.
    I like the way the D is playing for the most part, they have to get better at stopping the run. But I think that’s easier to fix than a bad pass defense. But I like this defense, Barr, Smith and Rhodes are good young players. Maybe a better MLB is what I’m thinking.

      1. So who are the 7 people you would put in front of Teddy? Oh, I bet you will say Kalil.

  3. As I said at the time, we should have re-signed him during free agency. This team has been lax about OL depth for the better part of the last decade. Rookies and developmental projects are fine on the practice squad, but give me two or three versatile veterans as the first guys off the bench, such as Berger on the inside and Webb as the swing tackle.