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2014 Minnesota Vikings: Vikings Announce Practice Squad

The Vikings have announced nine of the ten players on their practice squad, and for the most part it is relatively predictable. Here it is:

Player Position
Mike Remmers OT
Joe Banyard RB
Chase Ford TE
Kain Colter WR
Donte Foster WR
Kendall James CB
Zac Kerin C
Justin Trattou DE
Isame Faciane DT
Austin Wentworth OT

The rumor about Dominique Williams’ practice squad invite did not bear out, but everything else fits. Austin Wentworth must clear waivers before he can sign with the Vikings’ practice squad, but he has already been invited. Two of my favorite longshots , Kerin and Faciane, did make it. The top performers on this squad are Trattou, Banyard and Colter, but other than DOnte Foster there aren’t any head scratchers to me (although I’m not a huge fan of Mike Remmers).

Expect things to change a lot during the season.

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  1. Joe Banyard being cut really upset me with them keeping Line as a second FB ~ But who am I to tell Norv Turner how to do his job ~ ???? LOL I believe Norv knows just a little more than me when it comes to his players ~ I still dont understand them keeping Asiata ~ IMHO Line could have does just as well ~ He was a TB in collage if remember right ~ Anyway I’m happy Banyard made it too the PS and hopefully the Vikings can keep in till they get into camp in 2015 ~

    I like what I saw of Foster as well ~ Truth be told he looked really good going against the 3’s and 4’s in the last Preseason game ~

    Jeff Baca was left walking ~ I had high hope last year but he looked flat this year ~ Almost like he didn’t care ~ Was it just me ~ ???

    Trattou~Colter~Faciane for the PS as well ~

    I stil believe there will players cut and added ~ I just hope Banyard it the one guy that makes it even if the Vikings have to cut Line or Asiata and move Banyard to the active roster where IMHO (((gut feeling))) he should be now ~ Can you hear me Norv ~ LOL

  2. This is a two draft / FA rebuild. Speilman and Zim are being conservative here awaiting.the second draft / FA period before reaching on talent. We need to relax, let this roster evolve and trust this staff to tweak to a productive harmony. This seasons roster is as positioned as possible for success.

    1. Exactly Matt,people need to chill out.A couple of my “favourites” didn’t make it,and a couple of my “over rated” guys did.But this is a new staff with,new system with a roster that still has weaknesses but will become stronger next year.Zimmer has never really had “star” players,he prefers guys who are consistent,smart are teachable.