2014 Minnesota Vikings: Convince Yourself that the Vikings Will Win the Super Bowl

How do you get pumped up for the season? I did it by debating with as many fans as I could about why the Vikings were better than their teams. Evidently, I won those debates! You can, too, by listening in. First, I debated with fans from the rest of the NFC North:

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Then, you can listen in while I debate a gauntlet of winners from the rest of the NFC, here:

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After that, listen in on a debate about how the Vikings overcome their Super Bowl curse by cementing the Bill’s own curse here:

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Do you think there’s an argument for the Vikings to win the Super Bowl? If not, do you at least think the debates went well?

Also, thank whatever deity you believe in (or don’t believe in), because the NFL season is almost here.

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  1. Outside of discourse, there is nothing.
    If you won the argument, then the Vikings are inevitable XLIX champions.

  2. It doesn’t surprise me that Arif won this thing, although it does remind me just how lucky we all are to have so many excellent content creators for the Vikings all year round.

    Congratulations, Arif!

    1. yeah, i’m not surprised he won, either, although it does remind me just how lucky we all are to have four hours to do something else

  3. IMO during the finals… You won the round before the tiebreaker and the moderator knew it. She had trouble saying out loud that the other person won, instead saying vague things about the need for a tiebreaker. LOL

  4. You are a debating wizard Arif! I have the arrow on us pointing up for us, but still think we are a step behind the rest of the division. I think Zimmer is the guy that can lead us to the Super Bow though, when we palyed Cincinnati last year I was convinced I wanted him as our head coach, Its a good time to be a Vikings fan. Our struggles of recent years have allowed too many Packer fans to wear there Packer gear out and about, its time that changed. A couple good butt whoopings should do the trick.