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Let’s Open Things Up Again, For The First Time In A Long Time

Hey Everyone!

So, I have noticed an increase in questions in the comments section and through all the business I fear I haven’t gotten to all of them.

I thought I’d create this post as a place for you all to feel free to drop questions into this weekend and I’ll take time this weekend to answer as many of them as possible.

Have at it!

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Adam Warwas

Adam Warwas (Founder) has been writing about the Vikings for a total of eight years. Five of those years have been here at Vikings Territory where he continues to surround himself with enough talented individuals that people keep coming back. As proud as he is of what Vikings Territory has become, his real treasures are in his home... a beautiful wife and three amazing children (and a dog named Percy).

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  1. 1. What are your rankings for DT and WR?
    2. Do you think the Vikings need a nose tackle(Jesse Williams), a balanced tackle(Sylvester Williams), or an athletic pass rushing?
    3. Who would be a bigger reach, Kevin Minter in the first round or Christan Ponder at 12?
    4. Should the Vikings draft a falling qb in the 4th, especially with our 4th round luck a Tyler Bray could be a steal.

    1. 1. I would like to add CB and ILB to those rankings too!
      2. If it only requires giving up a 4th or 5th round pick, would you trade up to get Sheldon Richardon if he slips to the late teens?
      3. Do you think Kenny Vacarro would be a good pick at 22 or 25?
      4. Do you think Musgrave will implement a bit more vertical passing this year?

      1. If your asking me;
        1. Agreed but I’m not a fan of any ILB’s this year.
        2. Absolutely
        3. I’d be afraid we were investing too much into the safety position but I’d still take him
        4. Probably not he’s boring.

  2. what is ponder doing to get better in the off-season, anything?
    we could have a really good year if he improves
    in fact, we’re getting the pieces together for a potential title run, dontchyaknow?

  3. 1. Could you name 2-4 prospect who should be going way higher than 23 & 25 but will fall?
    2. Which defensive position do you see as the biggest need DT or LB?
    3. Do you think vikings will reconstrut either K. will or Jared Allen?

    1. 2. Which do you see as a malte? Our starting LB’s have less talent(Henderson and Cole) but LB has become a lot less valuable than DT in the past decade

  4. 1. Do you think DT and WR are deep enough that the Vikings can find good talent in the second round. Like Robert Woods or Hopkins.
    2. Do you think there’s a chance of the Vikings snatching Tyler Eifert TE to correspond with Kyle Rudoplh. Ponder is great at intermediate throws and most of the time TE run intermediate routes.
    3. Will the Vikings pick the best player by position or the best player available?
    4. I’ve been hearing alot of talk of a need at safety, but I think we’re solid with Raymond and Sanford. What do you think?

  5. 5. Do u think there’s a good chance of the Vikings trading up to the 2nd round since we’ve got alot of picks overall?

  6. Freds loves these open question sessions. So many things rattle around in Freds empty skull that he needs some help answering life’s really tough questions. So here’s Freds Viking question:

    Jared Allen’s mother had three children The first was April The second was May What was the name of her third child?

    1. oh, (frantically raising hand) i know, i know!
      april showers bring may…FLOWERS! flowers allen! right????

      (junared would’ve been too easy)

    2. Freds,
      I’m not Adam BUT … I’m going out on a limb and say July !?!?

  7. Wow, I was going to ask some questions too but it looks to me like you’ve got your hands full now Adam!
    So I’ll just ask; How do you and the Mrs. like Ohio so far?
    I saw the other day Emily said she misses Valdez!

  8. Hello Adam!
    As a European Vikings fan I don’t really have an insight for the college football, so my question is: how good are the QB prospects for the 2014 draft if, for some reason, Ponder doesn’t show the ability we expect from him this year? Should we draft and train a QB of a not-so-strong class for safety sake this year, or should we wait until next year in hope of better QB prospects that are ready to jump in in a case of a bad Ponder scenario?
    Thanks in advance,
    Adam, Hungary

  9. Adam,
    What about CB Johnthan Banks as a 1st round draft target?
    Cook and Banks on the outside and Josh Robinson in the slot is a nice young group of CB to build around Harrison Smith.

    Banks can also play safety and return punts.
    What are your thoughts on J Banks?

  10. What are your thoughts on David Amerson?
    I know it was an inconsistent year but he has considerable upside in my opinion. He has the length, speed, agility and aggressiveness Spielman prefers at the corner position…not to mention his propensity for INT’s.
    He will go earlier than most are predicting right, and I think he is worthy of a late first selection… (possibly 23 or 25)

    Thanks for your feedback!

    1. I like this one, I’ve been on the Amerson bandwagon since last season. I’d love to have him lined up next to Cook and the honey badger in the slot: that would be one of my favorite cb tandems in the NFL. I would like to get him at pick 40ish trading up in the second as Speilman has shown he likes to trade up his second rounder.

  11. When do you think is the best time for me and Fred Evans to start a family?
    Should I surprise him?

    I’m able to fit a baby’s car seat in my tow truck. I can strap it to the spare tire in the back

  12. Adam,
    I visit Vikings Territory on a mobile phone 95% of the time, what changed in the last week; every time I open VT it now asks if I want to download or open a file?

    1. Hey , do me a favor if you can, send me a screenshot of the issue and let me know what phone/browser you are using. I access the site from my iPhone and haven’t experienced this. Has anyone else?

  13. Adam,
    Now that the Raiders have landed Matt Flynn… I don’t think that they will trade up to #1 for Geno Smith.

    Will you and Brett be updating your mocks one more time before the draft?
    I think the first 5 players come off the board like this:
    Luke Joeckel – KC
    Geno Smith- Jacksonville
    Shariff Floyd- Oakland
    Deon Jordan- Philly
    Eric Fisher – Detroit

  14. The Raiders don’t have a 2nd round pick… the Dolphins have 2 picks in the 2nd and 3rd rounds and were very active in free agency. So the big trade that I think will happen is Miami moving up to #3 to take D Millner.

    The 12th pick for the Raiders would be a good spot for Barkley or Sheldon Richardson.

    That is my crazy trade idea… what does everyone think?

  15. Adam, what are your thoughts on the Vikings going after Rolondo McClain? He will no doubt clear waivers given his salary. Do you think it’s worth taking a shot given he’s 23 and could be a potential bargain. Then the Vikings could address BPA with their first two picks or have the ammo to trade up or a falling player.

  16. Adam,
    Do you know if Johnny is ok?
    To be honest, It bothers me . It’s not like him to be gone this long.
    Really concerned.

    1. I’ll answer this one here instead of the follow up post:

      I have no idea why Johnny has been absent. I, too, am worried about our old pal and hope he is doing well. I also really hope I didn’t do/say anything to make him mad and have him leave.

      I tried contacting him with the only means I know how, and he has not responded. I also tried to do some extra sleuthing and hit dead ends. I simply have no idea.

      I hope he checks in soon and that everything is ok with him.

      1. Adam,
        I’d bet the world it has nothing to do with you bud.
        I hope he checks in .

  17. Two parted question:
    (1) If Geno Smith falls to 23, do the Vikings take him?
    -The general consensus seems to be they wouldn’t, as they are 100% behind Ponder and don’t seem concerned with pushing their developing QBs at all.
    (2) Why would taking him automatically send the message they aren’t happy with their current QB?
    -Two words: Kaepernick and Rogers. What were the team’s situations at QB when these guys were selected? Rogers fell and GB took him eventhough 2-3yrs were left in their HOF QB. If Ponder can’t develope in another 1-2 yrs why would a promising franchise QB not be a good thing for a team who has hasnt been able to find one in ages?