The Practice Squad Gets Minor Shuffle

The Vikings practice squad is always fluid, with players coming and going, but the details of these eight spots lose a lot of intrigue once the offseason ends and the regular season begins.  Still, there are some interesting things to keep an eye on as these moves are made.

For example, on Wednesday the Vikings signed defensive back Robert Steeples to the squad, and the fact that they assigned him jersey number 26 is perhaps a clear signal that the return of Antoine Winfield is not atop the front office’s priority list.

Yesterday, running back Bradley Randle was released from the practice squad along with defensive end Tristan Okpalaugo.  Meanwhile, running back Joe Banyard was signed to the practice squad.  Last week, it was Banyard being cut and Randle being added.  The Vikings have employed a technique in recent years where they go back and forth with certain players, adding them and dropping them from the practice squad, as a way of essentially keeping two guys in the mix while only tying up one roster spot.  This could be the case here as both Banyard and Randle have traits worth developing at the NFL level.

Additionally, defensive end D’Aundre Reed has officially parted ways with the team via an injury settlement, as did guard Seth Olsen.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. Adam,
    Sounds like they don’t have too much confidence in the DB’s ?
    What do you think about the signing?

    1. I think your looking into things a tad much. Practice squad spots change all the time depending on injuries and in-season tryouts. It just means they thought this guy was a better option than Okpalougo…this week.

    1. Yeah, I don’t think his signing is any indication that the Vikings are unhappy with their current guys (they might be, but this isn’t an indication). Teams use the practice squad for developing players, yes, but they also use it for “advanced scouting” and building files on street free agents if injuries get them in a bind or if they want to bring in competition next training camp.

  2. I suspect whomever can get the best shine on Spielman’s car’s tires probably has some sway to making the practice squad, too.