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Vikings Add A Year For Frazier

It was only a matter of time, with no NFL team really wanting to have their head coach become a lame duck, before word would emerge that Leslie Frazier received an extension from the Vikings.

Frazier took a 3-13 football team and helped transform them into a 10-6 playoff team in the span of just one year.  He received votes for the Coach of the Year Award and has been praised for his calm demeanor when facing some very tough issues.

Tuesday, word of his extension did indeed hit the internet, and some that doubt Frazier’s ability to lead a team to a Super Bowl will be relieved to hear that his contract only runs through 2014.  However, Frazier’s advocates amongst the fan base might feel like the team didn’t give him a big enough vote of confidence.

The Associated Press erroneously reported that Frazier received a multi-year extension, but the truth is that the team simply picked up an option contained within his current deal that tacks on one more year.

The Vikings announced the move Tuesday evening.

“Coach Frazier has done a remarkable job in building a strong foundation for the Minnesota Vikings and creating a very positive future,” Vikings president Mark Wilf said in the statement.  “We value his leadership and look forward to working with him for many years to come.”

Financial terms are not known, but since there is no impact on the salary cap in regards to coaching salaries, most fans will not care at all what the Vikings are paying Frazier.

Unless another deal is reached between Frazier and the Vikings, we can plan on being right back in this same position at this time next year, with Frazier once again approaching a lame duck season.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. prudent decision to exercise the one year option on a first time head coach after getting burned on the childo deal. will ponder be a coach killer, or eventually benched?

  2. I applaud the Wilfs on this move. Giving Frazier a long term deal after one good season would have been repeating the same mistake they made with Childress. I have a lot more faith in Frazier than I ever did Chilly, but this was right move to make at this time. If he guides them to another playoff season next year then they can look at giving him a real extension and pay bump. He needs to show the team can continue to get better under his leadership before they make a long term committment.

  3. I think even a 8-8 record next your should get him a new contract, if they do manage to improve.
    I know it sounds weird that they might improve but get a worse record, but if we get better play at receiver, MLB and DT that last year, even though we will win less game I think it’s an improvement for the long haul

    1. It wouldn’t be hard to improve those positions as they were awful last year. I think the keys to frazier’s job will be handling Percy Harvin (Don’t pull a Josh McDaniels), return to the playoffs at a minimum, and the #1 deciding factor will be Christian Ponder. This NFL is driven by quarterback play plain and simple.

  4. I’m good with the 1 year extension. Who knows what record we may have had without AD’s incredible season. The jury is still out as far as I’m concerned on Fraizer. I still have trouble with his “calm demeanor” and would still like to see him kick some dirt on a Ref’s shoe every once in a while.
    Get us into the playoffs again this season and I’d be not only pleasantly surprised but also inclined to see him get a new contract.

    1. I am ready for the flak I will get for this on here but I wish oh so bad that we had one of the Harbaughs. I have been a fan of both since day 1 and I really wanted us to make a run at Jim out of Stanford. I think with a more offensive driven NFL as of late college coaches will begin to transition to the NFL faster and be more successful.

      1. Skol,
        After following both the last couple years, I wouldn’t mind John, Love his Attitude. My Grandkids acted more grown up than Jim when they were younger.

      2. You’ll get no flak from me Skol. But I’m with Charles; I’d much prefer John over Jim but either would have been a great pickup.