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If His Lips Are Moving…

When it comes to the NFL Draft I am pretty sure even Pinocchio would attempt to float a lie or nine if he were in charge of a war room.

Vikings G.M. Rick Spielman has been giving his obligatory pre-Draft interviews and anyone that knows anything about how this whole thing plays out knows you shouldn’t read too much into the what he says.  Heck, last year he not only convinced a good number of fans that he might pick someone other than Matt Kalil, he convinced the Browns to move up one spot in exchange for a few picks.

This year Spielman is saying that he is unlikely to move up in the first round of the draft and has received numerous calls about the possibility of moving backwards from either the #23 or #25 spots.  Some cynics (anybody know one?) might take his words to mean that he wants to move up in the first round and has received absolutely no interest from other teams about the possibility of trading back.

The thing about that, however, is this year Spielman’s comments actually make enough sense that you can’t help but believe him.  The Vikings have enough needs on the roster that sacrificing quantity in an effort to move forwards in the first round doesn’t pass the smell test, and the way the quarterback class is shaping up this year could indeed mean he has already received genuine interest in his current picks from teams drafting at the top of the second round.

One thing I certainly don’t buy is Spielman’s insistence that he would feel comfortable heading into training camp with Erin Henderson as his top choice at the middle linebacker spot.

“No, that’s flexible,” said Spielman.  “That depends on what happens in the draft. If we go outside, Erin can slide inside or if we go inside Erin can play outside. That’s what is great about this linebacker thing. We have the flexibility to go either way.”

I know Henderson provides them with some flexibility, and has some experience at the position, but the Vikings just simply cannot have him starting anywhere other than on the weakside if they want to call this offseason a success.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. Defense, baby. We needs a WR, but I’m looking for defense. In the spirit of old school D, Tomb just dropped some coin on a signed Purp Peepz Eaters jersey…yeah baby…signed by all four, all on one damed jersey! Awesome.

    Fran, you land that Winfield jersey?

    Big Jonathon! About time you showed your face around here!

    Adam/Brett…I know you’re both excited about the draft, but take it easy on the wives…they’re only human.

    1. That’s cool Tomb…whose number? Marshall, Page, or did you go with big Moose Eller?

  2. Would someone wake me when they draft an offensive lineman? Thanks.

    Nice jersey, Tomb. I assume it was #70.

    1. That will be on the top of the list of favorites!
      The Mrs. bought a helmet signed by the Four about 10 years ago, Its my favorite.