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Question Of The Week: Quarterbacks

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Adam Warwas

Adam Warwas (Founder) has been writing about the Vikings for a total of eight years. Five of those years have been here at Vikings Territory where he continues to surround himself with enough talented individuals that people keep coming back. As proud as he is of what Vikings Territory has become, his real treasures are in his home... a beautiful wife and three amazing children (and a dog named Percy).

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  1. The moving and dealing in the top 10 really tells me all about this years group of QBs.
    There are none worth selecting. Every team in the top 10 needing a QB did whatever they could this offseason to get some stopcap player till they’ll find a decent prospect in later years.
    1. chiefs: Got Alex Smith
    2. Jaguars, might go QB since Blaine is so-so at QB.
    3. Raiders aquirred M. Flynn.
    4. Eagles: one of the few top 10 teams who really hasn’t done a lot at QB position (still has Nick Foles + Vick)
    5. Lions: Got Matthews
    6. Browns: got Wedden last year but he is already 30.
    7. Cardinals just traded for C. Palmer
    8. Bills: just signed K. Kolb.
    9. Jets: Still stuck with Sanchez
    10. Titants still figuring out what J. Locker can do.

    So every team in the top 10 are doing what they can to avoid taken a QB this year. It really tells everythings what you’ll need to know about this years group of QBs.

  2. The is a pretty good chance Ponder would’ve been the first QB taken this year. No way we even consider this class of backup QBs

    1. I don’t think Ponder would have been drafted ahead of Barkley! I think Barkley will go in the top ten.
      With that said, I don’t see the Vikings drafting Barkley now that we have Cassel.

      This leads me to believe that the Vikings have other plans in place than QB with the first 2 picks. If Barkley was any kind of option for the Vikings in the first round, I don’t think we would have signed Cassel.

      The QB, I would take would be Tyler Wilson or Tyler Bray in round 3 or 4… Landry Jones in round 4 or 5.
      But I think Colby Cameron in round 7 makes the most sense if we land his WR Quinton Patton early in the draft.

      Webb, MBT and Colby Cameron fighting for the #3 QB job works for me. We could even give Webb a look at WR in some packages. I think we could hide a QB like Cameron or MBT on the PS. The NFL market for backup QBs looking for work seems to be loaded right now.

      I think the Vikings will move up for DT Sheldon Richardson… if Teo is still on the board with pick 25 I think the Vikings will take him.

      So, I think Q Patton could be the pick at 52 (or move up to get him).

        1. I agree I would find the first round to be a disappointment if he ends up on our team…I really like John bostic and we could land him in the 3rd or early 4th possibly

            1. I’m interested to hear everyone’s gripe with Teo… Besides the whole fake girlfriend thing. Have to admit that he makes sense for the Vikes.

              1. If he drops in the second don’t really want a MLB playing a cover 2 scheme if he’s not going to be able to cover anyone…we need a lb that’s gone keep up with nfl players

              2. I watched him during the beat down the Irish took and I also watched him during the combine. 2 things really stood out to me:
                1. He is slow and very mechanical/robotic with his movements. If he ever has to cover a tight end, he will be toasted and toasted again.
                2. He is not physical and get bulldozed quite easily. Plays soft and does not have a mean streak in him.
                He may be a decent LB but is not worth a 1st round pick IMHO

  3. I think the Jets and Buffalo both like Ryan Nassib. He seems to be a big name on the east coast.

    Philly doesn’t seem to be sold on Nick Foles… everyone seems to thinks EJ Emanuel is a good fit to run the Chip Kelly system but not so fast… EJ only averaged 2.8 yards per carry in his career… that really is not that much better than Nassib’s 1.7 per carry last season. Nassib is a smart gamer with a live arm. I have read that he played high school football in Pennsylvania and that he is outstanding when it comes to ball fakes and toughness.

    The Vikings could be setting in good position to trade back into the second round with Jets, Buff, Philly or Jacksonville (Jags have a work out with Nassib) if Nassib or Barkley are still on the board.

  4. Does everybody agree that WR, DT and LB should be our first 3 picks but not necessarily in that order?

    1. DT -1st round
      WR, ILB, CB- 1st to 3rd rounds (any order)
      Don’t forget about a 3rd down back too.
      Marcus Lattimore or Joseph Randle would really make this draft a success!

      1. I agree the Vikes need to take a look at a RB but they are plentiful and can be had in the 6th or the 7th round. I would like to see a DT then a WR in the first 2 picks I am still convinced the Vikes will be trading back out of the 1st round with one of their picks.