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Well, we don’t know what Percy Harvin’s new contract will look like quite yet, but we do know that the Seahawks paid handsomely for the right to give him his new contract.  They gave the Vikings a first round and seventh round pick in 2013, in addition to a third round pick in 2014, to take the troubled young receiver off of the Vikings hands.

I want to know what you think of the trade via the poll below, as well as the comments section.  Let me hear it!

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Adam Warwas

Adam Warwas (Founder) has been writing about the Vikings for a total of eight years. Five of those years have been here at Vikings Territory where he continues to surround himself with enough talented individuals that people keep coming back. As proud as he is of what Vikings Territory has become, his real treasures are in his home... a beautiful wife and three amazing children (and a dog named Percy).

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  1. Wow, 9 out of 14 votes an “A?”

    I’m definitely in the minority.

    Cheers, I hope the draft is productive.

  2. When the rumors first started my personal cutoff was a 1st and 3rd rounder. The Vikings got that and a throw in 7th. This was a fair deal for a player who didn’t seem to want to be here anymore, espcially when all we’ve been hearing lately is that they’ld be lucky to get a 2nd round pick for the guy. I don’t like losing great players, but sometimes things work out this way. I have high hopes that they will be able to put together a solid group of receivers for this year. We won’t have any superstars in the group, but hopefully they can put together a more complete unit than what we had last year.

    1. I hear what you’re saying Dan, and I have NO CHOICE but to jump on board…but, the truth is, we just unloaded our 1st round OROY in his prime….one of the most dynamic football players I’ve ever seen on the field for what? A late round first rounder and a 7th (and mid rounder next year).

      What’s the best we can hope for, to find someone who can play the game like, oh, I dunno, Harvin?

      Unless we find the next Jerry Rice, this just blows. The reason you draft is to FIND people like Harvin, not trade them away.

  3. my first reaction was, WHOA, we got that much for him!?!? word was that we weren’t gonna get a first for him, so this is pretty good. i just wish it had never come to this, because he’s such a good player

    i can’t give a grade yet. he wanted out, so here we are, but if we bomb on the picks it’s a waste

    sad thing is, this makes ponder more expensive and is part of the price of not having a better long term plan at QB, cuz that’s why he blew up, we don’t have a good QB

    the good thing, is that ownership is in it to win, and seems to be starting to figure it out, so if the leadership structure is in a good place, that’s a good sign. spielman being made GM might turn out to be an excellent move, as he had a very good draft last year and got us a good deal today considering the situation, so we could be on the way to a much better chance at getting a title down the road. not saying it’s gonna happen right away, we might need to go through another QB cycle again, or even need a head coaching change, but good decisions are being made

  4. I’m guessin’ SpeilMullen has a back up plan in place to be trading away the best WR on the roster. Greg Jennings will prolly sign with the Vikings this week and Ricky Poo will get a WR with one of them 1st round picks next month. He’ll then sublimely infer about the savings against the salary cap by comparing the contracts of Jennings and the future 1st round WR versus whatever amount Percy signed for. Tomb is thinking with his Purple Heart. The NFL is a business. Jennings can be had for cents on the dollar compared to Harvin’s contract. Talent won’t facter into this decision. I’m writing all of this without knowing the actually terms of Harvin’s deal, so maybe this post will finally prove that I am full of sh*t

    1. That was a well written and informative post Ole!
      Lots of stuff I didn’t know, except that “full of Sh*t part.”

  5. I think it was a good trade considering he would have held out and left in free agency just like Jackson a few seasons ago with the chargers…we get an extra first round and that’s a lot better than what everyone was predicting we could get. Obviously we need to grab a free agent or a few ( I would rather have Jennings and Gibson or Alexander or Wallace, he doesn’t fit well with ponder in my opinion due to lack of arm strength. Plus two bigger wide reciever for great down field blocking) then grab Allen in the draft with the first pick and maybe trade a few picks down with the second maybe the falcons (if they like a pass rusher they really want) and get another later pick or two and then hope linebacker Arthur brown is there…what do you guys think?

  6. I was a Huge Percy fan… but it was clear to me that something wasn’t right when the Vikings place Harvin on IR…

    Do I wish Harvin was happy in Minnesota? Heck yes. He was a blast to watch on game day. I wish him well in Seattle and I have enjoyed all the highlights and big plays Harvin gave us.

    I give the trade an A under the circumstances…
    It is time to move on. Ponder played with more confidence without Harvin down the stretch. With 11 picks and plenty of cap room, the Viking should be able to continue to build around AP, Rudolph, and Wright.

    I like the WRs in this draft class and I also like some of the late round RBs that can step in on 3rd downs and help our passing game.

    I am also excited about a few DTs, LBs, DBs and OL that this class has to offer. I have high hopes Spielman will have a great draft!

    1. Not surprised. It is a low risk move. He still has some potential and actually started playing a little better down the stretch. This is a different offense than what he was used to.

      1. good, don’t know the details, but we need WRs now very badly, and we have carlson’s deal re-done

  7. I JUST got a text from a friend saying Harvin failed his physical. Can anyone confirm this??

      1. Hi Adam,
        thanks for clearing that up. Manti Teo would be proud of that one. A fake Shefter, Nice

      2. Whew! I was JUST starting to like that trade. Glad to find out it was false.
        So, what to do with two first round picks??

        1. I am thinking that Ricky has put one of the picks up for auction in case another team wants to trade back into the first round for a QB. Our picks are right on the zone for teams to do that. I definitely think he will try to trade down on at least one of those picks maybe to get extra 2nd and 3rd rounders.

  8. I am really starting to worry that we will lose Loadholt to the Bears. That would really piss me off. His contract should have been done a couple of weeks ago at least.

    1. Just what Cutler needs – another poor pass blocking tackle. I guess it makes sense in that it would improve their running game (while sticking it to a division rival) but I also have a hard time seeing Loadholt getting over 5 million per year.

      1. He is not the greatest pass blocker but he is a road grader when it comes to run blocking and that is what the Vikings do.

    1. This is really not the way I though today would start out. Very confusing to say the least.

  9. Wow, Winfield is a surprising move. Can’t say I like it.

    Think maybe Spielman has something big on the horizon?

    1. Well he said he wanted to get younger and Winfield is 36 years old which is up there for a CB. He was still very productive though. Guess this is just part of the rebuilding process. Gosh we should be close to $25 Mill under the cap now.

      1. That’s what makes me wonder…Winfield’s still productive, and useful to the team. If they are clearing up THAT much cap space, I hope there’s something big looming, otherwise, why cut him?

        Adam, I don’t suppose it was reported by a fake Pelissero? =>

        1. I think the CB market this year in free agency is pretty full. Vikes are gonna have to spend this year to plug the holes.

        1. Hey! That’s a good idea. Maybe throw in AD too? Make a blockbuster trade for a good Lineman or something?

  10. im working, so didnt get the deets, but someone said something maybe brewing with Fitzgerald

  11. Adam,
    Do you have all of your “moles” in place for the the start of free agency?

  12. In the meantime, how in the world did the niners get Anquan Boldin for just a 6th round pick?
    Makes me sick. The guy is a player and we need WR’s SO bad, I would have happily seen us give up a 3rd rounder for him. Geez, do we ever get a break?

  13. Tom Pelissero ‏@TomPelissero

    BREAKING: #Vikings have agreed to a multiyear contract with Phil Loadholt.

  14. Wallace got $30 million guaranteed over 5 years and Levitre got a 5 year $39 mill contract from the Titans. Big numbers.