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Vikings Show Interest In Sheldon Richardson

We know the Vikings met with a lot of players and their representatives in Indianapolis during the NFL Scouting Combine this week.  What we don’t know is who all those players were and how interested the Vikings really are in them.

Quinton Patton and Manti Te’o are among the players known to have met with the Vikings, but we can now add defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson to the list by his own admission.  He is also going to visit with the team in Minnesota prior to April’s Draft.

“It went pretty well and I’m going to visit the franchise probably April 1 or 2,” Richardson said of the Vikings. “They were pretty interested in me, but I want to go a little bit higher than that.”

In my first version of my 2013 mock draft I had the Vikings selecting Richardson, coming out of Missouri, as I felt like he was a perfect fit for what the Vikings need to do on defense moving forward.  Since then I have been mocking him much higher and so have most other draftniks out there.

Richardson’s stock is currently so high that I’m not even certain the Vikings could trade up to get their hands on him if they were willing to sell the farm, but there is still plenty of time for things to develop and stranger things have certainly happened.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. Well have a shot at him, Star Loteulele and sheriff Floyd will go before him for sure maybe Jon Hankins too.

  2. Sheldon Richardson is on my wish list… I think he is worth moving up to go get. (trade a 4th round pick)

    Another player the Vikings met with (that is creating a buzz) is CB Desmond Trufant.

    Before the combine Frazier was talking about the importants of having Winfield back… after the combine he was talking about limiting the amount Winfield plays.

    Trufant might have made an impression on Frazier!

    1. I guess it would depend on how he graded on the Vikes draft board and if he is still there.
      F.A. is just around the corner 🙂